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Bar Code Technology in the Healthcare Industry Practical Compliance Solutions

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1 Bar Code Technology in the Healthcare Industry Practical Compliance Solutions

2 To Err is human? As many as 98,000 People in America die each year due to medical errors of which 7,000 deaths could be related specifically to medication errors. (Institute of medicine, report 1999)

3 The FDAs Response FDA REQUIREMENT Bar coding on all prescription drugs packaged for hospital use as of 4/26/2006 *FDA, Food and Drug Administration

4 The FDAs Response Fewer than 10% of the hospitals are currently employing bar code scanning systems at the patients bed side. *FDA, AHA National Center of Healthcare Statistics

5 The FDAs Response Just having the barcodes does not help anyone! To prevent medication errors, you must use the barcodes. PCS Has a cost effective solution to do so

6 Electronic Medical Record WHY EMAR? Both of these prescriptions are for the same drug. Does either one of these words look like the word Synthroid?

7 Electronic Medical Record Do these medications sound the same?

8 Electronic Medical Record Do these packages look the same?

9 Electronic Medical Record Must be created by a human How to prevent mistakes at creation How to prevent mistakes after creation Barcode technology used provides a possible error 1 in every 100,000,000 scans. The system will catch that error

10 Our Point Of Care Solution ADERS (Adverse Drug Event Reduction System) Bedside Medication Verification (BMV) The Five Rights Right Patient Right Medication Right Dosage Right Time Right Route of Administration

11 Why ADERS? (Features) Using Latest PDA Barcode Equipment Stand Alone System Open Interface Browser Based Back Office Pocket PC or CE.NET Point of Care Real Time or Batch Flexible to grow with your needs HIPAA Compliant 45 CFR 164.502(a)(1)(iii)

12 Why ADERS? (Benefits) Everyone Benefits! Facility Benefits Patient Benefits Patients family Benefits Caregiver (nurse) Benefits Facilitys Insurance Company Benefits US Economy Benefits Potential to save lives Potential to save money

13 ADERS Back Office Enter Patient Information or import it from existing systems Generate Medication Schedules Generate statistics on actual prevented events Investigate possible adverse events

14 ADERS Back Office

15 Interfacing with existing systems Can be very Automated Can be somewhat Automated Import quarterly NDC List from FDA Available 24x7 365 Scheduled maintenance does not require down time Strictly Tactical ADERS does not collect insurance, billing, Credit Card, SSN, or any other information that can be used for identity theft

16 ADERS Point of Care The menu system is easy to navigate and designed to allow the user to access any operation from any screen. Perform patient lookups Transfer a Patient Administer Medications Get a schedule of what is due now

17 ADERS Point of Care The patient lookup screen shows the patients' statistics, schedule of what has not yet been administered, PRN orders, history of what has been administered, diagnosis, special instructions (could include allergy information), and primary care physician. From the patient lookup one could administer medications or transfer the patient.

18 Our Guarantee Try ADERS for 90 days for free If it does not fit or do everything that we say it will then dont buy it Everything that you need to install it and make it work is on the CD We can install it for you We are constantly updating ADERS

19 Coming Soon to ADERS Specimen Collection Pain Scale Collection Other Charting Activities Transactional XML Interface Preemptive warnings Medication stop/re-start for facility

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