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High 5 Principles to Career Success

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1 High 5 Principles to Career Success
Follow Your Heart Focus on the Journey Learning is Ongoing Access Your Allies Change is Constant

2 Principle 1 – Follow Your Heart
Your Dreams lead to an understanding of what you really want Dreams/goals are prime motivators in shaping your career.

3 Principle 2 –Focus on the Journey
Travelling through life is like travelling along a road Having a destination provides some direction but …… There are lots of possible stops along the way that may include new opportunities and destinations – don’t miss them !

4 Principle 3 – Learning is Ongoing
Graduation from HS is just the beginning Learning opportunities are everywhere – through school, volunteering, part-time employment and other activities Workers today are constantly required to keep learning

5 Principle 4 – Access Your Allies
There are lots of people you need to seek help from on your journey Friends, Family , Teachers, Coaches, Neighbours, former Employers can help you get where you want to go! Known as NETWORKING – making connections

6 Principle 5 – Change is Constant
The world around us is constantly changing including the world of work. Most people will experience several occupations throughout their careers Adaptability, being able to handle change/transition will be critical Examples of change : Technology, cultural, climate, security

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