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Grouper Training End Users Lite UI – External Users

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1 Grouper Training End Users Lite UI – External Users
Chris Hyzer Internet2 University of Pennsylvania This work licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

2 Contents Introduction Inviting external users Accepting invitations

3 Introduction to Integration
3 3

4 Institutions manage users
Introduction Institutions manage users Institutions could manage guest users with no other affiliation Tedious for institutions, and for users to have many accounts Federated and standard authentication allows for external authentication 4 4

5 Introduction (continued)
External user identifiers need to be stored somewhere Grouper can access them Grouper can be used for this The institution’s central Grouper administrator needs to configure this for all groups or certain folders 5 5

6 Inviting external users
Group admins (admin privilege or read/update privilege) can invite external users From admin UI or lite UI Can invite multiple users at once Can add users to multiple groups at once (after registration) Can invite by or user ID (generally you should use ) 6 6

7 Accepting external invitations
External users will receive an invite This invitation might expire after some time (1 week? Depends on configuration) Click on the link and sign in with an external sign-in provider 7 7

8 Privacy problems with external sign-in
Some external sign-ins will not send your login ID to the invitation system for privacy reasons You either need to: Contact the sign-in admin to ask them to send the loginid to the invitation system -or- Pick a different external sign-in system, and potentially create an account there (e.g. Google, ProtectNetwork, etc) 8 8

9 Register with Grouper After successfully signing in with Grouper’s invitation system Register your personal information The fields on this screen depend on the configuration The data is there so that applications can use it, and so that Grouper admins know who they are assigning groups/permissions to 9 9

10 Proceed to the application
After registering with Grouper, you now have the groups/roles that you need to use the application that you were invited to If you do not know the website URL of the application you are trying to get to, ask the inviter what it is Proceed to the application, sign in with the same external sign-in that you used to register with Grouper 10 10

11 Quiz Click on the quiz link in the video description to reinforce your knowledge of this topic 11 11

12 Thanks! Further information:
Infosheets, mailing lists, wiki, downloads, etc.: Grouper demo server: Grouper Online Training Home: This work licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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