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Presented by Carol Wee Prepared by Bissy Ithack 10 th January 2014 1.

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1 Presented by Carol Wee Prepared by Bissy Ithack 10 th January

2 Outline C J Koh Law Library- History, Collection, & Services. NUS Library portal- Library Catalogue (FindMore/LINC), Searching Books & Journal Articles Sources of Law- Singapore & UK LawNet Database Abbreviations & Citations CJ Koh Law Library Home Page- Legal resources on web 2

3 Chinese Library Central Library C J Koh Law Library Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library Music Library Science Library Medical Library NUS Libraries 3

4 C J Koh Law Library History The library was originally established in September 1957, catering primarily to the Faculty of Law at the Bukit Timah Campus. In April 1980, the Law Library moved to new premises at Kent Ridge, occupying two floors of the Faculty of Law building. 4

5 C J Koh Law Library On 1st January 2001, the Law Library was renamed the C J Koh Law Library, in appreciation of Mr Koh Choon Joos generous donations to the library. After extensive renovations which began in July 2000, the library celebrated its official opening by the Honourable Chief Justice Yong Pung How on 27 February Following the Government's announcement to reallocate Bukit Timah Campus to NUS on 28 May 2005, the Law Library made its historic return to its first home in August

6 C J Koh Law Library - Collection C J Koh Law Library has a rich collection of local and international legal resources. 1 st Storey- RBR, Hold Shelf & Theses at Loan Counter Legislation/Law Reports, Singapore Malaysia Collection, Current Periodicals. 2 nd Storey- Bound Journals. 3 rd Storey- Books, ASEAN collection, Chinese collection. 6

7 Services Loans Photocopy services Photocopiers are available at Library. Use Cash card/ EZ link card(3¢ per page) to pay. RBR & Holdshelf books – Please request at Loan Counter (level- 1) RBR (Reserve book readings) can be borrowed for 2 hours 7 Loan entitlement : 20 books

8 NUS Library Portal 8

9 FindMore Search by author, title or keyword Refine your search to items in the library catalogue This new search engine allows discovery of the librarys online and print collections in a single search. 9

10 Library Integrated Catalogue LINC Select LINC tab and search by specific fields like title, author, keyword, subject or call number. 10

11 Searching LINC Search by specific field- Title Author Keyword Subject ISBN E.g.: Redfern and Hunter on international arbitration /by Nigel Blackaby…[et al.]. New York: Oxford University Press,

12 Searching Journal articles Search by Journal title in FindMore/ LINC 12

13 Primary sources of Law Primary sources of law are authoritative records of law made by the law-making bodies of Singapore. The 2 main sources of law are: 1.Legislation o Statutes o Subsidiary legislation o Quasi-legislation. 2. Case Law o Decisions of the Singapore courts. 13

14 Singapore Legislation Introduction The 2 main sources of legislation in Singapore today: I. Statutes of the Republic of Singapore (primary legislation) Ref: K II. Subsidiary Legislation of the Republic of Singapore (secondary legislation) Ref: K

15 Singapore Legislation Legislative Process The Legislature, the law-making body in Singapore, comprises o the President o the Parliament of Singapore. Statutes begin life as Bills which are drafted by legal officers in the Attorney-General's Chambers. A Bill becomes law when it is o passed by Parliament and o assented to by the President. An Act comes into force on a date determined by the Minister and notified by a Commencement Notification in the Government Gazette. 15

16 16 UK Legislation Introduction The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of 4 countries forming 3 distinct jurisdictions, being England and Wales; Scotland and Northern Ireland. Since 1999, Scotland and Northern Ireland have had legislative bodies capable of producing primary legislation for those regions. In Wales, the powers of the National Assembly are limited to producing only secondary legislation. ©

17 17 The 2 main sources of UK legislation are: I. Acts of Parliament (primary legislation) a. Public General Acts b. Local and Personal Acts II. Statutory Instruments (secondary legislation). UK Legislation

18 18 Where to Find It There are several sources of full text Acts of Parliament. However, it is important to distinguish between sources which give the law as it currently stands (sources which incorporate repeals or amendments made since the Act was passed e.g. Halsburys Statutes) and sources which give the text of the statute as it was originally published (e.g. Queen Printers copy) UK Legislation

19 19 Where to Find It UK Statutes and Statutory Instruments (Legislation & Law Reports collection, Level 1) UK Legislation

20 Law Reports of Singapore Law reports are the published judgments of court cases. Cases are only selected for reporting if they raise or expand upon significant points of law. Therefore, only a small proportion of cases are reported, and these are mainly from the Supreme Court (i.e. High Court, Court of Appeal and Constitutional Tribunal). 20

21 Law Reports of Singapore The principle law report series in Singapore is the Singapore Law Reports. It covers cases from Ref: K7599 SLRK7599 SLR A. Singapore Law Reports 21

22 Law Reports of Singapore The Academy of Law has re-issued the Singapore Law Reports from 1965 through 2009 with re-written headnotes for the reports from 1965 to 2002, and re- edited judgment texts that conform to the SAL house- style. This set of reports is called the Singapore Law Reports (Reissue). Both the original SLR volumes from 1965 to 2002, and the Reissue are equally authoritative as each judgment reported in both remains in substance, though not in form, the same. Ref: K7599 SLRK7599 SLR B. Singapore Law Reports (Reissue) 22

23 Law Reports of Singapore C. Malayan Law Journal The other law report series which is the major source of reported Singapore court decisions from is the Malayan Law Journal. Ref: K7599 MLJK7599 MLJ 23

24 The Case Citation What is it? A case citation is a reference to a legal case in the law reports. It generally includes the names of the parties to the case year the decision of the court was delivered or published volume number of the law report abbreviation of the law report series first page at which the case is reported. Example Anwar Siraj and Another v Ting Kang Chung John [2010] 1 SLR

25 The Case Citation Neutral Citation The neutral citation system is defined in s.63(8) of the Supreme Court Practice Directions as follows:Supreme Court Practice Directions A neutral citation is a Court-approved system of citation which is independent of the series of law reports or other publication, and unique to each written judgment. Each written judgment from a particular level of Court is assigned a sequential number, starting from 1 at the beginning of each calendar year. A similar definition can be found in s.53(1) of The Subordinate Courts Practice Directions (2006 Ed.)The Subordinate Courts Practice Directions 25

26 The Case Citation Neutral Citation 26 The neutral citation includes the following Names of the parties to the case Year of the decision Jurisdiction/ Level of court Sequential number Paragraph number (s) Example: Public Prosecutor v Nguyen Tuong Van [2004] SGHC 54, [1]

27 Law Reports of UK 1.The Law Reports (1865- ) The official set of law reports published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales Text of each report is reviewed by judges before publication So, it takes between 10 and 14 months to report cases The only set of reports that has a summary of the arguments of counsel The High Court and the Court of Appeal require that where a case has been reported in the Law Reports, it must be cited from that source. Other series may only be used when a case is not reported in the Law Reports. See Practice Direction (Judgments: Form Citation) (Supreme Court) [2001] 1 WLR 194. A. Modern Reports 27

28 Law Reports of UK Modern Reports 1.The Law Reports (1865- ) (contd.) The 4 current series of the Law Reports are: TitleReports Decisions ofRef Appeal Cases (AC) House of Lords, Privy Council & Court of Justice of the European Communities K2022 4C Queens Bench (QB) Queens Bench & Court of Appeal & ECJ on appeal from QB K2022 2E Family (Fam) Family Division & Court of Appeal on appeal from Fam D K2022 1C Chancery (Ch) Chancery Division & Court of Appeal on appeal from Ch D K2022 3B 28

29 Law Reports of UK 2. The Weekly Law Reports (WLR) (1953- ) Timely, full text reports. Ref: K2020 WNR 3. All England Law Reports (All ER) (1936- ) Timely, full text reports; contains editorial notes. Ref: K2020 AELR Modern Reports 29

30 Law Reports of UK 4. Specialist series Contain a selection of cases in a discrete practice area. e.g. Lloyds Law Reports (maritime and commercial law) Ref: K2020 LLLR 5. Newspapers Brief, edited reports. e.g. The Times Law Reports Ref: K2020 TR/ K2020 TLR Modern Reports 30

31 Law Databases via Faculty website Law Databases- Other law databases are listed under Resources on the Faculty of Law website: Case Track Lawnet Westlaw 31

32 LawNet 32

33 LawNet Searching Legislation Example : Arbitration Act (Cap. 10), International Arbitration Act (Cap.143 A) 33

34 Lawnet Cases 34

35 LawNet Searching articles Jeffrey Pinsler, Is Discovery Available Prior to the Commencement of Arbitration Proceedings? [2005] SJLS

36 Abbreviations & Citations Journal articles Dora Neo, The Sale of Goods (Amendment) Act 1996: Satisfactory Quality, an Undivided Share in a Bulk and other Amendments (1997) 9 SAcLJ 362. David Feldman, The Nature of Legal Scholarship (1989) 52 Mod.L.Rev Find out what journal the abbreviation stands for Search for the journal title in LINC/LINC+ 36

37 Abbreviations & Citations Cases Siang Hoa Goldsmith Pte Ltd v The Wing On Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd [1998] 2 SLR 777 Singapore Law reports 37

38 Abbreviations & Citations 1. Print Index: Donald Raistrick, Index to Legal Citations and Abbreviations, 3rd ed. (London: Bowker-Saur, 2008). Location: KB280 Rai 2008 (LW RBR; LW Reference Office; LW Reference1) 2. Online: Law Reference Desk library/research/legal-resources-on-the-web/law-reference-desk library/research/legal-resources-on-the-web/law-reference-desk Librarians pick - Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations 38

39 Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations 39

40 Legal Resources on the Web C J Koh Law Library Homepage 40

41 Baili British and Irish Legal Information Institute 41

42 Thank you If you have any queries, or speak to a librarian at C J Koh Law Library Information Desk:

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