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Welcome to the… Applicant Tracking System Tutorial for Hiring Managers.

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1 Welcome to the… Applicant Tracking System Tutorial for Hiring Managers

2 How to set up a User Profile to access the system What the Hiring Process entails & how to apply it How to create new & replacement requisitions How to view internal & external candidates for your assigned positions What we hope to teach you from this presentation…

3 Becoming a User All Hiring Personnel are required to set up a user account to create or access postings referencing their departmental areas.

4 What will I need to start the Recruitment Process? Approved job title and job description from Compensation Department Supervisors name & position number Name of additional department contacts (if any) Additional questions you may want to ask applicants (i.e.; skills needed to perform job). Note: Please remember to contact your Human Resources Recruiter assigned to you, to discuss recruitment needs for your area.Human Resources Recruiter

5 How to create a requisition? To start recruitment for a new or replacement position, click the Create Requisition from Template link.

6 View Active Postings To view applicants for a particular posting, simply click the view link under the position name. Once you are logged into the system you should see active positions that you have available in your area.

7 View Pending Postings Once you submit a position for approval to Human Resources, you can check on the status of your posting by simply clicking the View Pending link.

8 View Historical Postings Selecting the View Historical Postings link, lets you access all positions that you have recruited for and provides you with a position posting history.

9 End Process When you are done with posting of a position or the viewing of applicants, please always remember to log out of the system.

10 For questions regarding: Posting a position. Finding job titles and job descriptions. Questions about this presentation. Please contact the Human Resources Department at (713) 500-3130 Questions?

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