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Recruiting to Your System or…. Systeming to Your Recruits?

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1 Recruiting to Your System or…

2 Systeming to Your Recruits?

3 When recruiting, do coaches Look to fill specific openings on their team? For example, we had a setter, a middle, and an opposite complete their eligibility, so we are looking for a setter, middle, and opposite. Or, do they go after specific players (outstanding athletes, highly-skilled players) and figure out how to best utilize their talents regardless of their primary position?

4 Recruiting to Your System Pros Allows for better planning in regards to scholarship disbursement Ideally, classes will be somewhat evenly divided by position Simplifies recruiting Makes evaluating less difficult Less time spent teaching fundamentals as recruits come into the program having already been trained in that position Cons Team becomes more predictable High-potential players whose positions are already solidified may be on the bench for extended periods Outstanding athletes are passed on because the institution isnt looking for that position Key injuries can hijack the season because of ill-equipped replacements Not as fun (IMHO)

5 Systeming to your Recruits Pros Cross-training positions comes to the rescue when key players are injured You can put all of your best athletes on the court (a con for some) Simplifies recruiting Makes evaluating less difficult Team can show many looks during the season and between seasons FUN FUN FUN Can adapt practices to mimic opponents Allows for adjustments during matches Cons Increased ambiguity for players (is this a con?) More time spent in individual training as players may be training in new positions Players having multiple roles in practice creates players who are good in 2 or more positions, as opposed to great in one position. May end up overloaded in one position and underloaded in another position. Less time devoted to team training

6 To come up with a system based on your personnel, you must: 1. Evaluate the assets and drawbacks of each player 2. Figure out which drawbacks you can correct and do so (mostly mechanical aspects) 3. Come up with ideas that can maximize the players strengths and minimize the effects of their drawbacks 4. Train the players at their position(s) 5. Integrate the players into a system 6. Practice all aspects of the system 7. Practice out-of-system

7 Introduce the player and what they brought with them

8 Share our plan for the player and how we implemented the plan

9 Show the results

10 Middle Tennessees General Offensive System Principals (to be kept in mind when recruiting)

11 1. Use speed (quickness) and athleticism to their fullest 2. Success for all attackers is based on a zero- tempo ball for the middles/opposites 3. Overload your opponent – make them have to guess or commit (get your attackers one-on-one or one-on-none) 4. Have many different looks – difficult to scout 5. Make it Fun to watch and play – make it dramatic 6. All attackers practice hitting all tempo sets all along the net

12 Assets: Jump reach of 105 Physically strong Big hands and feet (mens size 12) Outstanding quickness Fast and lively arm Very coachable Long limbs Freak of nature – good genes! Drawbacks: Poor arm preparation – goes right into her swing Poor timing on higher tempo sets Under-developed player Inexperienced Crowds the net Sometimes out-of-control (ok, frequently out-of-control) Ashley Asberry (AB) 59 SR Middle Blocker (M1) Played all positions in HS

13 The Plan for AB The Results for AB Seasons:4 Kills 1105 Errors 315 Attempts: 2026 Kill %:.545 Hitting Efficiency.390 Move her outside Move her around Make her reach Front and back, close and away Give her space Dont set her up In transition, ball comes quickly – run her laterally (use her speed). If it hangs, she gets to the attack line (use her jump) Keep her composed

14 Assets: Jump reach of 10 Physically strong Big hands and feet (mens size 11) Outstanding quickness Hits a very heavy ball Good skill level and club experience Aggressive attacker Drawbacks: Poor arm preparation – goes right into her swing Swings from her shoulder without using her elbow Fast-twitch – poor timing on higher sets Tentative off the net and on tight sets High error attacker Ashley Mead (Meader) 59 JR Outside Hitter (L1) LF, RF in HS, LF in club

15 The Plan for Meader The Results for Meader Seasons: 3 Kills 808 Errors 397 Attempts: 2025 Kill %:.399 Hitting Efficiency.203 Keep her sets WAY off the net (5-6 feet) Keep her sets FLAT 3-step approach in SR so she starts on the line in LB 2-step in transition when blocking; 3-step when off- blocker Set her very low playsets but off the net Get her one-on-one So use M2 as a decoy

16 Iza Kozon 60 SO Outside Hitter (L2) Libero, LF in HS, Club Assets: Outstanding feet Highly-skilled Great competitor Very competent all-around Good timing for second-tempo and higher sets Sees the block and defense extremely well Drawbacks: Elbow not high enough when attacking Good not great athlete Struggles against established block Generally not a terminator Jump reach of 98

17 The Plan for Iza The Results for Iza Seasons: 2 Kills 800 Errors 315 Attempts: 2001 Kill %:.400 Hitting Efficiency.229 Set her closer to the net but dont trap her (she sees the block well) Keep her sets FLAT in system, but ok to set her higher ball 3-step approach in SR – pass to attack Inside/out approaching as much as possible Extra tight total coverage for her – give her the confidence to swing swing swing Give her some candy! Set some of her balls inside so she can show cross-hit line Set her in the back row in- system

18 Stacy Oladinni 60 FR Middle Blocker/Opposite MB in HS, Club Assets: Jump reach of 102 Extremely strong (field events) Big hands and feet (mens size 11) Good quickness Hits a very heavy ball Very coachable Outstanding blocking instincts and technique High potential as a setter Drawbacks: Poor arm preparation – goes right into her swing Attacks much better off 1 foot Under-developed player Inexperienced Left-eye dominant – loses the block Very large frame Poor thrower

19 The Plan for Stacy The Results for Stacy Seasons: 1 Kills 209 Errors 88 Attempts: 460 Kill %:.454 Hitting Efficiency:.263 Keep her primarily behind the setter Set her mostly 1 st tempo balls (huts, Bs, Cs) Rarely jumping off 2 feet Give her the 2 nd ball when running playsets Huts, but only in serve receive Transition to a spot in front of the setter (stack her) Train her off 2 feet in Spring Let her set tempo or turn and push it down

20 Janay Yancey 511 JR Middle Blocker (M2) OH, MB in HS, MB Club Assets: Jump reach of 102 Physically very strong Big hands and feet (mens size 11) Outstanding quickness Fast and lively arm Very coachable Good timing for various heights of sets Amazing wrist – power and control Drawbacks: Poor arm preparation Inefficient armswing – pulls her elbow down Under-developed player Inexperienced Gets underneath the ball Crowds the net Loses significant verticality off 1 foot 360s in transition

21 The Plan for Janay The Results for Janay Seasons: 1 Kills 130 Errors 38 Attempts: 250 Kill %:.520 Hitting Efficiency.368 Keep her primarily in front Keep her off the net Mostly jumping off two feet Decoy in Serve Receive Use her in transition Use a lot of pushes Abbreviate her approach Hitting mostly zero tempo sets (1s, pushes, fast 3s) Train her off 1 foot in Spring

22 Post script Sasha McGlothin 62 SO MB Recruited as a MB Wanted to move her to OH Starting MB halfway thru 2006 and into 2007 Lindsey Cheatham 62 FR MB Recruited as a MB Trained at MB Switched to Opp Switched to OH Back to Middle (Poster child for MTs recruiting philosophy)

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