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Upgrading to SharePoint 2010 JUNE 2010 SANSPUG.ORG MEETING CHRIS GIVENS.

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1 Upgrading to SharePoint 2010 JUNE 2010 SANSPUG.ORG MEETING CHRIS GIVENS

2 Overview Preparing for the upgrade 32 bit to 64bit upgrade Installing prerequisites Upgrading to SharePoint 2010

3 Preparing for the Upgrade 2003 upgrade Must upgrade to 2007 first! 2007 upgrade Must upgrade to SP2 Suggested that you move to Oct Cumulative Update for the preupgradechecker tool improvements

4 Prepping the Databases Upgrading SharePoint involves changing the database schema This means running several update operations A highly defragmented indexed will cause the upgrade to take…FOREVER Ensure that database indexes are optimized Ensure that the database has been backed up and logs truncated Ensure that you can restore the 2007 environment quickly in the event of catastrophic upgrade failure

5 Preupgradechecker operation An stsadm command to assess your Farm readiness for upgrade to 2010 SP2 had a version of this tool Oct. Cumulative Update has improved version Will tell you if your farm can be upgraded 32 bit cannot upgrade, you must upgrade to 64bit first

6 32bit to 64bit upgrade You must first upgrade your 2007 32bit farm to 64bit before you can upgrade to 2010 If you can about the farm anyway, you can always use gradual upgrade to simply attach content databases on a rebuilt farm Process involves Add 64bit servers to farm, decommission older 32bit ones Upgrade the database server to 64bit (bit more complex from SharePoint standpoint) Easy to detach the dbs and reattach to new db server, however, SharePoint still wants the old database name Easiest to backup databases, rebuild server from scratch with same name, restore databases

7 Installing Prerequisites Several items must be installed prior to upgrade: MS Filter Pack SQL ADOMD WCF hot fix Windows Identity Framework MS Chart Controls Reporting Services 2008 R2 Add-in Can be done via installer (with internet access) If no internet, make sure you have downloaded all of them to an ISO for your VM

8 Doing the Upgrade Much more invested in successful upgrade experience Pipelined upgrade process Allows for restart of the upgrade at failed point Multi-threaded upgrade Visual upgrade Allow the old look and feel until users are trained on 2010 Gradual and In-Place support only DB Attach or all at once

9 After the Upgrade Watch out for Forms authentication Web.config changes Old feature files (errors in event logs) Remaining orphaned records in config db

10 Upgrade Demonstration Preparing for the upgrade Installing prerequisites Upgrading to SharePoint 2010

11 Summary SharePoint is a GREAT product! It is a LARGE product, many moving pieces for everyone involved! It is very extensible Dont expect that because you have seen someone doing something with SharePoint that your organization can quickly get the same feature up and running right away!

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