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Immigration The American Dream?

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1 Immigration The American Dream?
Task one: Discover the geographic origins of European immigration to the United States. Task two: To understand the justifications and motives of the Nativists groups throughout United States history

2 “Old Immigrants”: those who came from Northern/Western Europe before 1900.
“New Immigrants”: those who came from Eastern/Southern Europe from s.

3 “New Immigrant” Study the map and consider what countries are considered part of the “New immigrant” group

4 What specific countries would not be included in the “New Immigrant” description?
Germany Italy Ireland Great Britain

5 Which of the following observations about annual immigration are true?
Immigration increases during America’s hard economic times Immigration decreases during America’s hard economic times People continued to come to America to escape persecution in their own countries Immigration increased dramatically during WWI Quotas limit the number of immigrants

6 NATIVISM Definition: A defense of native-born people and a hostility to the foreign-born. Task: What are the common themes in the Nativist position regardless of time/group?

7 Who said this? “[The immigrants] who come [to America] are generally of the most ignorant and stupid sort of their own nation…Their own clergy have very little influence over the people…Not being used to liberty, they know not how to make a modest use of it…they are not esteemed men till they have shown their manhood by beating their mothers…now they come in droves…few of their children in the country learn English. Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a colony of aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us insteade of our Anglifying them, and will never adopt our Language or Customs, any more than they can acquire our Complexion…Which leads me to add one more Remark: That the Number of purely white People in the World is proportionably very small…”

8 Answer: Benjamin Franklin
He was writing in 1753 about German immigrants to America Before the Revolutionary War he grumbled about bilingual street signs and translators in state government The big question, should German or English be the national language?

9 Cartoon Interpretation:
Is this a pro or anti Nativist cartoon? Pro Anti

10 Cartoon Interpretation:
Is this a pro or anti Nativist cartoon? Pro Anti

11 Nativists Groups Know-Nothing Party American Protective Association
Limits on immigration from Catholic countries Restricting political office to native-born Americans Require a wait of 21 years before immigrant could gain citizenship Restrict public school teaching to Protestants Daily Bible readings in public schools-from the Protestant version of the Bible American Protective Association Openly discriminatory against Roman Catholics Social Darwinists, who viewed the new immigrants as biologically inferior to English and Germanic stocks. Depression of 1893-foreigners as scapegoats

12 1887: Immigration Restriction League
Immigrants should be screened, through literacy tests and other standards to separate the desirable from undesirable immigrants. “Must be able to read or write in English or in their own language before entering the U.S.”

13 The Chinese Exclusion Act 1882.
Chinese unskilled workers were forbidden to immigrate. Skilled workers needed some proof from the Chinese government—difficult to get. Chinese already in the U.S. could not become citizens.

14 Gentleman’s Agreement (1907): an informal agreement between Japan and the U.S. that resulted in Japan agreeing to stop any further Japanese immigration to the U.S.

15 Immigration Laws 1917-Literacy Test
Requires all immigrants to read or write English before granted entry into U.S. Proves INEFFECTIVE: between of 1.5 million immigrants only 6,000 limited by literacy test 1921-Emergency Immigration Act Sets quota on immigrants Limited annual immigration to 3% of people living in U.S. of that nationality.

16 Immigration Laws 1965-Immigration Reform Act
1952-McCarren-Walter Immigration and Nationality Act Eliminates race as a limit to immigration and naturalization Opens door to Asian immigration Reaffirms national quota system Establishes preferences for those with desired skills or with relatives in U.S. 1965-Immigration Reform Act Abolishes the national quota system But places a limit on 20,000 on any one country outside of Western Hemisphere Admits immigrants on first-come, first qualified basis: professional, skilled, unskilled Preference system for relatives as well as for refugees and those with desired skills

17 Immigration Laws 1990-Immigration Act 1994-Prop 187
Raises overall limit on immigration 450,000= to relatives of people already here 140,000= to skilled workers Modifies existing restrictions on Communists Sexual preference Removes AIDS from list of diseases mandating exclusion. 1994-Prop 187 Requires by law: Verify the immigration status of persons potential employees Report persons to state & federal authorities Deny those persons social services (health care, and education)

18 Current immigration issues. How are they similar?


20 Play the video, and identify the use of sarcasm-Wait for it to load!

21 How does the video use sarcasm to present immigration?
The video presents immigration from a Native-American perspective. The video uses sarcasm to mock Native-Americans. The video uses sarcasm to show how European are superior to other groups The video uses sarcasm to show how Native-American always overreact.

22 Summarize the Nativists
All of the following are themes shared by the Nativists groups EXCEPT. Racism Religion Economic concerns Gender discrimination End of the presentation. Click when done.

23 No!-Try again. German immigrants would be considered part of the “New Immigrant” group

24 No!-Try again. Irish immigrants would be considered part of the “New Immigrant” group

25 No!-Try again. Italian immigrants would be considered part of the “New Immigrant” group

26 YES. British immigrants are not considered part of the “New Immigrant” group. British immigrants would be immigrating to the United States in low numbers, and also they blend in with the existing cultural characteristics of most Americans

27 Yes. This is one of the factors influencing immigration.

28 NO-This is not a immigration factor. Try again!

29 NO-this is not evident in the video. Try again.

30 Yes! The video offers a view of immigration not often considered by white Americans.

31 No! This is a pro-nativist cartoon

32 Yes! The symbolism supports the nativist ideas.

33 No. This would be a major theme of the nativist groups.

34 Correct. Gender discrimination did not play a major role in the nativists ideas.

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