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Soluciones Netgear Xavier Lleixa Sales Engineer Netgear.

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1 Soluciones Netgear Xavier Lleixa Sales Engineer Netgear

2 NETGEAR Fundada: 1996, NTGR on NASDAQ Central: San Jose, CA con oficinas en 26 paises Crecimiento: $1Bn+, ~40% YoY growth Founded: 1996, NTGR on NASDAQ Headquarters: San Jose, CA with offices in 26 countries Employees: 700+ worldwide 2010 Revenue: $1 billion, 42% YoY increase. Business Units: Retail, Service Provider, Commercial Copyright 2011 2

3 Historia Trabajamos con 60 ISP a nivel mundial
Más de 20 Millones de Clientes Empresariales Soluciones para entornos de ( usuarios) Global perspective + local support Garantía de por vida 24x7 soporte en castellano RELIABLE AFFORDABLE SIMPLE Deloitte & Touche has three times named NETGEAR among the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Silicon Valley, California. (2001, 2006, 2007) Business-class solutions without the cost and complexity of traditional vendors: storage, security, networking Over 18 million businesses worldwide use NETGEAR solutions Global perspective + local support Industry-best warranties 24x7 tech support in 16 languages 39,000 WW partners F;ounded 1996 Bay Networks Nortel NETGEAR $1B 2011 Enterprise Legacy NASDAQ NTGR Copyright 2011

4 NETGEAR Business Products
HOY : Soluciones NETGEAR Switching Wireless ProSafe Networking Products Professional-class networking infrastructure products Switches- Managed, Smart, Plus, Unmanaged Wireless- Controller-based, Standalone Firewalls- Wired, Wireless ProSecure Subscription-based Security Industry-leading detection of viruses, malware, spam Protection for and Web Applications UTM and Content Security Solutions ReadyNAS Storage The highest quality data storage, sharing and protection for home and business users Network Attached Storage Security

5 Soluciones NETGEAR

6 Cloud Virtualizacion Switching Wifi Centralizado Seguridad Perimetral Backup VPN

7 Cloud

8 REadyNAS Replicate Vault Egnyte ProSecure AntiSpam Filtrado de contenidos

9 ReadyNAS Replicate™ Software para replicacion entre ReadyNAS
Solucion automatizada, centralizada y monitorizada Solucion de disaster-recovery para PYME Solucion replicacion site-site o site-multisite


11 Hybrid Cloud Solution Advantages Advantages
“Reverse Backup” Addresses latency issues Provides off-line access Allow client/server apps Local Cloud Advantages Inter enterprise collaboration Access anywhere File management File publishing File sending Unlimited storage

12 Hybrid Cloud Z: Z: Hotel Home Office Z: Local Cloud

13 Seguridad Perimetral

14 ProSafe® & ProSecure ® Security Solutions
STM STM STM600 Coming Soon! Feature / Performance UTM UTM UTM25 Desktop UTM FW w/ SSL & IPsec VPN Anti-Malware, URL Filtering, Anti-Spam Application Control, IPS, 2xWAN (UTM25) 90 – 127 Mbps UTM50/UTM150 UTM FW w/ SSL & IPsec VPN AD Integration, Anti-X, URL Filtering, App Control, IPS, Multi WAN – 300 Mbps Content Security Appliances Web / Threat Mgmt AD Integration, Anti-X, URL Filtering, App Control, IPS, WAN Failthrough – 4000 concurrent HTTP connections 139K – 960K s / hour FVS318G Desktop IPsec FW ROBO, 25Mbps FVS336G Desktop SSL & IPsec FW DMZ port / Dual WAN 60Mbps SRXN3205 Desktop FW SSL & IPsec Wireless N, 60Mbps SRX5308 SSL & IPsec FW Quad WAN 1 GB Throughput UTM and Content Security is Driving Our Growth Small business(5 -75 users) SMB ( users) Medium Enterprise ( ~500 users) *10GE is also supported as an option. ** 2x gigabit ports as option Performance number is based on none aggregated network link

15 Solución : NETGEAR ProSecure
Firewall / Connection Screening (Hacking, Intruders, Pings of Death …) Intrusion Prevention (Protecting Webservers, Application exploits) Virus / Malware Scanning (Blended Threats, Productivity Loss, Spyware, worms, rootkits) UTM – SPAM Prevention (Nefarious , Phishing, Viruses, Malware) Content Filtering (Inappropriate websites, Fraud, Phishing) STM Application Control (IM, P2P, Network Misuse)

16 Ventaja : Simplicidad Hardware : UTM50 Subscripción mail ;UTM50E
Anti-Malware, Virus, Spyware, Trojans Anti-SPAM POP3,SMTP,IMAP Supscripción web: UTM50W HTTP, FTP, real HTTPS protection Web Content Filtering Phishing Mantenimiento : UTM50M Soporte y Mantenimiento Firewall Básico y IPS Control de Aplicaciones Bundle UTM50EW Bundle UTM50B

17 Ventaja– Nuestros Partners
Technology NETGEAR STM NETGEAR UTM Anti-Virus Malware Trojans Phishing Full 1.6 Million Signatures 600K Signatures Anti-SPAM Hybrid in-the-cloud 50 Millions sources Web Content- Filtering 100 M URLs 64 categories

18 Solucion Backup

19 Solucion Backup ReadyNAS
ReadyNAS Vault Externalizacion de copia Copia propio NAS Copia de Cliente

20 Backup to Disk, Offsite or Cloud
ReadyNAS can provide an ideal B2D (backup to disk) platform for extending existing backup solution. Backup to disk allows quicker backup and restores Two arrays can be configured to provide offsite protection without the need for tape or USB devices Backups can also be replicated to the Cloud using ReadyNAS Vault Clients Servers Backup Server

21 Acronis/Vdaeam/StorageCraft
Backup VM Replicate Acronis/Vdaeam/StorageCraft Shared Storage

22 Switching

23 SMB Switching Solutions
Configuracion Completa Need for control Smart Switches Fully Managed Switches Conectividad Básica “Modelos ideales” Unmanaged Switches 1-5 5-20 20-100 200+ Size of Organization

24 Prestaciones 10Gbps Stackable /Chasis POE y POE+ Garantia de por vida
Capa 2 / Capa 3

25 Gestion Centralizada NMS200
DESCUBRE Descubre los diferentes de red Soporta diferentes protocolos CONFIGURA Configuracion centralizada Programacion de upgrade de firmware Acceso directo por CLI o GUI a los equipos MONITORIZA Posibles cambios de infraestructura Programacion de alarmas

26 Productos 10Gbps XCM8800 Series XSM7224S GSM7XXXS GS752TXS NEW

27 Virtualizacion


29 Esquema virtualizacion redundante VMWARE,CITRIX,Hyper-V

30 Reliable. Affordable. Simple
VMWARE Ready Models Reliable. Affordable. Simple Virtualization | D2D Backup | File Serving | Storage Consolidation Med-Enterprise ReadyNAS 4200 ReadyNAS 3200 Feature / Performance Small Business ReadyNAS 3100 ReadyNAS 2100 ReadyNAS Pro 6 Desktop 6-bay ReadyNAS Pro 4 Desktop 4-bay ReadyNAS Pro 2 Desktop 2-bay Small business(5 -75 users) SMB ( users) Medium Enterprise ( ~500 users)

31 Wifi Centralizado

32 Access Point Netgear NEW PRODUCTS Q4 10 Q310 Q210 Q210 Q210 Costes
Hi Premium WG302 WNAP320 WNDAP360 Q4 10 Q310 Mid Standard WG102 WG103 WNAP210 WAG102 Q210 Q210 Entry Value WG602 WN604 WN802T Q210 Costes


34 Wireless Management Solutions
New Wireless Management Solutions Standards-based protocols for interoperability ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Controller WC7520 Wireless g controller WFS709TP ProSafe 16-AP Wireless Management System WMS5316 Features ProSafe 5-AP Wireless Management Software WMS105 5 – 50 200 to 1,500+ # of Users

35 Mapa de Coberturas*

36 Portal Cautivo* Portal Web para acceso sencillo y seguro Autenticación
Local LDAP Radius

37 Soluciones VPN

38 Equipamiento VPN UTM50 UTM150 UTM5 UTM10 UTM25 Feature / Performance
5 VPN VPN VPN UTM UTM150 50 VPN VPN FVS318G 5 VPN FVS336G 25 VPN SRXN3205 5 VPN SRX5308 125 VPN Small business(5 -75 users) SMB ( users) Medium Enterprise ( ~500 users) *10GE is also supported as an option. ** 2x gigabit ports as option Performance number is based on none aggregated network link

39 Equipamiento Balanceo de Carga
4 WAN 2 WAN SRX5308 / UTM150 FVS336G UTM25/UTM50 Number of users 1 5 10 20 50 100 200 SOHO Small business Small to medium size business and workgroups

40 Gracias Xavier Lleixa Sales Engineer Netgear 933443204 xlleixa@netgear
Gracias Xavier Lleixa Sales Engineer Netgear

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