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Back to School Night Mrs. DeMarquezs Class Fifth Grade Room 14.

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1 Back to School Night Mrs. DeMarquezs Class Fifth Grade Room 14

2 Agenda Introduction Whats new for 5 th grade? Room 14 Schedule Curriculum Extras Important Information Homework Classroom Management Volunteers and donations Questions ?

3 Introduction to Mrs. DeMarquez 14th year at Farnham Reading Intervention staff- 1 year 4th grade- 5 years 3rd grade- 7 year Live in the Cambrian Community Children attend Cambrian School

4 Whats New in 5th Grade? Increased responsibility & independence Note taking and studying skills Physical Fitness Testing (Spring) CST Science Test Science Camp! (Next Week!!)

5 Room 14 Schedule 8:05-8:30 Opening procedures, morning warm ups, journals, etc. 8:30-9:45 Math 9:45-10:05 Recess/snack 10:05-11:10 Language arts (reading, grammar, writing) 11:10-12:10 Rotations M, T, Th (Science, Social Studies, PE, Study Skills) 12:10-12:50 Lunch 12:50-1:50 Rotations M, T, Th (Science, Social Studies, PE, Study Skills) 1:50-2:20 Language Arts/Math completion, art activities, etc. 2:20 Preparations to go home 2:31 Dismissal –music – Fridays 1:45-2:30 –library- Mondays 9:00-9:45 –PE- Mondays and Fridays- Water Bottle! –Buddy Class- Fridays (?) **NOTE: Early dismissal every Wednesday 1:12**

6 Standards Based Curriculum California Content Standards/Common Core Standards –Math, language arts, science, social studies –You can take a look: California State Content Standards (phasing out 2014) California State Common Core Standard (phasing in 2014) -Report cards Focus Shifting to 21 st Century learning and skills

7 Language Arts Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Comprehensive, standards-based – Integrates phonics, comprehension, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, informational skills Six themes Power Groups Flexible, skills-based, grade level groups Team teaching Differentiated instruction Novels

8 Writing in 5th grade –Narrative –Persuasive –Response to Literature –Information reports Step Up To Writing Program –Color coding schemes –Organizational patterns

9 Mathematics Investigations- new this year! –Problem solving –hands-on and engaging –Group and individual practice - Deeper understanding –Big shift for students- THINKING! Dot and Number talks -Development of spatial reasoning, number sense, academic vocabulary, and precise communication

10 Social Studies United States History The Early Years by Houghton Mifflin United States history and geography through the Civil War era Team taught by Mrs. Greco

11 Science FOSS (Full Option Science System) – Focuses on active investigation –Modules Mixtures and Solutions (Physical Science & Chemistry) Water Planet (Earth Science) Living Systems (Life Science) Team taught by Mr. Hill

12 Spark P.E. program * Mondays -Sports Skills -Cooperative Games -Movement and Dance -Calisthenics Please send water bottle ! -Endurance building -Weekly Mile Run-Fridays -Health and nutrition Fitness Testing in Spring Team taught by Mrs. DeMarquez Physical Education

13 The Fun Stuff! Art –Art Vistas (docent(s) needed!) Music –Full year with Mr. Sanchez –Every Other Friday 1:45- 2:30 Library –Every Monday 9:00-9:45 –Must have pink agreement form signed –2 book maximum –Books must be returned following week

14 Nutrition Guidelines - sent home last week (purple sheet) -Come straight from California Ed. Code -Birthdays- no sweets! may bring alternatives to treats (ie pencils, etc) -Parties- few with limited food Absence -Notify office - Work for the day Important Information

15 Absent work -1 additional day for each day absent Oops passes/ Homework passes -Ticket reward -Oops Pass: 1 additional day for 1 forgotten assignment for full credit -Homework Pass: excuses 1 piece of homework.

16 Retakes -Tests/quizzes -Scores are averaged for final grade -May have 1 retake on a test/quiz -Must be within 1 week of receiving in Thursday envelope -Students responsibility to make retake requests - Retakes completed on students free - Retake not turned in within the week allowed will result in original score being kept

17 Homework Reinforces classroom learning homework agenda Class web page resource- secondary source! Homework folder Rubric Completion & effort vs. correctness May turn in late for 1/2 credit (3 on rubric scale) Not turned in with in 1 week of assignment will get zero credit Monday- Thursday only Math due the next day Packets due Friday Projects & book Reports Due Dates TBA approximately 50 minutes + independent reading (120 minutes per week)

18 Only work intended to assess or projects will be given a letter grade Missing work reports sent home weekly (Mondays) Missing work must be turned in within 1 week of due date. Late will reduce 1 grade. Not turned in will result in a score of zero. Grading Grade Scale A+ 100 C+ 75-79 A 93-99 C 70-74 F 0-49 A- 90-92 C- 65-69 B+ 87-89 D+ 60-64 B 83-86 D 56-59 B- 80-82 D- 50-55

19 Positive Reinforcement Recognitions of effort and choices Falcon Feathers (for class/school rewards) Team Points Consequences Natural and logical -Class Constitution -Increased responsibility Classroom Management

20 Home-School Communication Thursday envelope Daily homework agenda Parent email list Progress reports (mid trimester) Missing work reports Online grade book In person Web page

21 Contacting Mrs. D. Email: –Add Farnham parent to subject line Phone: 408-377-3321 x214

22 Helpers and Donations Volunteers welcome Art Vistas Library helper Room parent Field trip chaperones Home projects Weekly copies Thursday folders Donations THANK YOU so much for the donations already made Wish list updates on webpage

23 Thank you! Questions?

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