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Passport to Connexion Union Listing vs. Local Holdings Maintenance SIGALO/OKULS Joint Meeting July 28, 2006 Dana Belcher, Asst Library Director East Central.

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1 Passport to Connexion Union Listing vs. Local Holdings Maintenance SIGALO/OKULS Joint Meeting July 28, 2006 Dana Belcher, Asst Library Director East Central University

2 Death of Passport Ended in February 2006 Tutorials available after migration Migration not completely successful No time to experiment, create standards before migration Apologies to membership

3 Migration Problems $n caused migration woes Summary statement in LHR taken from the SIHD of LDR SIHD only recorded PAPER holdings $n microform and other holdings placed in subfield z of 852 in LHR Need for new standards

4 SIHD $n in LDR LHR Migration

5 Migration Implications Summary statements need to be updated Train ILL to click on summary link to see entire LHR Using paired 853/863 summary instead of 866 or 852 $z Training available for cost (cheap thru SIGALO) LOC manual available online

6 New Standards Continue use of one bib record (paper – unless never published in that format) Continue to report at institution level – ANSI standard level 3 (see Leader in LHR) For future migrations, paired 853/863 summary makes most sense Eliminates crowded, uncoded 852 $z Increases the number of LHRs Does not eliminate the use of 866 866 Textual holdings used only if 853/863 not adequate enough to describe holdings (i.e., 866 1 $8 0 $a 1-86 (1941-1987) $x bound in 2 v. per year $z Some issues missing

7 Displaying the LHR From the initial Connexion search, click on the Show Local Holdings if Single Record Found box From the bibliographic record Click on Display Local Holdings in the View drop down menu Select the type of holdings then click on Display Local Holdings

8 Display Local Holdings - may or may not be enough information to make a decision - click on Summary link to see more

9 Local Holdings Record - LHR view from summary link

10 LHR Elements Summary records complete, or institution- level, holdings for all formats Summary is identical for all LHRs on same bibliographic record Leader Cannot edit directly – must expand field by clicking on the + sign

11 Leader

12 Field 007 - Physical Description Fixed Field

13 Field 008 - Fixed-Length Data Elements

14 Field 008 - Bytes [06] -> LDR SIHD $e- currently received, etc. [07] is new - free, gift, purchase, etc [12] -> LDR SIHD $f – retention [16] -> LDR SIHD $g – completeness [20] is new – ILL lending information Will lend Will not lend [21] is new – ILL reproduction information Will reproduce Will not reproduce

15 Field 852 - Location Click Action drop down to add, delete, or move lines $z -> LDR SIHD $n New standard – use to indicate format (i.e., microfiche, microfilm, electronic, etc.). This is also coded in field 007 byte [00]

16 Paired Fields 853/863 If you have one, you must have the other 853 provides captions and patterns information v., no., etc. 863 provides enumeration and chronology information 1-, 4-7 1980-, 1999-2004 Training provided by SIGALO in November 2005

17 Field 853 - Captions and pattern, basic bibliographic unit $a and $i are the captions and patterns for information placed in field 863 $8 links to $8 in field 863 Whole number beginning with 1 Can have 1 853 linking to multiple 863s Create new 853 when caption/pattern changes - $8 would increment by 1

18 Field 853 Enumeration/Chronology Captions 1 st level of enumeration v. no. new ser. 1 st level of chronology (year) (season) Use () so caption doesnt display

19 Field 853 Caption Examples 853 33 $8 1 $a v. $i (year) 853 33 $8 1 $a v. 853 33 $8 1 $a (*) (no caption exists) 853 01 $8 1 $a ser.5:v. $i (year) 853 03 $8 1 $a (year) or 853 03 $8 1 $a (*) $i (year)

20 Field 863 - Enumeration and Chronology, Basic Bibliographic Unit Ind1 – OK standard is level 3 $8 links to $8 in field 853 You can have multiple 863s linked to one 853 1.1 links to $8 1 in field 853.1,.2,.3, etc. determines how 863s will display Multiple 863s used when you have breaks Gaps Non-gap breaks

21 Field 863 Enumeration/Chronology Data Data corresponds to field 853 subfields 853 … $a (v.) $i (year) 863 …$a 1-20 $i 1980-2000 863 …$a 55- $i 1975- 853 … $a (*) 863 …$a 177- 853 … $a (*) $i (year) 863 …$a 6- $i 1988- 853 … $a (year) 863 …$a 1988

22 Real Life Examples

23 Problems Summary does not match institutional holdings 007 physical description not coded $n from LDR now in $z of 852 – will cause problems in future OCLC upgrades 853/863 coded for hardcopy only – need additional LHR for microfiche

24 Summary – Paper LHR Summary reflects only hardcopy holdings – update to include all institutional holdings Summary should read: v.124-v.151(1980-1999)+current two years

25 Leader – Paper LHR

26 007 Physical Description – Paper LHR Default is ZU – both unspecified Use drop downs to code Change [00] to t – Text (for hardcopy) No need to change [01]

27 008 Fixed Length Data Elements – Paper LHR - before

28 008 Fixed Length Data Elements – Paper LHR - after

29 852 Location – Paper LHR before Ind 1 & 2 designate a call number – optional $a system supplied $b sublocation $t copy number – leave at default or delete $z Public note related to location – elaborate on 007[00] –instead of deciphering code, insert note Paper, Microfiche, etc. as well as other public notes

30 852 Location – Paper LHR after 853/863 correct LHR (Paper) complete Use derive new record for MF LHR

31 Microfiche 007

32 Microfiche LHR Displays in all holdings except institutional Displays in institutional holdings

33 Sales & Marketing Mngt Dual LHRs/One Bib

34 Child Welfare Summary doesnt reflect microfiche holdings 007 & 008 not coded completely 852 needs updating 853/863 correct for paper holdings w/gap Need new LHR for microfiche

35 Child Welfare Paper LHR

36 Child Welfare Dual LHRs/One Bib

37 Child Welfare Group Summary Display

38 Child Welfare Institutional Summary Display

39 Good News and Good News OCLC says Oklahoma is one of the most active states for union listing This does not have to be done tomorrow, but a project that never ends – what else is new in serials : ) OKULS is dedicated to having a great union list Standards/guidelines provided Training available Dedicated membership

40 Resources OKULS Website – best to just google OKULS OCLC Local Holdings Maintenance Tutorials localholdings/tutorial/ localholdings/tutorial/ MARC 21 Concise Format for Holdings Data

41 Trainers Information Dana Belcher East Central University Linscheid Library 580-310-5564

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