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Back to the drawing board! Results of the ILO Staff Union survey on the building renovation.

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1 Back to the drawing board! Results of the ILO Staff Union survey on the building renovation

2 Building renovation survey – who responded? 702 respondents Mainly women (64%) P staff 53%, GS staff 40%, 4.5% D+ and a few others Approximately 30% 20-39, 33% 40-49, 34% 50-59, 3% 60+

3 Experience in different office layouts – over working lifetime

4 The present situation in the ILO Open planSharedIndividual Yes41.3%58.2%97.6% No58.7%41.8%2.4% Do you like working in your present office? 70.5% work in individual offices 20.7% in shared offices 8.8% in open plan

5 The myth of the young open planner… Young staff are more than twice as likely to report a positive experience in individual offices than in open plan (96% vs. 48%) 1.3% of young respondents professed negative feelings about work in individual offices and 57% for open plan

6 Collaboration and teamwork: Open plansharedindividual Increases collaboration/is not a constraint against collaboration 42.6%54%82.7% Does not increase collaboration/constraint against collaboration 31.9%21.3%10% Neither agree nor disagree25.5%24.8%7.2% Does your type of office lead to greater collaboration/ Is working in your type of office a constraint to collaboration?

7 The need to concentrate Open plansharedindividual Yes, it is difficult to concentrate74.4%67%2.8% No, it is not difficult to concentrate 21.3%21.7%93.4% Neither agree nor disagree4.3%11.3%3.7% And the young uns? 58% find it difficult to concentrate in open plan 73% in shared offices BUT, 96% think that individual offices are good for concentration

8 What is it that bothers you in your present office setup? Open plan Shared offices Individual offices Noise (72.3%) Lack of privacy (72.3%) Interruptions (59.6%) Odours (40.4%) Nothing (17%) Lack of privacy (56.8%) Interruptions (54.1%) Noise (51.4%) Nothing (13.5%) Nothing (94.6%) Noise (3.2%) Interruptions (2.7%) I paid from my own pocket for very expensive noise cancelling headphones to use while I work. Aller travailler dans une salle de réunion – dailleurs cest ce qui nous a été conseillé !

9 Stress, conflict and staff morale Stress: – Most stressful is open plan – Least stressful is individual office – Ambivalence in shared offices Conflict: – Less potential for conflict in individual offices – Open plan and shared offices increase possibility of conflict Morale: – Individual offices contribute to morale – open plan does not – 24-28% of respondents in all groups think their setup doesnt have any effect on morale

10 Happy employees are productive employees!

11 Looking to the future – office space should be a function of the work you do The main purpose of an office environment is to support employees in performing their job – preferably to maximum satisfaction and minimum cost.

12 Office arrangements you would be comfortable with

13 What sort of office layout best suits your work? Noisy people should be confined! (General Secretary of UNI, one of the organisations visited by the Working Group on Office Layout)

14 What do you feel are important elements for the future office space?

15 Other considerations for the future Dedicated collaboration areas – Yes, they would be useful – Improvements in communication (78%), collaboration (66.5%), staff morale (42%) – However, only 34% feel that productivity will be improved Same size office space – Opinions divided – Younger people more egalitarian – 83.5% of staff against a layout where GS and P staff are in open plan and Directors in individual offices

16 Managing change


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