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Facebook Training Our Purpose is To Help You… Develop a Marketing Plan

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1 Facebook Training Our Purpose is To Help You… Develop a Marketing Plan
Generate Free Leads Drive Traffic To Your Website Reach Your Target Market (this will help you find people that would want to buys gift baskets or start a gift basket business, this  is so important to master). 

2 Why Facebook? Is Social Media a Fad?
600 million users are on Facebook.  That is up 275 million from this time last year. Facebook is to social networking what Google is to search engines.  It's the Power House.  Facebook allows you to: Add people as friends and send messages. Network for FREE from the comfort of your home Tell your friends how you are doing Join Networks set up by companies, schools, or people with similar interests. Is Social Media a Fad?  No! Facebook is here to stay. Companies around the world are spending millions of dollars to learn how to effectively market and grow their business with social media. It’s a good idea to learn the basic now so in a few years you will be glad you build a great network!

3 How to Set up A New Facebook Account
Facebook for Beginners. Learn.. How to Set up A New Facebook Account Social Media Etiquette (this will make or break you) What to Post on your Wall How to Choose Your Target Market  How to Connect with People How to Set up a Fan Page What is a Facebook Group How to Post Ads on Facebook Marketplace For Free. How to Create An Event

Create a Facebook Account  Fill out the profile section information High School, Employer & upload a picture Note: Get a professional picture, its worth the investment. Under basic Information write something dynamic: Note: study profiles of people that are successful and model what they are doing. Your profile is the one page that other visitors will use to  find out more about you or your services. You will want to put your website(s) on your list of sites Upload photo’s of  you with friends, business partners,   (if you were promoted, post your promotion picture!) Once your page is set up, hide your friends list Click on “Account”, click “Privacy Setting”, click “View settings”,  click “See your friend list” click “Only Me NOTE: Bookmark this site. Great site for “basic” questions about Facebook.

What can you post? New Gift Arrivals Post tips on what you learned (i.e. social media, marketing strategies/tips, blogging, online and offline advertising tips )  Post about what your passionate about.  (i.e. gift ideas, recruiting, coaching, mind setting, leadership,). Books you like Tips  of the day Inspirational quotes To get great content visit: 

6 Ways to drive traffic to your page:
 On your Facebook profile, post your information in your profile under "website", this is what everyone sees once they click on your unique profile page.   Occasionally update your status sharing your link for people to find more information about your business. please note we recommend doing this on very limited occasions  Integrate other content that you create and share it in a status update.  Every time  you record a video or publish an article, post it on your Facebook status.  But remember to make sure the content isn't spam my and has true value; always follow the 90/10 rule. ALWAYS FOLLOW: 90% information/communication AND 10% marketing.

7 In Social Media.... You Develop Relationships, You Present, You Sell, You Grow. Three important  tips to remember about  social media. Advertising is very different in Facebook. * In regular advertising, it's  very direct and very sales oriented.  * In social media, people run away from that!  Social media is about sharing:  * Uploading photos, sharing information,  or adding value of some kind. Don't expect massive results in the first 30 days. * it just isn't going to happen.  Keep networking and it will grow. The best part is that it’s free to network and you can do it all from home!

This will make or break your social media experience! You Must Add Value (engage with members).  Be authentic, transparent and provide information and be inspirational. Don’t Look at This Form of Marketing As A “Competition”.  Look for where & how you can add the most value to the group! Avoid Blatant Self Promotion.  You will only become attractive to the marketplace when you genuinely want to and do provide a valuable service.  Be Professional.   No venting or sharing personal information.  (If you want to connect with folks that way, then create two profiles, one for personal connections and one for professional connections.) 

Identify the specific market and demographic you want to target. Who is Your Target Market? (get creative and think outside the box) For the gifts: Look at the categories in your store. Gardening - who would like gardening gift baskets? Infant Gift Baskets – who would like to purchase infant gift baskets? Sports Gift Baskets – who would like to purchase sports gift baskets? Military Gifts – who would like to send out military gifts? Candles – who would like to send out candles?

Identify the specific market and demographic you want to target. Who is Your Target Market? (get creative and think outside the box) For the opportunity Who would like to start a gift basket and flower business? Who would like to earn additional income . For example… (stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, women in a home business, small business owners, flower shops owners, people that love crafts).

We are going to teach on how to find your target market thru joining relevant Facebook groups. Step #1. Go to your  Facebook  account.   You will see a search function at the top of your Facebook profile. (indicated by the little magnifying glass) Type in the keywords you find relevant.

12 Next, You Will Then See a List of Groups and Pages relevant To That Keyword:
Facebook is a real bonanza for marketers, because users TELL YOU what they're interested in, through the keywords in their Profile description, the Groups they choose to join, the Pages they choose to "Like", even their posts on their profile wall! For example, if we do A search for Military, we see Pages & groups of People that selected Military when they Created their Facebook account.

13 NEXT, Click on "groups"  We recommend to always select “groups” because there will be many people in a “group”. Next, click a group that has the most members and then select “Request to Join”

14 Some groups accept you immediately.
NEXT, Click on "groups"  Find a group that has the most members and then select “Request to Join” Some groups accept you immediately. Some groups have to approve you. If you are approved, you will receive an letting you know that you have been approved.

15 Once you visit the group, Click on “Members” so you can view all the members.  For example, “Military”. This group has 1,918 members! Note: You can  connect with members them in two ways.

You can connect two ways:   1st option: Simply add as friend. (with a personal message to increase the likelihood of them accepting). Or… 2nd option: Send them a message and ask them to add you as friend. We suggest to do a combination of both.  Why? Because if you are just adding people as friends, Facebook won’t like that and can freeze your account. You goal is to Reach out to 10 new people per day.

17 1st option: ADD AS FRIEND:
Everyday go into some of these groups and invite 5 new friends from these target Face Groups, to your relevant Facebook account.  (Do not go overboard with friends request). Adding over 5 friends a day can freeze your account. For example, let’s click on of the member’s name i.e. (Curt Tetrault)…. Click on his name and view the next page.

18 2nd option: Send them a message and ask them to add you as friend.
What message do you send? Suggestion:   “Hey Curt, my name is _____, and I really like your website/page.  Looking forward to connecting with you. (If you can share specifically what you like about their website or what they posted on their wall, let them know!) Always Be yourself,  be authentic. ALWAYS personalize it! (type the message and hit “send”. The person or people to whom you sent the message will be notified by or the next time they log in.  We haven’t noticed that Facebook keeps track of ratios of ‘SENDING MESSAGES” TO PEOPLE. Keep in mind that Facebook Rules are always changing so read their rules. More information about sending messages visit:

19 Play It Safe With Facebook
Facebook limits the number of friends you can add per day. This number is limited to how many requests are accepted. We recommend to send no more than three –five friend requests until you get accepted.  Each “friend accept” allows you three more requests. This is why we suggest to do a combination of both. Adding friend requests and sending messages. NOTE:  We haven’t notice that Facebook keeps track of ratios of ‘SENDING MESSAGES” TO PEOPLE. Keep in mind that Facebook Rules are always changing so read their rules.

 3-5 messages per day  lifestyle / or adding value 3-5 interactions per day  likes/comments  (just 3-5 quick comments what others posted).  If you like what they posted but can’t think of anything to say…simple hit the “like” button on the comments.  The more you do this, the easier it gets..have fun and be yourself. It’s like having a 2 way conversation. You can’t just be posting and posting messages.  You have to interact with people.  It’s like when your sitting next to someone and all they do is talk about themselves!    Going for the hard sell..won’t sell.  Be creative with your post / use different headings  and content When you receive a friend request. Go and read their wall. Be picky! Reach out to 10 new people per day CONSISTENTLY. Soon you will see that you will get friends request. Facebook limits you to 5,000 friends so be picky  (look at their photo, read their wall).      Be choosy..    Look for: Good Photo? Open and friendly? Do you like their posts?  Follow your intuition. We don’t spend a lot of time reading everything.  Take a few minutes to read their  wall. If you like what you see, then we invite them as a friend.

21 Sharing The Opportunity On Facebook Pages
You have the ability to put your ad, your company information in front of tens of thousands of people in your target market every single day for FREE. 1.  Login to you Facebook account. 2.  Locate the search bar and do a search for Facebook pages that may have the target market you are trying to reach. 3.  Select the first page that  has the most "likes".  In this example, we selected ENTREPRENEURSHIP that came up since  it has 46,213 people that like that page. 4. Select “Like” page. 5.   Share your ad:  Our company helps entrepreneurs start their own gifting business, no large overheads, no employees.  Earn residual, daily pay and bonuses available. 6.  You've  just placed an ad that will run across over 46,213 news feeds. IMPORTANT: Read the “info” tab or simply post and find out if posting is allowed. Some pages are moderated and if they don’t allowing posting about your business, they will remove it.

Why set one up? WATCH VIDEO: DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FAN PAGE AND A REGULAR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT: You can have unlimited fans on your fan page.  It's free and simple to set up. You can capture s addresses when you place an opt-in box Facebook Business page is search engine index (standard Facebook isn’t).  So, you can get MORE free traffic thanks to Google.  You can Customize Your Business Page, (more info about your biz, your services, your opportunity).  Fan Pages can become viral.

23 Setting Up Your Own Business Page
Step #1  Visit:  Choose from: 1- Local Business   2- Brand   3- Product  4- Organization   5- Artist, Band or Public Figure Name your page.  (Create a username that is your nitch market) USE KEYWORDS Beautiful Gift Baskets Ideas Work at Home Opportunities NOTE:  The name you choose cannot be changed. To shorten your url for your business  page visit:  WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/USERNAME/ Check the box that says you are the official representative, and then  click the "Create Official Page" button. You will be redirected to your new Official Facebook page. 

24 Facebook Page Simply fill out the 4 steps to get started!

25 Sample Business Page Sample of Business Page.
Notice that the business page now has “ LIKE” button.

26 FREE invitation to company training call
Your goal is to get  "LIKES“, Why? When people hit the like button, it will show up on all their friends walls!   This is other people promoting your page. It’s like FREE advertising and it can grow your pages to having tens of thousands of fans quickly! This means more exposure, more traffic, more leads and more income. How do you get them to like your page? Think about what you can offer.    * Gift Basket Drawing FREE invitation to company training call Things To Remember… Creating a Facebook fan page is simple, but getting it to work well takes time, dedication, and some planning. Don’t expect to create a page and then have a huge following instantaneously. Build good content, make it easy to share, and let people know about it, and over-time the community will grow.

27 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Business Page
Watch Video How to Grow and Engage Facebook Fans 1.  Post 4 updates a day on your Facebook page wall.  This way people will like you and your Facebook Pages, and will click “Like”. The more you post on your Facebook Page Wall, the faster it will grow.   2.  Suggest to Friends.  Go to your business  page and share with everyone. Click on  "SUGGEST TO FRIENDS"

28 3. Embed Widgets on your website/blog http://developers. facebook
3. Embed Widgets on your website/blog This will put a "like"  on your website/blog.  

29 More Ways To Promote Your Facebook Business Page
Invite all your current leads enticing them with gift basket drawing. Add your business page to your signature  line. Take photos of your friends. Then Get friends to TAG photo’s – message will show up on their walls & newsfeeds. Upload videos  from YouTube.  Extremely powerful. Place Facebook Ads   (paid  per click – optional) If your doing a presentation, webinar invite them to join your fan page. Every piece of print media  (business cards, drop cards, flyers, signs should have your business page url.)

30 Facebook Group Why set up a Facebook Group?
Facebook has thousands of groups and the average user is involved with at least 8 groups. Groups are one of the simplest ways to do viral marketing on Facebook.  Anybody that joins your group will see that you are  the creator of that group and add you as a friend.  If your members are excited about your group, they will tell their friends and it can grow really quickly. Your group name will usually appear on your members’ personal profile pages until they leave the group.  You can posts to your group. When a post is made, members are notified on Facebook and by , and they can respond with comments.  Once you build a rapport with your members.   With the proper time and relationship building -- will most likely end up as a member or a business partner.

31 1st Step: Create a Facebook group:
2nd Step: Name the group: Select a name that is specific to our industry.    ie. Gift Baskets, Gift Baskets and Flowers, Home business opportunity, etc. etc. (keep google keywords in mind). 3rd step:  Choose friends to add to your group. 4th Step : Start sharing photos, videos, tips, resources, gift basket ideas or how to grow your gift basket business.   Note:  A group won’t grow if it’s all about you. Bring value to the group so others will refer your group.

32 Facebook Marketplace Marketplace is Facebook’s classifieds listing service. You can post a for-sale ad or want ad for free. Step #1   Go to your Facebook account and login (you must be logged in to your Facebook account). Step #2  On Your Browser type: Step#3   On the right hand side click on POST.

33 Post A Listing Fill out the form Categories for opportunity:
Business Opportunity/Work at Home Categories for gits: Coupon & Offers Post A Listing

1.  You can only post 5 free ads  a month.   You can purchase additional ads thru  Oddle.   Silver 1-4 listings $49 / month  2. Your ads will stay online for 30 days.  3.   When you get ready to post (you don’t want your ad to appear on your friends wall). Select” Select “do not post on my wall”. If you accidently selected “post on my wall”, you can login to your facebook account and remove the post from your wall. 4.  Be creative with your post.   Use different headings, photos, content. 5.  Promote your ad daily Login to your facebook account everyday and select "my listing"   Then select:  PROMOTE TO THE TOP It takes a few minutes to repost. Gold 5-20 listings $199 / month 

35 Create an Event Facebook Events is a free application developed by Facebook that anyone can use to promote : Marketing events Company milestones Webinars Grand openings 1.  Log in to the Facebook home page  2.  Select "Events" from the navigation menu. 


37 Social Media TIPS To Succeed:
1. Be consistent with your activity. Consistency is critical to your success.    2. Study the  techniques & strategies Get a game plan and stick with it. 3. Have fun!   Looking for prospects from the comfort of your home and these strategies are FREE! Learn to LOVE marketing. 4.   Commit To Growing Your Network  Link, find friends, and start building your following. It’s not enough to have a presence on a social networking site. You must connect and on most sites that means inviting friends to connect with you and following others.

38 Social Media TIPS To Succeed:
5.  Update Frequently   (NO MORE THAN 20 MINUTES A DAY) Like any other marketing tool, in order for it to be effective, it’s important to update and participate regularly.  Part of building a community is being involved in it.  If you’re gone for any length of time, people easily forget about you – sad but true.  6.  Remember The 90/10 Rule Marketing yourself 24/7 is tiresome and a turnoff.  Social networking is about providing value, not a sales pitch.  Keep the old 90/10 rule in mind when networking - 90% information / communication and 10% marketing

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