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Ida Volleyball Club Information Night

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1 Ida Volleyball Club Information Night
"The best way to predict your future is to create it." --Unknown

2 IVC Board Members 201 All board members are volunteers who believe that additional practice and competition helps to develop future athletes. Our goal is to provide a positive experience for all players! We can not find a solution if we don’t know there is a problem. We will do our best to rectify the situation at hand. Remember we are all IDA community members. Kelly Reeves - Head Coach Cheryl Jackson - Tournaments Amy Janssen - Contracts/School Regina Lein- Spirit Wear Kim Johnson- Treasurer

3 Mission Statement: The purpose of IVC (Ida Volleyball Club) is to instill technical, tactical and mental skills involved in competitive volleyball. IVC's objectives are to educate the players physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. We hope to provide opportunities for individual and team play with the development of such commitments as loyalty, cooperation, and fair play. We will provide directed leadership and supervision that stresses self-discipline, self-motivation, excellence, and the ideals for good sportsmanship. Finally, we hope to create a desire in our players to succeed and excel in volleyball and in their life.

4 This program does not guarantee a position on any Ida Public School volleyball Team

5 Communications: Website and email

6 Open to 5th - 9th grade Ida girls who want to learn and play competitive volleyball.
Season runs from March- June. Spring commitments to other sports are acceptable. We limit our teams to IDA players.  No cuts will be made.(Reason: gym fees would apply) MANDATORY: A $20 non-refundable AAU try out fee will be due Tonight or on Feb 17th Make checks payable to "IVC".  There will be a $35 return check fee.

7 Tryouts 5th & 6th grade 6:00-7:30 Tryouts 7th & 8th grade 7:30-9:00
2013 IVC Try Outs Friday March 1st, 8th, 15th Please wear a shirt with player’s name on the back. Tryouts 5th & 6th grade 6:00-7:30 Tryouts 7th & 8th grade 7:30-9:00

8 Team Selection The most important thing is to make your daughter a better volleyball player through this experience Teams will be decided based on ability levels. Coaches will rate and score players during the try out and the players will be placed on the ability based teams. Number of athletes participating will have an effect on teams developed. Teams will practice twice a week for two hours.  Those times will be determined when teams are formed. Tournaments will be held on Saturday or Sunday.  Parents are responsible for the transportation of their own child to practices and tournaments.

9 Parent’s Code of Conduct
Parent’s Code of Conduct Please understand that you are expected to conduct yourself in a way that brings credit and honor to yourself, your daughter and to the Ida Volleyball Club as a spectator. Once your daughter becomes a part of the Ida Volleyball Club program, you as well as her, represent the program at all competitions you attend.   Each facility (including our own) has rules and regulations. Please follow them to the best of your ability whether or not others are doing so.   Be on time! Please teach your child the value of being “early” to both competitions and practices. Also, “walk your talk” by picking them up on time after a practice or competition.     Tournaments:   Allow the coaches to do their job. There are many different coaching styles. Some coaches are very vocal during the game while others choose to take more of an observer role and make corrections during their next practice. In any event, it is very distracting to a player to have mom or dad telling them what to do from the stands. Your job as a spectator is to support your daughter and her team in a positive manner - we encourage you to do this as often as possible.     Interacting with the Coach:   The “24 hour rule” will be in effect for dealing with complaints or concerns of parents towards coach. If you have a complaint or concern about the coach for either a practice or a match, you need to wait 24 hours before addressing the coach with the issue. This will allow us to handle the challenges in a more rational manner without the emotion of the moment attached. If the issue cannot be resolved at that time, take the issue to the program director.  

10 2013 Coaches Kelly Reeves Bailey Potter Amanda Brososky Megan Schuster Alexis Long Nicole Farrell Kelsey Woltmann

11 Costs of Comparable Programs
Premier Volleyball Club $950-3,225 Huron Valley Volleyball Club $490-$2500 Glass City Volleyball $860-$1610 Borderline $900 Ida Volleyball Club $275

12 IVC Fees Fees must be paid in full by first practice.
Cost $250 non-refundable includes: Tournaments – approx. 5-6 (including States) Gym time – practice Coaches Equipment Jersey Fees must be paid in full by first practice. Practice starts Week of March 18th Refund Policy No fees will be refunded for any reason after notification of being selected and commitment has been verified. Our fees are based on ten/twelve players per team. If one person quits for any reason, we have already spent their fee on uniforms, coaches, and tournaments.

13 Thank you for coming tonight!

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