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Presentation to ICANN June 26, 2002 Bucharest, Romania.

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1 Presentation to ICANN June 26, 2002 Bucharest, Romania

2 ICANN/Bucharest2 The DotOrg Foundation Vision Use Domain Name technology to extend the credibility and reach of the noncommercial sector. Ultimately with Outreach Validation Technology will domain grow globally.

3 ICANN/Bucharest3 Who we are – Public-Private Partnership DotOrg Foundation Registry AdvantageKintera Commercial Validation Platform Security NonCom Market Commercial Resources Registry Technology Experience Non-Profit Transparency Independence Policy Outreach Oversight Sum of Strengths = Stability

4 ICANN/Bucharest4 Marshall Strauss, President – President, Federation of Human and Civil Rights Organizations of America; & Chair, U.S. Combined Federal Campaign National Committee. Sam Gejdenson - U.S. Congressman, 1981-2000, senior Democrat on the House International Relations Committee. LaDonna Harris – Prominent Native American Leader; & Founder, Americans for Indian Opportunity. Mikhail Kazachkov – Chairman, GIST, Inc., telecom/ IT news; Theoretical Atomic Physics Researcher, National Academy of Sciences (USSR); & former dissident prisoner. Charles Musisi – Director, Computer Frontiers International, Uganda. Charles Pfleeger - Master Security Architect, Exodus/C&W; & former Chair, IEEE Committee on Security and Privacy. Michael Washburn - Professor, Yale University; Director for Programs, Yale Global Institute for Sustainable Forestry. Who we are – DOF Board of Directors

5 ICANN/Bucharest5 100% Focus – formed specifically TLD Transparent Processes in adopted bylaws Board Minutes and Resolutions Online Public Input before Considering Resolutions Reconsideration Procedures Representatives selected Registrants and Registrars To the Advisory Counsel Advisory Counsel Members Vote on the Board Oversight from Experienced, Independent Directors Outreach Plan – Forums, Global Meetings, Online Discussions DotOrg Foundation – Representation & Outreach

6 ICANN/Bucharest6 Registry Advantage - Technology Subcontractor Proven Operate Registries Today Exceeded Peak Capacity Requirements in Test of data set First Competitive Registrar; Operating Largest Authoritative Name Service (3MM+ names) Committed Best of Breed Service Levels 100% DNS Uptime, 99.99% Whois & SRS today Experienced Conducted Several TLD transitions Operate Thin & Thick Whois & EPP Version 6 Secure Secure, Proprietary DNS, plus a Backup BIND Constellation Data Escrow Process in Place

7 ICANN/Bucharest7 Measures to Focus - All fees go to strengthen the registry Endowment – focused, if available – but, not critical Products to Increase the Value (Optional, Respecting Privacy, Offered through Registrars) DotOrg Directory – Searchable Online Directory of Noncommercial Registrants Validation – Independent 3 rd Party Validators of Noncommercial Registrants Digital Certificates – GlobalSign, Belgium Marketing & Developing Markets Market through and with Registrars Develop Value and Appreciation in Emerging Sectors/ Places

8 ICANN/Bucharest8 Protect Rights of & Improve Services for all Current & Registrants Operate the Registry to the Highest Service Levels Execute Secure, Experienced Transition Plan Offer Financially Stable Business Plan Include Noncommercial Registrants in Policy & Governance Comply with ICANN Policies Enhance Competition with Valuable Services & OCI Commitments DotOrg Foundations Goals

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