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BPA Rule Change Webinar June 2013. Agenda for the Day BPA Brand Report – Redesign and rollout plans Rule Amendments (3) – Telemarketing; Publicity; Newspaper.

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1 BPA Rule Change Webinar June 2013

2 Agenda for the Day BPA Brand Report – Redesign and rollout plans Rule Amendments (3) – Telemarketing; Publicity; Newspaper Digital Editions Update Audit Pricing and Rate Card New Rule Sections and Rulebook Design

3 Advisory Committee Meetings US Audience Development (B&C) European Audience Development Canadian Newspaper and Magazine Audience Development US Teleservices US Fulfillment US Media Managers US Publishers

4 Advisory Boards Executive Committee Auditing Policies Committee Board of Directors

5 BPA Brand Report

6 Brand Report First Brand Report was issued in Dec. 2009 Currently over 300 members reporting First versions were designed by BPA Members have requested more aesthetically pleasing and contemporary Brand Reports BPA used outside designers to develop options BPA Board voted to remove the grand total figure from the Executive Summary

7 Brand Report Formats Removal of the Grand Total figure- Sum of various media channels (without identifying duplicates) causes confusion and adds no additional value Does not represent the brands total reach to unique individuals

8 Brand Report Formats Removing Grand Total figure Grand Total of what?? Total of averages across many channels (with various frequencies) not individuals Not a reliable or valid number It adds little value It causes more confusion

9 Brand Report Formats Example - Email Newsletter distribution Different data sets available across various channels of distribution (delivery only, no date of request, no demos, etc.) email address only records People often have multiple email addresses Unknown identity, company or physical address Multiple e-newsletter distributions (morning and evening newsletters to the same list)

10 Brand Report Formats Without de-duplicating the channels against each other – can open the door to double or triple counting (or more) of the same names in Total Adding social media to the Grand Total gets cloudier. A single individual may be registered with several forms of SM or have multiple log-in names Adding various channels together is like adding apples and oranges and is essentially meaningless

11 Brand Report Formats Given the challenges in identifying the number of individuals, the Grand Total number will be removed for now BPA will begin a study and search for alternate methods of reporting a more meaningful value-adding metric Any feedback from the membership is welcome

12 Brand Report Formats Redesign- Single Channel Brand Report – Portrait and landscape Multi Channel (Horizontal) Brand Report – Portrait and landscape Multi Channel (Vertical) Brand Report – Portrait and landscape


14 Brand Report Formats Having two reports is beginning to confuse the market (circ statements and Brand reports) Effective with December 2013 reports, all will be in the Brand format (even single channel) There will be no more green or pink magazine circulation statements

15 Telecommunication Request

16 BPA remains the only audit bureau to require recordings for telecommunication efforts Serves the best interest of the industry Is comparable to written and internet sources Other benefits: – Allows multiple requests in a single call – Eliminates the need for a PIQ – Decreases confirmation costs

17 Telecommunication Request Publishers are still having difficulty reaching the primary subscriber Often they connect to: – Boss, Co-worker, Assistant The present rigid structure of telecom scripts impedes direct request telecom efforts

18 Telecommunication Request Current rules allow for a spouse or authorized assistant to make a request on behalf of a subscriber Supervisors, peers or subordinates may not, they are considered company requests It is believed that a supervisor is often in a better position to request for a subscriber rather than their authorized assistant

19 Telecommunication Request Board approved: – Subscriber = direct request – Boss = direct request – Admin for Boss = direct request – Co-worker = company request – Subordinate for Boss = company request

20 Telecommunication Request Current Rule: Qualified recipients authorized assistant may request on behalf of recipient by affirmatively responding to: – Do you provide administrative support for ___ that includes the ability to request subscriptions for him/her? – Do you provide administrative services for____ and are you (allowed/eligible/permitted) to request a publication on their behalf?

21 Telecommunication Request Script requiring confirmation of administrative function and authorized to make a request has been problematic – often leads to a rejection Many markets and situations do not have administrative functions

22 Telecommunication Request Rule change- Revised wording: ask for recipient; their supervisor or assistant. No authorized question needed Supervisors allowed to count as request for their subordinates Eliminate the Admin/Auth question Staff confirmed with USPS and DCH that these changes would not affect postal status or request circulation funding


24 Publicity - Comparisons Current rules only allow circulation comparison of same periods This rule often leads to frustration for our members Publishers with current statements must wait for competitors statements to prepare comparisons – this wait can be days, weeks, or even months

25 Publicity - Comparisons If a publication in the competitive set does not have a current statement there are two options: – Use old data for the entire comparison – Use new data for those that have it and exclude those that do not BPA is launching an automated compare tool that must pull data from the most recent BPA report, regardless of the period covered; it cannot research the last time all members have common period statements and render only those reports

26 Publicity - Comparisons To ease the frustration of members waiting for statements and to allow our new compare tool to work with maximum efficiency, the Board approved a change of the publicity rules to allow comparisons of the most recent report, regardless of the period covered

27 Newspapers: Multiple Platforms

28 Multi-platform Reporting In December 2011 BPA changed the global newspaper rules to allow for multi-platform reporting The new format reports subscribers receiving: Print, Digital Replica, Digital Non-Replica, and also reports Unique Recipients

29 Multi-platform Reporting The Canadian committees and advisory boards continued the discussion over the past six months Non-replica digital editions are growing in Canada and the rules needed to be updated to accommodate publishers who wish to report multi- platform subscribers Such copies were inconsequential in 2012, but will grow with 2013. We will be working with committees for the reporting 2013

30 (Insert corrected table)

31 Digital Editions Update

32 Digital Editions December 2012 we passed rules for reporting qualified digital copies served through apps – Digital subscriptions purchased via tablets/mobile device reported as paid from first copy – Combined print/digital paid subscriptions require subscriber to authenticate through device/app – Non-paid subscriptions require subscriber to authenticate, and access once every six months

33 Digital Editions We met with all committees to see how implementation is progressing and to learn whats next? Paid consumer publishers seem to be the furthest along on reporting digital copies served through apps – Back end authentication process up and running Controlled still WIP

34 Digital Editions Most digital solution providers are building in the MPA reporting metrics into the basic dashboards The data has been enlightening for publishers, but few are including the data in sales materials – yet

35 Digital Editions Whats next? – Most vendors are building POP offerings for access to multiple digital products (Netflix) Consumer Newspaper Business (not much interest) – One vendor submitted an app into Apple with a registration form (waiting on feedback)

36 Digital Editions Digital insight from Adobe DPS… – Digital issues delivered increased 6x in the last two years – Acquisition of digital content: Paid digital subscriptions – 34% Paid print + digital – 35% Free – 22% Paid single copy – 10%

37 Digital Editions Adobe continued… – Digital readership grew 150% in the last six months – Interactive issues perform much better than pdf (downloads, sub revenue, ad revenue) – How are people reading digital content: 75% tablets 23% smart phones 2% other

38 Brand Rate Card

39 First issue – Audit Rates: BPAs Board has voted to maintain current rates, there is no rate increase this year Second issue – Rate card: Working on creating a streamlined, value-added rate card

40 Brand Rate Card

41 BPAs Brand rate card allows members to bundle the following: – All media channels – Membership dues and production fees Allocated audit time is applied to all audit services: print, digital, confirmations The goal was to facilitate cost-effective reporting of multiple media channels and minimize the number of BPA invoices

42 Brand Rate Card Some members have expressed concern about rising additional hour costs Some members feel the rate card does not clearly communicate the final audit/BPA costs Despite our many efforts to communicate costs, too many members are surprised with additional hour charges at the end of the audit

43 Brand Rate Card Staff discussed these challenges with the committees and Board and advised the groups that we are working diligently to streamline our audit process (new testing, new worksheets, new automated tools) We are also revisiting the rate card

44 Brand Rate Card No two brands/audits are the same, one rate card may not apply to all Customized billing by member based on history and complexity of reporting? Staff will continue to evaluate the current rate card and model different solutions We will report in December with our results

45 New BPA Rule Book Sections and Format

46 BPA Worldwide Rules New rules created (6 new sections): – Brand Rules – Database – Document Download – Email Newsletter – Social Media – Webinar

47 BPA Worldwide Rules Existing rules - layout redesign: – Business Publications – Consumer Magazines – Newspaper Canadian Community Newspaper Rules Canadian Daily Newspaper Rules Global Newspaper Rules – Website Rules (formerly Interactive Audit Rules)

48 BPA Worldwide Rules Existing rules - layout redesign (cont): Consolidated sections, removed redundancies – Obligations – Eligibility – Procedures to apply for membership – Conformance and common requirements Kept specific requirements and definitions within each audit services sections

49 BPA Worldwide Rules New Rule Numbering Eliminated letter references – B-Business – C-Consumer – N-Newspaper Systematic approach with grouping applied

50 BPA Worldwide Rules Created three sections for new layout: – Section I: BPA audit services – Section II: Special Marketing audit services – Section III: Steps for applying to BPA, obligations and compliance

51 BPA Worldwide Rules Section 1 – Audit Services Offered 1-1 Brand 1-2 Business Publications 1-3 Consumer Magazines 1-4 Database 1-5 Document Download 1-6 Email Newsletter 1-7 Newspaper – Canadian Community NP 1-8 Newspaper – Canadian Daily NP 1-9 Newspaper – Global 1-10 Social Media 1-11 Webinar Audits 1-12 Website Audits

52 BPA Worldwide Rules Section 2 – Special Marketing Audits 2-1 Census Audits 2-2 Firm/Corporate Ranking Audits 2-3 Projected Research / Pass Along Audits 2-4 Subscriber Study Audits 2-5 Supplemental Audit Procedures 2-6 Unit Audit Procedures

53 BPA Worldwide Rules Section 3 – Membership and Obligations 3-1 Obligations 3-2 Eligibility 3-3 Applicant Procedure 3-4 Onsite or Cross Border Audits 3-5 Audit Procedures 3-6 Membership Advisories of Correction 3-7 Special 3 or 6 Month Audits 3-8 Publicity Rules 3-9 Appeals from Administrative Decisions

54 BPA Worldwide Rules Three digit numbering system 100 Eligibility 200 Definitions 300 Statements – General Information 400 Statements – Content 500 Requirements Necessary for Audit

55 BPA Worldwide Rules Anatomy of the new numbering system: Example: 1-2 509 Section I (audit service section) -2 Business Rules 500 series denotes records required

56 BPA Worldwide Rules The new rulebook will be ready by July 1 st A webinar will be planned later this summer to review the new look and feel


58 Thank you!


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