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1 Manufactured Home Installer Course Introduction to Manufactured Housing.

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1 1 Manufactured Home Installer Course Introduction to Manufactured Housing

2 2 The Home, the Site and You To be a professional manufactured home installer you need to understand HUD Code homes, how to deal with site conditions and what you need to do to maintain your license.

3 3 So Just What is a Manufactured Home? Built to a federal building code A nationally preemptive code Code is based on performance 3 rd party inspection system Built in sections Delivered to the site Some site constructed elements such as decks Industry grew out of the Mobile Home business

4 4 Preemptive Code This means that no local or state government can increase or decrease the code requirements for the construction of a manufactured home. The preemption applies to the box Wisconsins one- and two-family building code applies only to the foundation, additions, steps and deck – not the home itself

5 5 Home Inspections The HUD Code calls for inspections in the plant for the home If there are unusual aspects of the home that cannot be inspected in the plant, then a field inspection is done for the home. Wisconsin law requires all manufactured home installations to be inspected

6 6 Whats What Mobile Home – built prior to July 1976 Manufactured Home – built to HUD Code after July 1976 Modular Home – built to state building code (UDC in Wisconsin) Using the term modular home is only proper if it relates to a home built to the state code. A HUD Code home is never a modular home.

7 7 Todays manufactured housing delivers outstanding quality and performance due to the systems approach to its construction Manufactured homes benefit from economies of scale A wide range of styles and exterior finishes are available

8 8 Flexibility in the production process still permits customization to meet your lifestyle and needs Smart buyers are also looking for the Energy Star label

9 9 Who Lives in Manufactured Homes Age of Household Head Less than 30 8% 30-3920% 40-4925% 50-5925% 60-6916% 70 or over 8%

10 10 Who Lives in Manufactured Homes Employment Status of Household Head Full time 64% Part time 7% Retired19% Not employed 10%

11 11 Who Lives in Manufactured Homes Household Size 1 15% 2 36% 3 or 4 36% 5 or more 13%

12 12 The Product Mix Two or more home sections 72% One section28% Multi-section homes create special issues for installers. Be alert to: Marriage line pier locations Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing crossovers Proper connection of the halves

13 13 Home Placement On land owned by homeowner71% Located in MH Community29% Placements in MH communities result in special considerations. Be alert to: Permission to work on land not owned by the homeowner Buried electrical wires and plumbing that may not be located on site drawings

14 14 What does a Manufactured Home look like? Could be a single section home with vinyl skirting. Proper foundations to avoid buckling of skirting is important for these homes

15 15 What does a Manufactured Home look like? Could be a two section home with an attached garage on a full basement. Attached garages require prior consultation with the home manufacturer. related to fire breaks, structural support and foundation considerations.

16 16 What does a Manufactured Home look like? Could be log cabin Attached decks must be properly supported and not hung onto the home

17 17 What does a Manufactured Home look like? Could be this two-story in Milwaukees Lindsey Heights. A two story home is possible but the second floor still has a chassis

18 18 Whats What? A HUD Code Home must have a red HUD label on each home section.

19 19 Understanding the HUD Code Adopted by Congress in 1976 A nationally preemptive code Administered nationally by HUD and locally by the Department of Commerce Code covers the box

20 20 HUD Code in the Plant Home is designed and then approved by a 3 rd party Design Approval Primary Inspection Agency (DAPIA) Home is constructed and then inspected by 3 rd party In-plant Approval Primary Inspection Agency (IAPIA) Home must be habitable when leaving the plant – all systems must be in working order when the home leaves the plant. (electrical, HVAC, plumbing)

21 21 Characteristics of the HUD Code Home Permanent chassis which cannot be removed Red seal on each section Dataplate details all of the system details of the home

22 22 Each HUD Code Home Section has a Label

23 23

24 24 Data Plate Inside the home located near the electrical service is the Data Plate The 8.5 by 11 inch document include vital information on the home including roof load, wind zone, thermal zone and mechanical system details.

25 25 Data Plate also includes Manufacturers Name Trade/Model Name Year of Manufacturer Serial Number HUD Construction Zones The construction zone information is key for installers!

26 26 Beyond the HUD Code If the home has non-standard items the home might be subject to an alternative construction letter and extra inspection Additions, decks, steps and landings are subject to the Wisconsin one- and two-family dwelling code (UDC)

27 27 AC Process Manufacturers can apply to have certain items inspected in the field that are impossible to do in the plant. Alternative Construction process or AC approval Typical item – roof penetrations in hinged roofs

28 28 Whats next? Basics of the HUD Code Installation standard for existing homes New HUD Code Installation Standard Licensing law for installers Acceptable Slab Design

29 29 Whats in your workbook? Key to the Code Did you know? Commerce contacts Web links Older home installation standard info New installation standard Resources

30 30 Critical Websites See page 6 of your wookbook You can retrieve up to date information by bookmarking these sites.

31 31 4 Codes – 1 Industry Installers need to be alert four codes that affect their professional work: HUD Code – cover the home construction Installation Code for April 1, 2007 or after homes Installation Code for Pre April 1, 2007 homes UDC for site built components of the home

32 32 Take Exam 1 At this time, print out Exam 1 and complete this test. After completion of Exam 1, open Presentation 2. Click the link below to return to the course page: Internet Installer Course

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