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Dear Speaker, You Are Going to Be Only as Good as Your Interpreter, So Please… November 2013 Toronto Canada Akiko Shinoda Conference Interpreter Tokyo.

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1 Dear Speaker, You Are Going to Be Only as Good as Your Interpreter, So Please… November 2013 Toronto Canada Akiko Shinoda Conference Interpreter Tokyo Japan

2 Tour Guide Types of Interpreting Methods of Interpreting Consecutive Whispering General Interpreting Community Interpreting Medical Care Conference interpreting Broadcast Interpreting Simultaneous Relay- Simultaneous Semi- Simultaneous Time-lag Simultaneous

3 Understanding whats being said Input) Only half the job done Rendering what youve understood into good, adult target language (Output) Only when you can do both can you be an interpreter. INTERPRETING: WHAT IT ENTAILS

4 In other words, Failing to do a good job, because… 1.Problems with input Didnt really understand whats being said 2.Problems with output Poor ability to express in the target language 3.Lack of knowledge about the subject matter INTERPRETING: WHAT IT ENTAILS

5 In everyday life, we all tend to be sloppy listeners But in an interpreting situation, you have to be a most rigorous listener You didnt really understand, because… You were not listening properly

6 Not just listening to the words, but listening for the meaning Constructing Meaning / Information out of the words you are hearing, in the same ORDER and at the same SPEED as the speaker Intensive Listening / Active Listening the most important and fundamental training

7 In a thought-provoking article / in the New York Times / last year, /.Kato, /a professor of literature, / suggested / that Japan had entered / a post-growth era / in which the illusion of limitless expansion / had given way / to something more profound… SLASH LISTENING / SLASH READING

8 He sounded a little like Walter Berglund, / the heroic crank of Jonathan Frazens Freedom, / who argues / that growth in a mature economy, / like that in a mature organism, / is not healthy / but cancerous. Japan doesnt need to be No 2 in the world, nor No 5 or 15, Prof Kato wrote. Its time to look to more important things. SLASH LISTENING / SLASH READING

9 Even when doing Consecutive Interpretation, UNDERSTANDING has to be Simultaneous & Automatic In the case of Simultaneous Interpretation, EXPRESSING (output) has to be Automatic also No searching for the right word A delay by a split second decides the outcome ( ) Gymnastics on the bar Monkeys in the zoo

10 For beginner-interpreters who have not yet fully acquired the habit of Intensive Listening, Assignments in the fields of familiar topics will help, because what they missed catching (ie, information, meaning…) may be supplemented by Knowledge. KNOWLEDGE- ASSISTED COMPREHENSION

11 Knowledge can fill the gap in understanding black Crows are White?! Kingfishers are…?? Bald eagles are… ??

12 But it never works that way Usually, the hardest jobs are given to starters Tributyl-chlorostannane, Hexabutyl-distatannoxane,… VS Little Leo-chan and Ms Lucy Murphys Law

13 THEY are to blame: Interpreters ( ) Interrupters ( ) 1. How can you expect me to interpret when I cannot hear? (bad sound) 2. When I cannot see? (too dark, too far) 3. Maybe this is English? (very strong accent) (Relay interpreting) *

14 THEY are to blame: Interpreters ( ) Interrupters ( ) 4. Speeding (Crack down on hot-rodders, please!) 5. So many personal names, place names, names of organizations… 6. If you are going to tell a joke, tell me the joke beforehand.*

15 THEY are to blame: Interpreters ( ) Interrupters ( ) 7. Puns and word plays should be forbidden at international conferences 8. Sloppy sentences with no subject, no verb, no… 9. Reading out a speech is generally a bad idea. Non-communication.*

16 THEY are to blame: Interpreters ( ) Interrupters ( ) 10.Quoting from legal documents, laws, treaties, contracts, etc 11.Providing no manuscript of the speech, talking points, reference material 12.No briefing session. He is such a busy person we cant possibly ask him to set aside some time for briefing the interpreters.

17 THEY are to blame: Interpreters ( ) Interrupters ( ) You are going to be only as good as your interpreter, so please… If you get praise for doing a good interpreting job, it is mostly because the speaker was doing a good job.

18 WE are to blame: 1. Language proficiency lacking (Listening as well as expressing ) 2. Special Interpreting Skills lacking (Intensive Listening / Quick Information Processing) 3. Analytical mind and overall comprehension wanting

19 4. Lack of study and preparation 5. Lack of intelligence and liberal arts education Bible, Quran?, Shakespeare, poems, famous historical speeches, Latin (terra incognito…) Haiku, yojijukugo( ) proverbs( ) WE are to blame:

20 External Memory (dictionary) vs Internal Memory Must enrich your Internal Memory WE are to blame:

21 6. Lack of sleep, health problems, fatigue 7. Depressed / feeling low WE are to blame:

22 1. Choose which fields you want to specialize Medicine, pharmaceuticals, IT, computer, finance, business, economics, politics, international relations, human rights, environment, gender issues, etc 2.Devote yourself to study and preparation CAREER DEVELOPMENT

23 3.Have courage to take risks 4.Do not be deterred by mistakes and failures; use them so that failing does not lead into losing 5.This can be done only by giving a good aftercare service (review lessons) to the work youve failed to do well CAREER DEVELOPMENT

24 ( ) Luck is where preparation meets opportunity

25 Keeping up with the times and reporting on the latest move We got him! Coming into contact with worlds top-class thinkers / with various different ideas and thought patterns Hearing and translating inspirational speeches REWARDS ( )

26 Meeting Wonderful Personalities Getting eyes and mind opened to the world Becoming interested in communication Changing myself REWARDS ( )

27 Thank you for being me, but mostly for being you.

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