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The Basics D&D is a role playing game Take on the persona of anyone. You are the character of the story, the DM is the author, you define your world. Use.

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1 The Basics D&D is a role playing game Take on the persona of anyone. You are the character of the story, the DM is the author, you define your world. Use your imagination to achieve unimaginable results. To make it fun and fair, there are rules. Rules are meant to define the difficulty, not prevent an action, they can be bent.

2 Terminology AC – Armor Class Chance to dodge or block an attack BAB – Base Attack Bonus Base chance to hit DC – Difficulty Class Difficulty to complete a task (ie: DC15) Save Attempt to reduce or negate an effect AoO – Attack of Opportunity Free chance to hit an off-guard opponent. Abilities STR – strength DEX - dexterity CON - constitution INT - intelligence WIS - wisdom CHA – charisma Ability Modifier (Mod) Modified amount of an ability to add to any roll. 10 = 0 ; +/-2 = +/-1 ability mod

3 Very Basics Dealing Damage Strength determines melee hits and damage Dexterity determines ranged hits and AC Weapon determines damage dice type Weapon may add +/- modifiers to Attack Bonus D&D is a d20 game Every action is based upon a d20 roll Add to the roll positive or negative modifiers. Ability Mods, Skill Mods, Attack Mods, Weapon Mods, etc. The goal is to score equal to or above the given actions Difficulty Class (DC) DC determined by DM

4 When to Roll What If you are trying to do something Roll a Skill Check D20 + Ability Modifier + Skill Ranks + Misc. mods If you are getting attacked Roll a Saving Throw D20 + Ability Modifier + Base Save Bonus + Misc. mods If you are attacking Roll to hit D20 + Ability Modifier (Str or Dex) + Base Attack Bonus (BAB) + Misc. mods Roll damage if a hit Damage dice + Strength bonus + Misc. mods

5 How to Use a Skill Choose Skill to use Roll d20 Add ability modifier Add any ranks in Skill Add skill modifiers Synergies, Racial / Class Bonuses, Magic Bonuses… Task failed by 10 or more is fumbled Natural 1 is automatic fumble Fumbling includes, but is not limited to: Drop weapon, hit self / friend, fall down, trip / break device… Total must meet or exceed DC of task

6 Opposed Checks Some skill checks can be opposed Hide vs. Spot Pickpocket vs. Spot Listen vs. Move Silently More… Some attacks can be opposed Trip, Bull Rush, Overrun, Grapple, Disarm, Feint, all are opposed checks. A Saving throw is basically an opposed roll An opposed check isnt made against a set DC, but another d20 roll and modifiers.

7 Combat Surprise round catches enemy off guard Flat footed, Denied Dex bonus to AC Initiative D20 + Dex Modifier + Miscellaneous Modifiers Combat Round Round consists of one full action or one standard and one move action. Full Action Full Attack, Run… Free Action Speak, drop… Standard Action Attack, cast, use… Move Action Move, climb, jump…

8 Enemy Sighted Move Action Surprise Round (pg 137) Roll Initiative (pg 136) D20 + Dex + Misc Free Standard Action (pg 138) Free Action Combat Round Standard & Move Action (pg 138) Standard Action Full Round Action Do They See You? No Yes Cast Non-move actions get Free 5ft Step Attack Use Melee Attack BAB + Str Ranged Attack BAB + Dex Unarmed Attack BAB + Str Concentration (pg 170) Read a Scroll Drink a Potion Item Skill or Ability Power Move / Stand Up Draw / Sheathe Weapon Move Object / Door Full Attack Charge / Run Ignite / Extinguish Flames Speak Drop Item / Self Cease Concentration Enemy Sighted

9 Attacks of Opportunity (AoO) A character threatens the area around her An enemy taking certain actions within a threatened area provokes an AoO. Moving out of a threatened area. Casting or attacking with a ranged weapon. An AoO interrupts the flow of combat as a free single attack, then initiative resumes. Only one AoO may be made per round. The Combat reflexes feat allows for more.

10 More on AoO David threatens the area around him. Orc 1 leaves Davids threatened space, provoking an AoO. Orc 2 charges David, a special action that provokes an AoO. Orc 3 enters Davids space, but doesnt leave. No AoO. If David tries an unarmed attack he provokes an AoO. If David tries for a ranged attack he provokes an AoO. If David tries casting a spell he provokes an AoO. Orc 1 Orc 2 Orc 3

11 Orcs threaten the area around them. David is screwed. He tries to run, provoking an AoO from Orcs 1, 2 and 3. One may only take one AoO per round. The attack interrupts combat, is taken at the highest BAB, then combat resumes as usual. More on AoO

12 Special Actions Flanking Get a +2 bonus when flanking an enemy Bull Rush Push an enemy back Charge +2 BAB / -2 AC Sunder Strike enemys weapon Disarm Remove an enemys weapon Grapple Wrestle and Pin an enemy Overrun Plow past an enemy Trip Knock enemy prone

13 More on Roleplaying This is your chance to live your dreams. Its all as fun as you make it. Communication is your best tool. Even your enemies may have things to say Sometimes, if you run away you may live to fight again another day. The other guys are characters too, your actions will have results, good or bad. Your skills dont define your character, your imagination does.

14 Playing the Role Heroes do heroic things Jumping from the back of a falling griffon, onto a nearby falling rock, to then jump onto a safe ledge… no problem. Dont just hit something Be descriptive; stab him in the ribs, twist the blade, and pull free in a gush of blood. Use your brain, use your eyes. Find strategies and clues, rushing in headstrong is a quick way to die. Dont be afraid to become your character, speak in their voice, be afraid of their fears, fall in love with their soul mate.

15 Above All, Have Fun Find out what you like to do and tell your DM. Dont get stressed or angry if things dont go your way; dice are random. The game isnt meant to be a walk in the park. Be silly, be random… Be all that you cant be.

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