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Kincaid Elementary Target Services 2008-2009 Presented by: Debbie Stewart and Mandy Robertson.

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1 Kincaid Elementary Target Services 2008-2009 Presented by: Debbie Stewart and Mandy Robertson

2 Introducing the Target Teachers Mrs. Stewart has been teaching in Cobb County schools for the past 27 years. She began teaching in middle school but has been an elementary teacher for the past 9 years here at Kincaid. Mrs. Robertson left behind a business career to go into teaching. She has taught 1 st through 4 th graders here at Kincaid for the past 14 years. We are excited to work together to meet the needs of our Gifted students.

3 Are You Puzzled About Target?

4 Where We Go in Target Concrete toabstract Simple tocomplex Basic to transformational Fewer facets to multi-facets Smaller leaps to greater leaps More structured to more open Less independence to greater independence Tomlinson (1995)

5 Goals of Target Services To teach Creative and Productive Thinking. To improve research and discussion skills. To enrich and enhance academic knowledge. To create and facilitate an environment in which Gifted children can learn and work cooperatively with their Gifted peers. To promote higher levels of thinking through the use of Blooms Taxonomy.

6 Blooms Taxonomy EVALUATION _____________ SYNTHESIS _________________ ANALYSIS ______________________ APPLICATION __________________________ COMPREHENSION ______________________________ KNOWLEDGE


8 Goldilocks Bloom: Level 1 Knowledge: How many bears lived in the house visited by Goldilocks? Comprehension: How did the bears feel when they discovered Goldilocks in the bed? Application: If Goldilocks had examined books belonging to each bear, which would she have preferred?

9 Goldilocks Bloom: Level 2 Analysis: Why did Goldilocks always prefer the item which belonged to Baby Bear? Synthesis: Suppose the bears had not returned at that time. How might the story have ended differently? Evaluation: Should Goldilocks have entered the bears house?

10 Students come to Target one day a week. They have a snack and lunch with the Target class and enrichment with their regular class. On the students assigned Target day, they are required to bring their notebooks, tallies, and supplies. A Typical Day in Target A Typical Day in Target

11 Target Notebooks Bring your notebook each week. All notes to parents can be found in the communication section on the back of the Target tally. Sometimes you may find letters to parents stapled to the tally. Keep all materials in notebook for duration of the unit. Keep papers filed behind the correct tab dividers.

12 Target Tally Each week the students are expected to share the results of the tally with their parent(s) and have it signed. We also encourage you to talk with your children about the activities listed on the tally. The signed tally is required to be returned the next week in order for the student to be considered prepared for class. Please help your child keep up with this weekly responsibility.

13 Students work on a variety of warm up activities such as brainteasers, brainstorms, problem solving, and logic puzzles. Wake up your Brain!

14 Brainteaser

15 Sudoku

16 Logic Puzzle

17 Hands-On Equations 3 rd, 4 th and 5 th Grades Visual and kinesthetic teaching system for introducing algebraic concepts as early as third grade Uses game pieces consisting of pawns and numbered cubes Prepares students for understanding Algebraic problems

18 Hands-On Equations How would you express 2(x + 3) = 9 + x using Hands on Equations? 3 9 3 2x + 6 = 9 + x

19 Hands-On Equations Manipulating the pieces to solve the equation 3 9 3 2x + 6 = 9 + x 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

20 Hands-On Equations Manipulating the pieces to solve the equation 3 9 3 3 3 3 3 3 x = 3

21 Target Units……. Each unit is based on a broad topic to allow for in-depth learning. The units are multi- disciplinary and promote higher-level thinking. The units provide a framework in which Gifted children can challenge and stimulate each other.

22 1 st Grade: Seuss on the Loose 2 nd Grade: Money Matters 3rd Grade: Puzzled by the Past 4 th and 5 th Grades: Courage Spring Units

23 At the end of the day, students complete self- evaluations and write a brief reflection of their day in Target (on the tally). The teacher also evaluates and comments about each students progress that day. Evaluation of the Day

24 The Target Progress Report Each student will receive a Target progress report at the end of each 9-week grading period. Cobb County Kincaid Elementary Target Progress Report M = meets requirements D = does not meet

25 Target Process Assessment

26 Target Performance Assessment

27 Going Beyond Credit Brings in visual resources Going beyond on a class assignment Independent Reading Brings in text resources Demonstrates Leadership

28 Continuation Criteria for Target Progress Report Students must meet expectations (meets) in at least 14 areas to remain in good standing. Less than 14 meets will result in a probationary period which will last the remainder of the year. During the probationary period students must maintain 14 meets or they will be removed from Target Services.

29 Continuation Criteria for 9-Week Report Card Each student must maintain satisfactory performance in the core subjects on the report card in the regular program. 1 st, 2 nd, and 3 rd Graders: Must maintain a majority of 2s in each content area during each nine weeks (Math, English, Reading, Social Studies, Science) Must meet standards in core subjects on the Georgia CRCT. 4 th and 5 th Graders: Maintain an average of 80% in each of the 5 core subjects on the 9-week report card.

30 Prevailing Practices Gifted students should not be expected to make up missed regular classroom work or homework on scheduled Target dayGifted students should not be expected to make up missed regular classroom work or homework on scheduled Target day Target homework permitted on Target dayTarget homework permitted on Target day

31 Changes – A Class in Flux New studentsNew students New classesNew classes Change of teachersChange of teachers Change of dayChange of day

32 Communication Website – Target BLOG Tally- Each week Progress Reports- Every nine weeks Conferences – As needed

33 How Can I Help? Helping to organize unit activities Calling volunteers Clerical help (Copy Parent) Sharing resources to support the unit Assisting on field trips Target volunteers are appreciated!

34 Cobb Chapter of GAGC The Cobb Chapter of the Georgia Association for Gifted Children is an advocacy group for parents, educators, administrators, and the public who are interested in gifted education and advanced learning opportunities for children. Our Purpose is to: Support the needs of gifted students at the state level Provide parent education and resources Be a resource for the Advanced Learning Program Supervisors at the county level

35 Cobb Chapter: Georgia Assoc. for Gifted Children

36 Contacting Us Debbie Stewart: Mandy Robertson:

37 5 minute Q & A

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