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Ch 33 Part 1– The New Deal Student will understand – President FDR- how he changed the role of the government to become a safety net to help people in.

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1 Ch 33 Part 1– The New Deal Student will understand – President FDR- how he changed the role of the government to become a safety net to help people in need (Government is no longer LAISSEZ- FAIRE) – New Deal- FDRs series of programs designed to provide RELIEF, RECOVERY, and REFORM where the Government takes responsibility for the good of the country Goal Questions 1)Identify name of FDRs plan to help Americans in need and explain how that plan revolutionized the role of government by providing 2 examples of how FDR provided aid for ordinary Americans? 2)Analyze why some Americans did not support FDRs plan and identify two of the critics of FDRs and explain why they did not support FDR 3)Identify and define 3 Alphabet Agencies and explain how they tried to provide aid to Americans.

2 ID- The Champ: FDR chatting w. Reporters (775) Summary 1- What are the emotions being displayed between Pres. F.D. Roosevelt and the press? How might this help FDR as President? (EC- notice that FDR is seen in a car? What is the motivation behind FDR in a car?) –Cheerful, cordial, attentive (the press listened to FDRs ideas and were able to explain how those ideas would help the American people) –FDR had Polio and could not walk (using a car hid the fact he was handicapped) Would the nation elect a handicapped President today? What allowed FDR to be elected in 1932?

3 OI- FDR and the Three Rs; Relief, Recovery, and Reform 1) What was the very first act FDR did on March 6-10? What do you think FDR was trying to prevent? Closed the banks To prevent people from taking their money out of banks and causing more banks to fail

4 2) Briefly explain the 3Rs and the purpose of each. Relief- Gov. helps people in need with aid (food, housing, money) Recovery- Gov. creates ways to help jumpstart the economy (create jobs and projects that will help country in long run) Reform- Gov. creates laws that will prevent another economic disaster from happening again What has changed about the role of government? Government will provide a safety net for people in need (no longer lassaiz-faire

5 3) What was Congresses attitude towards the President? Will this help or hurt the FDR? Explain It gave the President more flexibility than ever before to make laws (FDR was a Dem. and Congress had a Dem. majority, Rep. hated FDRs ideas) Help (President can create radical new laws and know Congress will pass it) –Why is President Obama having so much difficulty trying to create some of the same ideas as FDR in todays Great Recession?

6 4) What were some ideas in the New Deal? (3) Unemployment insurance, old age insurance, minimum wage, conservation of natural resources, restrictions on child labor 5) Were these New Deals ideas really revolutionary? Explain (was FDR the first person to think up or implement these ideas?) NO, Western Europe already had these ideas (Progressives and Populists already thought them up, Republicans in the 20s disbanded or ignored many of these ideas

7 ID-Bank Failures (776) Summary 2- What year were bank failures the highest? 1933 Summary 3- What kind of protection do you feel the Glass Steagall Act provided? Depositor Insurance- if the bank went out of business, the Gov. paid you back money deposited in the bank –Why was is so important for Americans to trust their money in the bank? (Think-what makes the US economy successful?)

8 OI- Roosevelt Manages the Money 6) What did the Emergency Banking Relief Act authorize the President to do? Allowed the President to regulate (look over, set rules) on banks 7) What were the Fireside Chats? –FDRs weekly radio chats to comfort and remind Americans the Gov. was trying to help out 8) What did the Glass-Steagall Act establish AND protect? FDIC- insured peoples money in banks up to $5000 (today $500K)

9 ID- CCC Workers in Alaska (778) Summary 4- Why is the government paying Eskimos to carve and fix totem poles in Alaska? To reduce unemployment by Gov. creating jobs based on a persons prior skills –WPA Theater- Gov. paid to put on plays Is the government paying to provide entertainment through theater a good use of money? OI- Creating Jobs for the Jobless 9) How bad was the unemployment rate when FDR became President? 25% ( unemployment means people who want work cant work)

10 10) What did the CCC establish? Conservation jobs (planting trees, building campgrounds) for young men in wilderness ?How is this meant to help young people? ?Why focus on young people and put them to work in woods? 11) What was the primary goal of the CCC, FERA, and CWA? Create jobs and give people a sense of dignity through work Whats the problem with giving people a handout (ie- Welfare)?

11 ID- Huey Long (779) Summary 5- Explain what was meant when the book called Huey Long was progressive (good leader) and dictatorial (bad leader)? He turned a backwards state around, but needed absolute control and ignored the Constitution/Democracy A Day for Every Demagogue 12) Who did Father Coughlin blame for the depression? Jews (problem- he was a Catholic Priest and had a radio audience of millions who believed him) ?Why is Father Coughlin so dangerous?

12 13) What was the name of Huey Longs plan and what did he propose for every American? Share Our Wealth- every family would receive $5000 from the government every year (by confiscating incomes over $5mil a year) Is this a good plan or not? Explain 14) What did Dr. Francis Townsend propose to help the elderly? Social Security (each elderly person would receive $200 a month which had to be spent) How is giving money to the elderly meant to help the economy? Why should the elderly be forced to spend their money?

13 15) What was the purpose of the WPA? Create jobs building infrastructure (roads, dams, bridges, schools, libraries What is the long term impact of the WPA? Was it worth the government spending money it had to borrow?

14 ID- Mary McLeod Bethune (780) Summary 6- Who and why was she important? Female Af/Am. activist, one of the first black appointments who worked directly with the President ID- Grand Coulee Dam (782) Summary 7- How would the construction a dam significantly help during a depression? Creates jobs, new source of energy, lake (recreation)

15 OI- Helping Industry and Labor 16) How did the NRA change workers ceiling on hours and floor on pay? –Set a maximum number of hours a worker can be forced to work, minimum wage Why might limiting hours daily help create jobs? How might minimum wage hurt job creation? 17) How did the enthusiasm for the NRA spill over into professional sports? Philadelphia Eagles football team are named after the NRA symbol

16 18) What was the purpose of the PWA and give an example of one of its accomplishments and how it helped Americans? Create jobs and spur economy Grand Coulee Dam (largest structure created by humans since Great Wall of China), provided water to farmers in E. Washington (created electricity) 19) Why did people in FDRs administration want to repeal Prohibition? Create more revenue ($) for the government by taxing alcohol Would legalizing drugs (Marijuana) help raise revenue for CA? 20) What Amendment (and year) repealed/ended Prohibition? 21 st Amendment, 1933

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