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Tribute to Purcell Wharton Researched by his niece, Linda Butt.

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2 Tribute to Purcell Wharton Researched by his niece, Linda Butt

3 Army picture God bless America and all who serve to protect her!

4 Purcell Whartons Genealogy Great grandmother was Octavia Wharton, born about 1831, probably in Caroline County, Virginia. Grandfather was Festus Wharton, veteran of the Civil War, who was born January 27, 1845 and who died as a result of a homicide, October 6, 1914.Civil War Father was Baynham Wharton, named after a beloved Baptist minister in the county, born June 3, 1876 in Caroline County, Virginia and who died from pneumonia, February 4, 1929.

5 A Heros Life starts in Caroline County, Virginia Born June 11, 1913 – Youngest of 4 sons of Baynham and Martha Wharton – His brothers were Roosevelt, George and Richard – His sisters were Lillian, Lola, Lucy, Estelle and Irene Lived in Brandywine, VirginiaBrandywine, Virginia – Father was Baynham Wharton, son of Festus and Martha Wharton Attended Brandywine School – Finished after the 5 th grade Father died February 4, 1929 Worked in Fredericksburg Joined the Army in 1942 u

6 Whartons at Brandywine

7 Baynham at the wheelBaynham at the wheel Taken in Brandywine about 1920 Father Baynham Wharton at the wheel or the familys new Ford. Purcell and Richard are sitting on the running board.

8 Irene, Lucille, Estelle Irene, Lucille and Estelle at home in Brandywine - Picture taken about 1927

9 Luci lle & Lola at Bran dywi ne Lola and Lucy at home in Brandywine, December 28, 1927

10 Wharton sisters The 4 Wharton sisters: Estelle, Lucy, Lola and Irene

11 Richard and Purcell in Brandywine about 1923 Ric har d and Pur cell & Pig

12 Richard Wharton sitting on the mule. (Notice the car in the back and Baynham shaving at the window.)

13 George Wharton on mule George Wharton, Purcells brother – Getting ready for plowing

14 Farming in Caroline was not his life. No way Jose!

15 Purcell and girlfriend Myrtle taken near Fredericksburg, Va.

16 Gro up in Fred eric ksbu rg Purcell, girlfriend Myrtle, Lucy (with cigarette) & husband to be, John Krebs (theyre holding hands) Taken in Fredericksburg in 1938

17 Purcell and friend George Buckner, husband of sister Lola & Purcell - Fredericksburg, 1938

18 John Krebs & Purcell John Krebs, future brother-in-law, husband of his sister Lucy, and Purcell Fredericksburg, 1938

19 Family in Brandywine Wharton family in Brandywine about 1938

20 Martha Wharton Martha Wright Wharton, daughter of James Henry Wright, wife of Baynham Wharton – at home in Brandywine before takeover of Fort A.P. Hill Picture taken about 1938

21 Richard, Lola, Lillian, Martha Richard, Lola, Lillian and Martha Wright Wharton

22 Purcell and Lucy Purcell and sister Lucy

23 Purcell & Irene Purcell and his sister Irene at the house in Emmerton

24 Grandma Wright Sarah Garrett, daughter of James Garrett and Mary Wright Carter, Purcells grandmother Wife of James Henry Wright of Brandywine, Va.

25 Joined the army at A.P. Hill Purcell joined the army in 1942 at Fort A.P. Hill in Caroline County, Virginia. At a time when farmers were getting exemptions, Purcell hated farming and wanted to see the world.Caroline County, Virginia There was great upheaval in the family when they were forced to leave the homeplace when A.P. Hill took over. Over 500 families were displaced and homes destroyed. homeplaceA.P. Hill 500 families t

26 500 Pictures taken by Jack Delano Click here to get to the Library of Click on the search button. Type in Caroline County, Virginia. Choose to view over 500 documentary photographs taken by Jack Delano during the takeover of Fort A.P. Hill.

27 Purcell in Training in Fort Benning, Georgia

28 Actual letter to Lillian Actual letter received from Purcell written to sister Lillian Echo

29 Text of Purcells letter from somewhere in England July 4, 1944 Dearest Mother: Just a few lines to let you know that Im thinking of you. I hope that this finds you all well, for Im feeling fine. Except that Im lonely for the States. Tell Sis and all hello, and give them my best regards. I havent heard from any one in the States as yet. I surely hope that there isnt any thing wrong. Our mail doesnt come in very often. We only had one mail call as it is. Lord knows when the next one will be. I must close for this time. Write when you can and Ill do likewise. Closing with all my love to the Sweetest Mother of all. Your son, Purcell

30 Purcel with cig

31 Thanksgiving menu

32 Roster of officers

33 Menu & name

34 roster

35 Last known letter from Purcell to his mother, Martha Purcells Last Letter July 13, 1944 Dearest Mother: Just a few lines to let you know that Im thinking of you. Hope this finds you all well for Im feeling fine. Its still raining. I dont believe that it will ever stop. Im still in England so dont worry to much, for I know that you cant help but worry a little. I met some English people the other night. They invited us over for supper. The English are really nice people when you learn to know them. Tell Irene and George hello, and give them my best regards. I often wonder how Ann* is getting along, fine I hope. I must close for this time. Write when you can for it isnt anything like the States. Love, Purcell *Ann was a girlfriend in Caroline whom Estelle remembered

36 Postmark from last letter

37 Eagle with V-mail

38 Western Union telegram Telegram to sister Lillian in Baltimore, MD

39 Awarded Purple Heart Purcell Wharton was killed in action, August 14, 1944 And he is buried in the Brittany American Cemetery, St. James (Manche), France His Purple Heart was lost over the years. It was reissued with the certificate in November, 2001.

40 View of cemetery and marker View of the Brittany American Cemetery, St. James, France

41 Purple Heart The Purple Heart of the United States of America Awarded for Valor under combat to Purcell Wharton He made the supreme sacrifice fighting to preserve our freedom and to restore it to others from whom it had been so mercilessly stolen.

42 Hear t and Bar

43 This is the case containing Purcells Purple Heart. It is now in the possession of Martha Echo Davis on behalf of her Mother, Estelle Wharton Taylor. It was reissued November, 2001 Case

44 United States on Case God Bless the U.S.A.! Remember Pearl Harbor and remember September 11, 2001.

45 WWII medal and bar World War II medal given to all soldiers honorably discharged from the service

46 Pins & labels

47 Brittany American Cemetery, St. James, Manche, France Thanks, Uncle Purcell

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