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Biomedical Libraries Dartmouth College David Izzo March 2012 PowerPoint/Office 2010.

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1 Biomedical Libraries Dartmouth College David Izzo March 2012 PowerPoint/Office 2010

2 Links to other slides, files and URLs Select text or object then [Insert Ribbon – Links - Hyperlink] Right Click Onscreen navigation [Insert Ribbon – Shapes - Action Buttons] Create your own buttons from graphics [Insert Ribbon – Links – Action]

3 The really cool drawing tools are in the Shapes palette under Lines. [Home Ribbon – Drawing] or [Insert Ribbon – Illustrations] The Curve tool The Freeform tool The Pencil tool

4 With the Curve tool you click once to set points and it draws a smooth curve through those points. Double click to end the line. The Freeform tool draws straight lines between mouse clicks and curved lines if you move the mouse with the button down. Click on the start point to make a closed shape. The Pencil tools allows you to scribble any line shape by drawing with the mouse button held down. click Double click click drag click

5 Each of these tools draw objects that can be resized, moved, and formatted for line and fill, and shape effects

6 The points that are used to draw these objects can also be edited by choosing Edit Points from the Drawing Tools – Format – Edit Points. Clicking on a point selects it and allows you to move it. When selected 2 handles adjust the angle of the line that goes through that point. Clicking on the line itself inserts a new point. Ctrl click a point to delete it. Using these tools it is possible to create very complex shapes. You might use these tools to trace a part of a image so you could highlight it with a semi-transparent fill or a bright outline. Point Drag the end of the blue handles to control direction and length of line at that point



9 Right click


11 The Doctor Click me The Nurse Click me The Team Click me

12 Only the red outlined images are animated in this example. Click the small image to display the large image. Click the large image to close it

13 Each image thumbnail is positioned on the slide. Each large image is stacked in the middle of the screen. The selection pane is helpful with this Each image thumbnail is given an animation using itself as a trigger. Each large image entrance is animated using the thumbnail image as a trigger. The large image triggers itself for the exit.

14 1 2 3 Animate Thumbnail Animate Picture Entrance Animate Picture Exit

15|ai:TC102477049| The next 6 slides are from the Microsoft Template GalleryMicrosoft Template Gallery Each includes full instructions for creating the effects in the Slide Notes

16 text|

17 http://|ai:TC102011661 |

18 196019701950|ai:TC102426470|

19 199020001980

20 202020302010

21 A little extra work

22 Keeps you ahead of the pack

23 If you dont know where you are going …

24 Any road will do.

25 From the Insert Ribbon

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