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Company LOGO So You Want to Hire a Consultant? 4 Series.

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1 Company LOGO So You Want to Hire a Consultant? 23 @ 4 Series

2 2 Start to Finish 1. When to use Internally Choose 2. Steps to take 3. How to manage Find Consultant 4. Resources

3 3 A Consultant may be useful Needs an Expert Is Funder Required Need Objective View Previous Attempt failed Your organization When … Doesnt Agree

4 4 Steps to Take Step 1 Internal Step 1 Internal Step 2 Identify Step 2 Identify Step 3 Choose Step 3 Choose Know what org wants Be prepared Consensus internally RFP Ask other organizations Interview candidates Contract

5 5 Internally Fix Causes not Symptoms

6 6 Step 1: Questions to Ask* What are problems (both symptoms and causes)? What are expectations; whats needed? What should end look like? What skills are required? Who are internal contacts? Whats the time frame? How much do you have to spend? * Your organization, board & staff

7 7 Through professional contacts Through an RFP (coming up later) From referrals Step 2: Find a Consultant

8 8 The RFP Gives info on what org needs Gets written proposals Gets bids on fees & expenses Gives org time to look them over carefully Allows for interviews & check of references

9 9 Organization name, brief history, current situation Purpose, consultant type, qualifications sought The RFP contains: Tasks to be accomplished How to apply, deadline and submission Address or person to receive the proposal

10 10 Have you done this before? Have you worked with a similar organization before? How busy will you be? Step 3: Questions to Ask* How much time will our staff need to give you? Whats your role in the project? * Prospective consultants

11 11 Choosing the Right One Does consultant understand nonprofits? Does their solution fit the need? Can you understand what they say? Are they trying to sell something?

12 12 Choosing the Right One How do they charge, by set fees or the hour? Can the job be done virtually? Do you feel comfortable with them?

13 13 Contractual Agreement

14 14 Contractual Agreement Contains: Itemized tasks, responsibilities, expectations of both Client & Consultant Timeline Completion date Contains: Fee(s) & date(s) of payment Contingency factors Termination waiver

15 15 Consultant Roles 1.Expert 2.Extra Pair of Hands 3.Collaborative

16 16 How to Manage Consultant Progress Reports Outline Methodology Findings Preliminary reports Final repot Evaluation Be Prepared For changes in process Discuss unclear results Negotiate/resolve problems Pay consultant on time Input Process Output Outcomes Debrief Evaluate Regular Communica tion Timetable Confirm responsibilities

17 17 Evaluation Regularly during 3 & 6 month follow ups Agree before on what is success

18 18 Online Resources RFP Example: Contract Example: Questions:

19 19 AFP on Ethics: ItemNumber=3350 Choosing: page5159.cfm Manage:

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