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ETS4 for Experts December 2010

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1 ETS4 for Experts December 2010

2 Why ETS4 ? 1. It’s EASY! Lowering the threshold for newcomers with a new ETS4 user interface! Easy ETS project setup/ project creation wizards for KNX newcomers Better user interface, faster access to common functions 2. It’s FAST! ETS4 speeds up project workflow and data exchange Project and product data import is at least twice faster Increased workflow efficiency from project creation up to download 3. It’s OPEN! ETS4 allows access to import/ export data, even at runtime Access to in-/ export data via XML based exchange format New “add in” interface allows access to ETS4 data, even at runtime

3 Overview Part 1: ETS4 is easy & fast Part 2: ETS4 is open Part 3: Improvements in relation to ETS3 Part 4: Requirements & Licensing

4 Part 1 ETS4 is easy & fast

5 ETS4 is easy & fast Project Assistant: Wizard for Functions & Groups

6 ETS4 is easy & fast Embedded Parameter Dialog
parameter dialog = embedded control device parameter dialog ‘hopping’ = faster which contributes to the efficiency of the ETS4 workflow

7 ETS4 is easy & fast Dynamic Folders
Requirement = to display resources according to specific filter criteria Solution = “Dynamic Folders” allow a nearly free listing of window content - can be stored and hence re-used any time

8 ETS4 is easy & fast browsing by means of a simple slider
Tree Slider browsing by means of a simple slider which is far more powerful than expand/collapse e.g. Building -> Rooms -> Devices -> Communication Objects

9 Part 2 ETS4 is open

10 ETS4 is open: Project Linking
Data Exchange The average KNX installation is increasing And is often linked to other automation systems This linking involves data exchange ETS4 uses XML based exchange formats XML = open standard E.g. ETS4 projects can be read with any XML Viewer Conclusion: with ETS4 linking = easy In contrast to ETS3, where import/export formats are not open

11 ETS4 is open: Dataflow ETS3 ETS4 Import/Export ETS2 + ETS3 Database
ETS3 Dataflow ETS2 + ETS3 Projects/ Products Import/Export ETS3 Database *.prα, *.vdα ─ α = x..5 Sybase (*.db) ETS4 Dataflow only one direction! ETS2 + ETS3 Projects/ Products ETS4 Database Converter SQL (*.mdf) *.prβ, *.vdβ, *.db ─ β = x..5 Import/Export ETS4 Projects/ Products (*.knxproj,*.knxprod)

12 ETS4 is open: Converter ETS4 Converter REMARK:
creates new files (*.knxprod, *.knxproj) leaves original files unchanged (vd*, pr*, *.db) can be used as stand-alone (preparation)

13 ETS4 is open: Data Structure
ETS4 Data Structure ETS4 Exchange Formats based on XML, this covers: All Customer Projects = Project Data Manufacturer Product Descriptions (Catalogs) = Product Data ETS4’ KNX “knowledge” based on XML, this covers: Which manufacturer has which manufacturer code Knowledge about the standardized KNX platforms (BCU2, System B) KNX media: topology, address spaces, etc.  so called KNX Master Data All data is structured according to the KNX XML Scheme, this covers: KNX Master Data Product Data Project Data

14 ETS4 is open: File Structure
(opened with e.g. winzip32.exe) ETS4 File Structure ETS4 File = XML + ZIP <KNX> <Signature> </KNX> + .knxprod (products) .knxproj (projects)

15 ETS4 is open: File Content
ETS4 File Content e.g. KNX Master Data (can be opened with any XML Viewer)

16 Improvements in relation to ETS3
Part 3 Improvements in relation to ETS3

17 ETS4 Improvements: Overview
User Interface (Part 1) Data Exchange: XML (Part 2) Database: Change without Closing Central Repository (Server) Automated Backup Project: Project Files: store & attach non-ETS data (CAD) Project Log: Descriptions + Titles/Headers Free Group Address Structure + full 16-bit range Embedded Parameter Dialog Dynamic Folders

18 Improvements: Database
Change Database without closing ETS database change can be done directly via the ETS4 user interface in ETS3 this operation requires a close and restart of the software this makes switching to other projects obviously much faster

19 Improvements: Database
Central Database Repository ETS4 can open projects from a central server repository workflow optimization: >1 user can access projects once accessed, project status = “Checked out to” user = “XYZ”

20 Improvements: Database
Automated Backup ETS4 offers two ways to create backups: manually: during project edit automatically: as user request when closing ETS4

21 Improvements: Projects
Extra Project Data Possibility to add not ETS-related data (files) to projects: CAD drawings product specific documentation installation manuals

22 Improvements: Projects
Improved Project Logging project log entries have been extended with their specific Titles project log entries also indicate the user (DB = central repository) this allows better structured project descriptions (sort by title)

23 Improvements: Projects
Free Group Address Structure classic = 2 and 3 level Group Address structures this is for complex and/or big projects not always sufficient with ETS4 project specific Group Address structures can be defined

24 Improvements: Projects
Free Group Address Structure 16 bit = 65536 GAs are set up as ‘plain’ numbers: 0 is not valid 2 Steps: define ‘your’ structure of GA-ranges then add the actual GAs to the individual GA-ranges

25 Improvements: Projects
Full 16-bit range for GAs Line Couplers: Filter Table = 1 bit / GA & per direction: main line to sub line and vice versa First series of LCs had limited memory & could therefore not support the complete 16 GA bit range In order to avoid legacy problems, ETS4 gives this warning:

26 Further Improvements Bus Access
• Parallel download for, via IP connected Twisted Pair segments • Bus access also available in the free of charge ETS4 DEMO User interface • License overview directly available in main view, right after launch • KNX News, also available in main view (can of course be disabled) • Updated search & filter functions (e.g. product catalogue/finder, …) Project editor/ analysis • Updated „To Do“ list concept • Dedicated folder for “recently used” products • More powerful and configurable filter & record functions (bus/gr. monitor) Project documentation • Size of project export files has been reduced significantly • Single device report possible Automatic Updates

27 Requirements & Licensing
Part 4 Requirements & Licensing

28 ETS4 Requirements Operating System: MS Windows:
XP (min. SP3), Vista (min. SP2), 7, 2003 (min. SP2) / 2008 Server For all: both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported Hardware: RAM: ≥ 2 GB HDD: > 5 GB (ETS4 setup = ~ 450MB) CPU: ≥ 2 GHz Screen Resolution: ≥ 1024x768 (Multi Monitor Support) USB Slot: for possible dongle Recommended: ≥ 4GB RAM + higher screen resolution

29 ETS4 Licensing All ETS3 dongles are supported by ETS4
The ETS4 installation does not remove the ETS3 installation, license or data Moreover, ETS3 and ETS4 can be used in parallel with the same dongle Upgrade from ETS3 to ETS4 means however that the ETS3 license will disappear from the KNX online shop account

30 ETS4 Licensing ETS4 Licensing Dialog Available Licenses Install

31 Thank you very much for your attention!

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