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Why and How to Organize a Gender-balanced Conference Kathryn J. Norlock.

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1 Why and How to Organize a Gender-balanced Conference Kathryn J. Norlock

2 1. Why: Because were less objective than we think. True of all people. Evidence suggests this is even more true of philosophers. When primed with objectivity (e.g. asked to rate ones own objectivity), susceptibility to gender bias increases in job applicant evaluation. (Uhlmann and Cohen 2006)

3 2. Why: Because schemas do not die of starvation. Schemas: unconscious beliefs about categories or groups affect how you perceive and interpret events allow you to organize events in a meaningful way and based on the meanings you have assigned to the events, how you respond to them (with respect to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors). (Ricker)

4 3. Why: Because Act-utilitarianism is bad My little conference is surely just a one-off event! Also, Im so nice. Therefore, etc. This certainty that Im a nice individual -- and therefore my affair is harmless -- is related to the determined belief in ones objectivity that I mentioned in (1).

5 4. Why: Because of the effects. See our FAQ at Feminist Philosophers.FAQ All-male events and volumes help to perpetuate the stereotyping of philosophy as male. This contributes to implicit bias against women in philosophy, stereotype threat, and at times the reinscription of the same few male names as the only leaders in their specialty.

6 5. Why: Because Harry isnt merely meritorious. Harry Brighouse, at Crooked Timber, notes that there are many reasons a scholar is invited to talk:Brighouse Most of us, including most men, have lots of reasons to believe that we were not selected for an invitation [simply] because we were the best scholar and most of us never suffer any angst from this.

7 OF course youd say that, Kate, because youre a woman. The colleague who said this to me did me a favor. I agree that women have done a lot of the heavy lifting of the GCC. So there are reasons that men, in particular, should organize gender-balanced events! Why, #5: Men listen to other men.

8 Why, #6: Because men are still the majority. Improving the current state of affairs takes work. If a minority does the bulk of the work, things get better much more slowly. If a majority does more of the heavy lifting, the work of the GCC will be less likely to burn out the minority!

9 How: Tips at Feminist Philosophers The suggestions include:suggestions Realise that the first names you think of are overwhelmingly likely to be male. Ask around and look on PhilPapers for authors. Consider inviting some less famous women; studies show we set their success bar higher. Dont wait until the last minute. Read Anca Gheaus article and dont fret tokenization too much.article

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