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Hugo CERN-IT Fiber Channel How-To Basic.

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1 Hugo Caçote @ CERN-IT Fiber Channel How-To Basic

2 Hugo Caçote @ CERN-IT Standard Fiber Channel is an open standard communications and transport protocol as defined by ANSI and operates over copper and fiber optic cabling at distances of up to 10 kilometers. Single-mode (SM) fiber allows for only one pathway, or mode, of light to travel within the fiber. Multi-mode (MM) fiber allows more than one mode of light. Multi-mode fiber is better suited for shorter distance applications. Fiber Channel Speed: up to 1Gb/s, 2Gb/s, 4Gb/s Maximum Transmission Unit: 64 kB … but in theory unlimited The structure of a fiber optic cableFiber Channel adapter cable

3 Hugo Caçote @ CERN-IT Topology Point-to-point This is the simplest topology to configure. A point-to-point configuration is a direct connection between two endpoints. Arbitrated loop This is a ring topology that shares the fiber- channel bandwidth among multiple endpoints. The loop is implemented within a hub that interconnects the endpoints An arbitrated scheme is used to determine which endpoint gets control of the loop. The maximum number of ports is 127. Switched fabric This topology provides the most flexibility and makes the best use of the aggregated bandwidth by the use of switched connections between endpoints. One or more switches are interconnected to create a fabric, to which the endpoints are connected

4 Hugo Caçote @ CERN-IT Terminology Node A node is an endpoint that contains information. It can be a computer (host), a device controller, or a peripheral device (such as disk or tape drives). Port Each node must have at least one port (hardware interface) to connect the node to the FC topology. This node port is referred to as an N_Port. Other port types include: E_Port An expansion port is used to interconnect switches and build a switched fabric. F_Port A fabric port is used to connect an N_Port to a switch that is not loop-capable. FL_Port A fabric loop port is used to connect NL_Ports to a switch in a loop configuration. G_Port A generic port is a port that has not assumed a role in the fabric. L_Port A loop port is a port in a Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) topology. NL_Port A node loop port is an N_Port with loop capabilities.

5 Hugo Caçote @ CERN-IT Naming and addressing Worldwide node name (WWNN) Worldwide port name (WWPN) This is similar to the way that all Ethernet cards have a unique MAC address (eg.0x5005076300cd9589) Port Addressing - Domain - Area - Port or arbitrated loop physical address ALPA

6 Hugo Caçote @ CERN-IT FC CERN infrastructure Tape Robot Tape Drives Fiber Qlogic Fiber Channel Bus Adapter Tape Server

7 Hugo Caçote @ CERN-IT FC CERN infrastructure Port Id: =0 x 00 00 01 Port Id: =0 x 00 00 EF Private loop port id first 4 bytes 0 last 2 bytes ALPA table. Port id with lowest address arbitrates the loop.

8 Hugo Caçote @ CERN-IT FC host bus adapter configuration Adapter Menu Target Menu Main Menu SCLI Qlogic command line interface

9 Hugo Caçote @ CERN-IT FC tape drive configuration Locally in tape drive (menu, select button) Remotely with StdsWin (if RJ-45 connection available)

10 Hugo Caçote @ CERN-IT FC tape drive addressing The unknown famous ALPA table 0x010x020x040x080x0F0x100x170x180x1B 0x1D0x1E0x1F0x230x250x260x270x290x2A 0x2B0x2C0x2D0x2E0x310x320x330x340x35 0x360x390x3A0x3C0x430x450x460x470x49 0x4A0x4B0x4C0x4D0x4E0x510x520x530x54 0x550x560x590x5A0x5C0x630x650x660x67 0x690x6A0x6B0x6C0x6D0x6E0x710x720x73 0x740x750x760x790x7A0x7C0x800x810x82 0x840x880x8F0x900x970x980x9B0x9D0x9E 0x9F0xA30xA50xA60xA70xA90xAA0xAB0xAC 0xAD0xAE0xB10xB20xB30xB40xB50xB60xB9 0xBA0xBC0xC30xC50xC60xC70xC90xCA0xCB 0xCC0xCD0xCE0xD10xD20xD30xD40xD50xD6 0xD90xDA0xDC0xE00xE10xE20xE40xE80xEF 24 bit address 08…………. 020100 Index to the ALPA table, 08 = 0xD9 Use a new Physical address each time/use the same Physical address each time Max data size WWPN Search Loop Id in high/low order 9940 tape drive view cfg menu

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