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2 Hydroxycut and Xenadrine are two of the top selling weight loss products available today.

3 If you are in need of a powerful diet supplement to help you achieve lasting weight loss results, then you might be looking to buy Hydroxycut with Ephedra or Xenadrine with Ephedra online.

4 With the additive of ephedra, these two diet pills can produce even more significant results and garner thousands of praiseworthy reviews.

5 Ephedra is one of the oldest medicines used by civilization, having first been discovered in China approximately 5,000 years ago. It is well documented for its fat burning characteristics and its thermogenic properties.

6 This effect is caused by the ephedrine alkaloids in the Ephedra Sinica Plant, also known as the Ma Huang herb. The ephedrine chemical alkaloid helps to increase the metabolism, thereby burning fat while preserving lean muscle mass.

7 However, in 2004 the FDA banned ephedra extracts and byproducts from diet supplements and fat burning pills.

8 While this means that the original Hydroxycut and Xenadrine with Ephedra are no longer legal, there are still legal loopholes which will allow you to purchase safe versions of Ephedra HCL for sale online.

9 That means even if you have your mind set on Hydroxycut with Ephedra for weight loss or Xenadrine with Ephedra as the best diet pill, you can instead buy pure Ephedrine HCL for more powerful weight loss results.

10 You can then combine your pure ephedrine usage with Hydroxycut or Xenadrine to give you the same highly powerful results that the original products were known for.

11 Original Hydroxycut with ephedra was used by thousands of individuals looking to tone their bodies and improve their fitness.

12 However, Hydroxycut was effected by the 2004 ban of ephedra extracts by the FDA and since then this pill has been marketed in an “ephedra-free” version.

13 Some of these new products were called Hydroxycut Hardcore which is designed for bodybuilders and Hydroxycut Max prepared for women.

14 The FDA released a consumer advisory in 2009 stating that Hydroxycut products pose an unacceptable risk of possible side effects.

15 Even though this was a voluntary advisory and the brand name tablets were still legal for sale, Muscletech agreed to recall their supplements and design a safer product line.

16 They then released Hydroxycut Pro, Hydroxycut Hardcore X and Hydroxycut Shape for Women. Hydroxycut Pro is made up of a series of different fat burners containing an all-natural roster of ingredients.

17 Some of these ingredients include Mentha longifolia extract, caffeine-trimethylxanthine, Alchemilla vulgaris extract, Olea europaea extract, and Cuminum cyminum extract.

18 These herbal supplements combine to generate substantial thermogenic activity as well as an increase in energy levels.

19 Hydroxycut Hardcore X includes a typical blend of metabolic booster such as cayenne pepper and caffeine. But it also include a powerful new fat blaster known as medium chain triglycerides.

20 These triglycerides are composed of essential fatty acids that help promote the oxidation of excess adipose tissue. In other words, MCTs help you burn more fat and help prevent the build-up of new fat cells.

21 In response to the demand for a weight loss supplement specifically catering to women, Muscletech formulated Hydroxycut Shape which is designed to help the body burn fat from stubborn areas and tone the body.

22 The product contains 200 mg of caffeine from natural sources such as Yerba mate, guarana and caffeine anhydrous.

23 It also provides the female body with a number of essential nutrients that many women do not consume enough of in their standard diet.

24 Other natural ingredients range from ma-chin extract, wild mint extract, L-carnitine tartrate, wild olive extract, gamma-oryzanol, and L-ornithine HCL.

25 A final Hydroxycut product containing the popular appetite suppressant hoodia is also now available. With a whopping 804 mg of pure South African Hoodia Gordonii, this supplement can help you stop those snack cravings when you know you’ve already had enough.

26 The weight loss pill also comes packaged with oat fiber powder, inulin, glucomannan, xanthan gum, green tea extract, Cissus quadrangularis, white tea extract, and oolong tea extract.

27 All of these chemicals create a sense of fullness in the body and can substantially reduce hunger sensations, allowing you to follow a healthy diet plan.

28 Originally marketed under the name Cytodyne, Xenadrine is a diet aide produced by Cytogenix Laboratories. Many rave reviews about Xenadrine for weight loss were heard worldwide when the product contained ephedra in its initial release.

29 However, just like Hydroxycut it had to be reformulated when the FDA banned ephedra and it now contains no ephedrine extracts. Presently, you can purchase Xenadrine at a number of local pharmacies and retail stores as an over the counter weight loss pill.

30 Many people will buy Xenadrine and then look for ephedrine for sale online to use this pair in combination.

31 Xenadrine is most notable for its ability to suppress the brain’s ability to receive hunger singals. Using a combination of ingredients that have been trademarked as LipoCore, Xendrine can help you achieve a calorie deficit in your diet.

32 These ingredients are cormino, horsemint, frauenmantle, and wild olive
These ingredients are cormino, horsemint, frauenmantle, and wild olive. But the drug does not only work as an appetite suppressant. It also promotes thermogenesis and increases concentration and energy.

33 The active ingredients caffeine or trimethylxanthine are primarily responsible for this result. Many athletes will use the pills before a workout to help them improve their endurance levels and their energy output.

34 But even casual exercisers will find that Xenadrine helps them get the motivation they need to head to the gym on those lazy days.

35 You can also find a caffeine-free version of the drug that claims to have the same effects if you do not want to take more caffeine than necessary.

36 According to clinical trials conducted by the manufacturer, Xenadrine can cause up to 7 times more weight loss than comparable results from diet alone.

37 Xenadrine has also received positive reviews from health magazines including Body Building For You and Consumer Health Answers.

38 If combined with Ephedrine HCL, these results will be made even more evident for anyone who needs to burn fat quickly to get the body they have always wanted.



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