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Global to Local or Local to Global? Ravi Gupta Editor,

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1 Global to Local or Local to Global? Ravi Gupta Editor, GIS@development

2 Who participates in GSDI? Mostly National Level Mapping Agencies – Survey – Remote Sensing – Environment – Agriculture – Census –..

3 National Mapping Agencies Work at 1:50,000 or 1:25,000 scales Not necessarily suitable for local government needs Little institutional linkages between local governments and NMAs Local Governments may not necessarily see mapping as an important need

4 New Institutions needed? National Mapping Agency State Mapping Agency District Mapping (Agency)? Block Mapping Officer? Village Mapping Officer?

5 Any other way?

6 Get them converted Corporatisation of Municipalities – Ahmedabad, Bangalore Urban Planning initiatives – Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta Utility Management – NOIDA, Calcutta, Mumbai, Delhi Externally aided projects – Mirzapur, Kanpur E-governance projects – Hyderabad, Karnataka (BHOOMI) NGOs – Mathura

7 Get them converted Participatory Resource Mapping – Kerala – Orrissa – Faridabad – Sindhudurg Any many other similar initiatives

8 Interesting trends Not directly relying on NMAs Public – private participation (due to lack of staff) Not afraid of trying out new ways of doing things – New funding mechanisms – New technology

9 Primary / Secondary Data from National Mapping Agencies National GIS Programmes Central/ State/ District Government PhysicalProcurement Dissemination / Usability / What next?

10 Primary / Secondary Data from National Mapping Agencies National GIS Programmes Central/State/ District Government PhysicalProcurement Internet Local Project

11 Why go local? Local level planning may be best done by locals themselves Need of facilitators to help the community – To get empowered to develop it s own information base – To explore it s own solutions Long term sustainability of the intervention ensured The usage of technology may increase manifold if the community is involved in the database development exercise Maps Applications Usage

12 Local Initiatives Isolated efforts Islands of excellence (or vice-versa) Lack of standard guidelines May face problems in future integration with NSDI NSDI efforts have to outreach to them

13 Creation of a new community Thinking fresh Thinking new Not afraid to experiment Innovative Bypass the traditional mindset barriers prevalent in the NMAs

14 Way forward Let them do it on their own No one agency can do all this anyway – More than 1,000 towns still to be mapped! Develop standards and guidelines Disseminate them well Encourage them to follow these guidelines

15 What does it mean to the NSDI? Decentralised system of development of NSDI Can be a win-win model Will bring a new flavour of new types of people getting into the mapping business

16 Local to Global?

17 Thank you Ravi Gupta

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