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Welcome to the Pankey Institute’s Inaugural Dental Heroes Celebration

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1 Welcome to the Pankey Institute’s 2013 Inaugural Dental Heroes Celebration
A hero is someone who has given his/her life to something bigger than oneself- Joseph Campbell


3 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. ErniE Anderson nominated by TMD1 Course & Dr
2013 Dental Hero: Dr. ErniE Anderson nominated by TMD1 Course & Dr. GlenN Kidder Dr. Anderson is the epitome of a Pankey dentist; he possesses vastly superior knowledge and technique,  true acceptance and empathy for his patients, and a passion for sharing all of these with us. - Dr. T. J. Bolamperti I have had the pleasure of teaching at The Pankey Institute with many outstanding dentists over many years. I consider Dr.Ernie Anderson the overall best instructob with whom I have served. He has tremendous knowledge in all aspects of dentistry and is able to communicate that knowledge to participants with clarity and enthusiasm. He is not only a great dentist but a wonderful husband, father and friend. I’m proud to call him my mentor. – Dr. Glenn Kidder I decided to be a part of Pankey when I first purchased my dental practice back in '08 and Dr. Anderson and Pankey has changed my life.  I am a better dentist, mother, wife, sister...a better me since I've attended Pankey.  I've met Dr. Anderson during the essentials and also for TMD I this past year. Simply stated,  I want to be like him...Not only do I feel that he is an extraordinary dentist but his sincerity, and kindness really touches my heart.  I am so grateful to have met him. - Dr. Michelle M. Lee

4 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Jay Anderson nominated byDr. Andrea Beerman
Jay has been a pivotal person in my professional and even personal development. His quiet, supportive nature and gentle style of facilitating helped to draw the best of me and my talents. I could tell he genuinely believed in me which gave me the courage to go beyond my comfort zone into my potential. I am grateful beyond words to call him my mentor, colleague and friend. – Andrea Beerman

5 Three Knots Learning Group
2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Irwin Becker nominated bY Dr. Yvonne Hanley & Three Knots Learning Group Ever since my first experience at The Pankey Institute in 1984, Dr. Becker challenged me and encouraged me to grow and be all I could be. His influence has made a profound impact on my professional life. – Yvonne Hanley Dr. Becker has made tremendous contributions to dentistry. His devotion, love and friendship to our learning group, as well as his desire for each of us to reach our full potential, has impacted each Three Knotter in ways we can never fully thank him for. Dr. Becker is truly our hero and we are proud to honor him. – Three Knots Learning Group

6 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Andrea Beerman nominated by The Pankey FamilY
Andrea’s constant kindness and community-minded, philanthropic spirit made her such a role model to all of us. She seemed to embody ideals that society tends to believe are long gone. With her hand-written, personalized holiday cards to every member of staff, her notes of gratitude after every time she came to Pankey, and the way she made each individual she interacted with feel so worthy of her time and attention, she was something so beautifully rare that you couldn't help but want to emulate her spirit. She knew how to do something that most of us never learn how to do. She saw every interaction with another person as an opportunity to help make their life/their world better. In every sweetly--worded note, every , every response to a favor asked, every simple conversation - the spreading of joy was her mission. In 34 years, Andrea touched more lives than most people do in 90. Honestly, the world is a better place because of who she was and what she radiated.

7 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Herb Blumenthal nominated by Dr
2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Herb Blumenthal nominated by Dr. Lynn Chincheck & Dr. Glenn Kidder Dr. Herb Blumenthal has significantly impacted my life as a dentist and facilitator over the past 10 years. When I think back on my first exposure to Herb, in my CII continuum, everything he taught me was so new and overwhelming. But with his patient, gentle manner and warm sense of humor, he assured me that this was information that I could not only learn, but successfully incorporate into my practice. Since that course, Herb has seen potential in me that I never knew I had as a facilitator. His influence has opened doors and developed connections for me that would not have been possible without his confidence and support. He has cultivated in me a passion for learning the stomatogonathic complex that I truly didn’t even give much consideration to, prior to my exposure to The Pankey Institute curriculum. Today, with his personal coaching and generous sharing of his resources, I am a much better diagnostician, facilitator and practitioner that I ever dreamed possible. A true friend and mention, my life is better because of his influence. Thank you, dear Herb. – Lynn Chincheck I have had the pleasure of serving with and learning from Dr. Herb Blumenthal several times at The Pankey Institute. He knows head and neck muscles better than anyone in history. He is a wonderful teacher, has a great sense of humor and loves to share his knowledge. He is a great course organizer and has referred so many to the Institute. Herb is not only a good friend but like a brother to me. – Glenn Kidder

8 A True Hero Isn’t measured by the size of his strength but by the strength of his heart

9 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Denny Byrne nominated by Dr. Henry Herrmann
The study club that Denny started and nurtured has made a huge difference in my life and practice. He has inspired me to be a better dentist, a better patient and a better person. –Henry Herrmann

10 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Carl findley nominated by Dr. Larry Daugherty
Dr. Carl Findley paid my tuition to my first Pankey course, changing my life forever. This is only one example of his generosity of his time, energy and money to help me become the person I am today. He is available to me 24/7 for advice and teaching me how to be better. His dentistry is the envy of all dentists that know him. He lives the Pankey Philosophy every day. There is no better representative of the Pankey Philosophy than Carl Findley! – Larry Daugherty

11 2013 Dental Hero: Mr. Philip Gold, CDT nominated by DRs
2013 Dental Hero: Mr. Philip Gold, CDT nominated by DRs. RicharD & Amy Hunt Phillip has been a tireless supporter of The Pankey Institute and our practice for many years. He and his team at Oral Arts are driven to create restorations that are predictable, beautiful and sustainable for our patients. Our work together has evolved into a trusting relationship that we treasure and cannot imagine practicing without. Thanks for your friendship and support. – Richard and Amy Hunt

12 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Rich Green nominated by DrS
2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Rich Green nominated by DrS. Nancy Ward & Denny Byrne & Dr. kevin Muench Some heroes are heroic for a moment. Many of us would be grateful if we could do that. Rich Green has been a hero in our lives for decades. Early on he looked for the best in us and nurtured it and stuck with us. He introduced us to the power of small group learning and to communities of people that changed our lives. He taught us hard lessons around money and finances that we are now experiencing the fruits of those labors. He showed us resilience , tenderness and grace with aging and losses of measures of health. Rich has taught us to be kinder to each other and to our kids. And he always has a glint in his eye, a story that grabs you or a song or poem to share. Rich, we love you and will always be grateful, Nancy and Denny I nominate Rich Green as my Dental Hero. He has been a solid constant example of the model Dr. Pankey portrayed. Rich has helped mentor my technical and behavioral development over the last 12 years in immeasurable ways. I’m certain that without his guidance and friendship my life would not be as full. Our journey together from Teacher/ Student to Mentor/Mentee has simply been enRICHing!!!!- Kevin Muench

13 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Rich Green nominated by The Atlanta Study Club, Green Toes Study Group, Karlsson’s Crew Rich Green is definitely a DENTAL HERO! The heart is the core of one's being and Rich has shared his heart with the courage and desire to influence others to share theirs. He is a true mentor that demonstrates knowledge, kindness, patience caring deeply about your practice health and your personal health. He listens with the gentleness and true interest of a caregiver. He shares himself wholeheartedly, whether it is technical or behaviorally. After your time with Rich, you leave a better person because he helps create an experience that allows you to focus on the real purpose of dentistry - the patient. Kelley Brummett, George Asprakis, Adriana Asprakis, Richard Remigailo, Ferenc Relle, John Robinson, John Jacquot, Rodney Baier, Will Current, Will Kelly, David Skaff. &Todd C. Davis Our study group has flourished because of Rich's never ending efforts on how to discover new ways to understand our selves and our patients so that we can better serve our communities. Rich has impacted countless lives through his unparalleled dedication to L.D. Pankey's philosophy. Karlsson’s crew Rich Green is a hero to so many people, including our Green Toes Study Group! It has been a pleasure having Rich as our facilitator for many years. His kind, gentle nature is admired and appreciated in so many ways! Rich is an exceptional, dedicated teacher and also one of the finest human beings we’ve been honored to have as a mentor. He has taught us the importance of relationship in all aspects of dentistry and life in general and demonstrates integrity in everything he says and does. We feel very blessed to know him. He holds a special place in all of our hearts. GREEN TOES STUDY GROUP: Denis Anderson DDS DeAnne Blazek DDSAtlant Rolando Cibischino DDS Trucia Drummond DDS Mike Gordon DDS Cerissa R.B. Lyons DDS Kevin Muench DDS

14 Nothing is given to man on earth - struggle is built into the nature of life, and conflict is possible - the hero is the man who lets no obstacle prevent him from pursuing the values he has chosen. Andrew Bernstein

15 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Bud Ham nominated by Dr. John R. Herrin
Bud Ham has a profound and lasting influence on my life. He more than any other person I know has been able to live and teach the spiritual arm of the cross of life. He lives by the golden rule. I have learned to love myself and life more from Bud than any other dental mentor. – John R. Herrin

16 2013 Dental Hero: Mr. Donald Kaatz nominated by Drs
2013 Dental Hero: Mr. Donald Kaatz nominated by Drs. Brad Portenoy & Edmond Mukamal, Denny Byrne & Nancy Ward Don Kaatz sits on our Board of Directors and is there for one reason: He sees the purity of The Pankey message to dentistry, and as a patient, he has experience it. We believe Mr. Kaatz has made a tremendous impact on our Institute and is in many ways responsible for our resurgence. Don Kaatz is truly a hero not only to The Pankey Institute but for dentist's worldwide pursuit for ethical, professional, comprehensive dentistry. He is a quiet giant in our profession. – Bradley Portenoy & Edmond Mukamal Mr. Don Kaatz is a dental hero of ours because of his extraordinary generosity of his time, talents and treasures in support of the Pankey Foundation. We sincerely appreciate him donating his valuable time in support of creating a world-class dental continuing education program. He brings a wealth of successful business experience and non-profit expertise to the board. Don's generosity to Pankey is 'over-the-top' as demonstrated by his hosting of the recent Board of Directors meeting in Cleveland. We feel extremely grateful for his dedication to LDPI and for his friendship. Nancy & Denny

17 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Bill Lockard nominated by Dr. yvonne Hanley
What a role model, what a mentor, what a professional. Bill has a unique ability to be kind, yet leaving no doubt of his expectations for high standards. His contributions to dentistry, The Pankey Institute and my life are immeasurable. – Yvonne Hanley I’ve known Bill Lockard for over 33 years. Working as a part-time associate in his office for 8 years, I saw first hand that Bill Lockard didn’t just talk the talk, He walked the walk! Every aspect of his practice and life were oriented around quality and happiness. He has been a supportive mentor for me for all the years I have known him! I am a better person and a better Dentist because of Bill Lockard. Jeff Baggett

18 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Mark Murphy nominated by Dr. Dale Sorenson
I first met mark Murphy in 1989 as we were slated to room together for a C3 class. As we met and introduced ourselves, the similarities between us were eerie. We were the same age, graduated from dental school the same year, wives were hygienists and worked in our practices, had two children - - a son and daughter- - loved running and loved playing golf. We had an unbelievable experience that week and from that point we finished all the continuums and additional classed at the Institute together. We were both given the honor and privilege of becoming Visiting Faculty. Some of my most cherished moments in life were when we were teaching classes together. They were truly magical. I know that Mark has given me way more to me in my life than I have given him. But there is one special thing that we share equally. We both share a deep passion and exceptional love for this Institute. I will always be most thankful for Mark pushing me, encouraging me and seeing more in me that I saw in myself. He has truly been influential in helping me reach my full potential. But he is and always will be my closest and most intimate friend. There are no words to fully express my gratitude and appreciation for that. That gift is timeless. – Dale Sorenson

19 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Kirk NElson nominated by Dr. Ryan Henrichsen
It is said that we “stand on the shoulder of giants”. Kirk and Carrol are my giants. These gentlemen deserve my utmost gratitude and appreciation for sparking my interest in advancing my dental journey and most importantly, benefiting my patients, my family and myself. – Ryan Henrichsen

20 A hero is no braver than An Ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer- ralph waldo emerson

21 2013 Dental Hero: Mr. Manny Palgon, CDT nominated by Bill Connell
I first met Manny at a dental lab seminar in Manny was distinguished from the rest of the pack with his knowledge and artistic ability. It was from his lips that I first heard the words “ L.D. Pankey Institute”. I saw the impact it had on Manny’s life and I wanted the same. God bless you Manny, and thank you! -Bill Connell

22 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Sandy Parrott nominated by Dr. Yvonne Hanley
Having the opportunity to spend time with Sandy in the role of visiting faculty was a gift. Right from the start, he shared with me his expertise in facilitating a class. I appreciated this, yet at the same time, had no idea how valuable all this knowledge would be in the future for me. Now, all of a sudden it is my turn to pass on this wisdom. Thanks Sandy! - Yvonne Hanley

23 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Buzz Raymond nominated by The Brady Bunch (Lee Brady, Richard Hunt, Mark Kleive & Roger Macias “Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel, seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment, and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” Brenee Brown This quote describes the special relationship that we share with Buzz as a mentor and friend. He is genuine, honest, humble and vulnerable, fully engaged and compassionate – all traits of a great teacher. Thanks to him, we are better dentists, mothers/fathers and friends. With much gratitude and appreciation, The Brady Bunch (Lee Brady, Richard Hunt, Mark Kleive & Roger Macias)

24 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Michael Schuster nominated by Dr. Herrin
For over twenty years, Dr. Michael Schuster has had a profound and far reaching effect on my life. He is a friend, mentor and advisor influencing every area of my life. I have a life today that is fun, rewarding and balanced in every aspect. He has helped me create professional and personal success. Dr. Michael Schuster has devoted over thirty years of his professional career to selflessly helping other dentists look beyond the limits of time and money in their practice and their lives. Through his life development programs (Performance Coach TM), he has helped continuous students create the life of balance in work, play love, and worship that they envision. Dr. Schuster lives an exemplary life of dedicated service to his fellow dentists profoundly enriching their lives. Mike, you so are a Dental Hero! Thank you for being my mentor and coach. – Dr. Herrin

25 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Jack Shirley nominated by Dr. dale Sorenson
My first interaction with Jack Shirley was when I was assigned to be his Teaching Assistant for a C3 course at The Institute. It was my first experience teaching that course and I was very anxious. However, he made me feel nothing but validated and significant. He invited me to present to the class which made me very nervous. But, he gently pushed me and helped me journey outside my comfort zone. Though I was in a faculty position, I learned so much about esthetics and anterior guidance from Jack that week. More importantly, though, I learned as much or more about myself. To say the least, we hit it off from the moment we met and from that moment in time we developed a very strong relationship. He quickly became my mentor and I truly idolize him. Jack has taught me more about dentistry, life and a love than anyone else in my life. He has always supported me and pushed me to be my very best. I wouldn’t be who or what I am without his influence. I feel truly privileged and sincerely blessed to have him in my life. – Dale Sorenson

26 I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people Maya Angelou

27 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Drew Swenda nominated by Dr. Carl Findley
I met Dr. Drew Swenda at C6 in Since then Drew and I have become great friends and teaching colleagues. He is in fact, as the Merrill Lynch commercial talks about “A Breed Apart”. He is the “exception rather than the rule” both as a human being and as a great dental professional. He is a great teach, clinician, human being, dentist and above all, a great friend. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Drew. He has high morals and ethics and a wonderful intellect to “help dentist bridge the gap between what we know and what we practice”. The cases he presents when he teaches are extraordinary. He is a perfect example of the old E.F. Hutton commercial that talks about when E.F. Hutton speaks everyone else listens. He is a wonderful father, husband and employer. I can stay that he is a “TRUE FRIEND”. It is my pleasure to honor Drew as a dental hero, and it has been my pleasure and privilege to be visiting faculty with him for several years now. Thank you, Drew, for your impact on my life and your influence in my dentistry. He is one of those very few people that I can say he is a “gentleman and a scholar and yes, Drew, there are darn few of us left! - Carl Findley

28 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Carrol Trewet nominated by Dr. Ryan Henrichsen
To help a young soul, add energy, inspire hope and blow the coals into a useful flame…. That is the work of divine men. – Ralph Waldo Emerson. To my dental hero’s Kirk and Carrol! These two were my mentors, even before I truly understood what being a mentor is all about. I appreciate their major contributions to my life. Thank you! - Ryan Henrichsen

29 2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Schuyler Van Gorden nominated by Dr
2013 Dental Hero: Dr. Schuyler Van Gorden nominated by Dr. Steve Ikemiya He was the very first person I met when I walked through the doors of 240 Crandon. For me, he will always represent what the Pankey Institute stands for in my heart and mind. He has become one of my closest friends, a trusted confidant, and a mentor beyond compare. I’ve exceeded my previous expectations of what dentistry and life have to offer because he believed in me, opened my eyes to possibilities and then supported me like a father. To this day, whenever an important decision comes up in my life, I make a pint of hearing his perspective before I act. He is fun, he is charismatic, he is talented, he is a winner. Plainly stated, he is my hero! - Steve Ikemiya

30 Cheers to the 2013 Dental Heroes!

31 Cheers to the 2013 Dental Heroes!

32 I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom. Bob Dylan

33 Congratulations- Love your Pankey Family
Ernie Anderson Bill Lockard John A. Anderson Mark Murphy Irwin Becker Kirk Nelson Andrea Beerman Manny Palgon Herb Blumenthal Sandy Parrott Denny Byrne Buzz Raymond Carl Findley Michael Schuster Phillip Gold Jack Shirley Rich Green Drew Swenda Bud Ham Carrol Trewet Don Kaatz Schuyler Van Gorden

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