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Education 2012 Presented by Marina Ward. Online Catalogue: Searching the Catalogue PIN Reading History How to find journal articles (2 nd Term)

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1 Education 2012 Presented by Marina Ward

2 Online Catalogue: Searching the Catalogue PIN Reading History How to find journal articles (2 nd Term)

3 Searching the Catalogue Know your OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) Search Options Course Reserves

4 Catalogue only computers (7) - 1 st Floor, both sides of Information Desk No need to Log in Start searching

5 Via Student Portal

6 Library Portal

7 Off-campus access:

8 Catalogue page

9 Search options More Search Options include search tips. Do not forget to click on

10 Title Search – find a book by title Change Search Option to Title, type in the title of the book, click on Submit

11 Due date means this book is out until 05.03.2012 Facebook for Dummies

12 Passing exams for Dummies

13 Check the subject of the book


15 Search by Authors name Change the Search Option to Author Piaget



18 Click on the title to find more information

19 Search by keywords Education




23 Keyword Search / Advanced search

24 Use search tips to make your search more specific Topic: Managing discipline in the classroom Limit your search by: Location Material Language Year



27 Search by Course/Module


29 Find your lecturers name and click on it


31 To navigate from this page either click on Short Loan/Study Collection again or use New Search button

32 Search by Lecturer




36 Why is it important to have access to My Library record? You can view and renew your library items out on loan Create a PIN to be able to access most NMMU electronic resources from home Activate your Reading History to recall all library items borrowed by you Request items out on loan






42 Type in a PIN that you choose. It can be any word or numbers or combination, not longer than 8 characters Re-type your PIN





47 If you have items out on loan, you can renew it once online. Late and certain items, e.g. Study Collection can not be renewed.

48 Reserve a book / place a hold

49 Request a book that is already out


51 Choose your pickup location Specify a date and press Submit You can also place a hold at the Circulation Desk


53 How to activate your Reading History



56 Print your Reading History

57 Your paper is meant to draw on the work of others and correct referencing is expected

58 Why reference? To show that you have read Your audience is most likely already familiar with much of the information you will present Your purpose is not to explain to someone who does not know Display your new knowledge Show that you have read about the topic and thought about what you are supposed to in the light of this reading

59 To show what you have read At university you are expected to read widely and deeply in your subject Referencing allows to you to demonstrate the breadth and depth of your reading

60 To enable the reader to locate the sources mentioned in your paper Lecturers need to be able to locate where you obtained each quote They may be interested in the idea and want to read more themselves They may want to check that you have expressed it accurately and not misunderstood the original author's meaning

61 To acknowledge your sources and avoid plagiarism Intellectual property-the concept that ideas and findings belong to the person who first formulates them Failure to acknowledge sources is intellectual theft Recognition that new knowledge is built upon the work of those who did it before, and they must be given credit for their contribution

62 What is plagiarism? Unintentionally using someone elses work without acknowledgement Deliberately pretending someone elses work is your own Unacceptable: poor cut-and-paste practice If in doubt… acknowledge your source (unless it is common knowledge)

63 Reference styles




67 Example: Website International Information Website. 2008. How to improve your scoring in exams. [Online] Available: [10 April 2010]. Walking can make you healthier. 2009. [Online]. Available: [4 December 2009]. Full URL (website address) Access date is very important as information on the Internet changes very rapidly If a web site does not give an author, then put the title of the web site instead

68 Example: book single author Behr, A.L. 2004. Teaching and learning at university. Cape Town: Juta Press. Author surname, initials. Date. Title in italics. Town or city of publisher: publisher.

69 Example: journal article

70 Weeks, F.H. 2012. The quest for a culture of learning: a South African schools perspective. South African Journal of Education, 32(1): 1-14. Author, date and title as usual Journal title in italics (not title of article) Volume, issue number in brackets Followed by colon and page numbers

71 Thank you!

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