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Science center May Client: Advisors: Team Members:

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1 Science center May 10-16 Client: Advisors: Team Members:
Dept. of EE/CprE (Vicky Thorland-Oster)   Advisors: Manimaran Govindarasu Jason Boyd Team Members: Matthew Schulz (EE) Derek Bond (EE) Jun il Song (EE) Si-myung Yang (CPRE)

2 Problem/Solution Problem: Solution:
The EE/CprE Dept. Science Center has a group of exhibits but no way to conduct an organized tour. Solution: Make the room more automated in such a way that it interacts with the audience. Organize the room in an interactive manner to ease the flow of the tour.

3 Implementing Solutions
Make the room more automated RFID Central Computer (Labview) Voice Command Software Organize the room in an interactive manner Video Monitors Lighting Demos

4 Conceptual Sketch of the Command/Help Center Configuration

5 Block Diagram – Schematic

6 Room Layout

7 Basic Components Labview (Main program) RFID Reader & Tag(s)
Light Control System Surround Sound System Video Distribution System

8 Labview (Main program)
Labview will be the brains behind the central computer Inputs RFID Reader Occupancy Sensor Project Data User Outputs Video Lighting









17 RFID Reader & Tag(s) RFID Reader RFID tags
RFID reader: 1023-phidgetRFID RFID tag: 3008 credit size, passive tag Because passive tags require a strong RF field to operate The ECPE department has its own a presentation program for the campus tour group. Each tour group will be leaded by tour guide. RFID tags has an unique serial key RFID reader can identify the serial key from RFID RFID system does not have a memory space to store the data It needs to be connected with the database

18 RFID Requirements Functional Requirement Non-Functional Requirement
RFID tags brought within 3 inches of the reader Works with tags with EM4102 protocol USB connection between RFID reader and computer Tour guide data is stored in database Non-Functional Requirement RFID reader is attached to the wall next to the entrance Every tour guide has a RFID tag

19 RFID Reader & Tag(s) Java Library for RFID Java API for RFID
Phidget.jar Java API for RFID Class RFIDPhidget Public void addAttachListener( AttachListener ) Pulbic void addDetachListener( DetachListener ) Pulbic void TagGainListener( TagGainListener ) Pulbic void addTagLossListener( TagLossListener ) Bool AntennaOn() Class RFIDPhidget - Java class for an object RFID tag. This class has the information of the RFID tag – unique key. Public void addAttachListener( AttachListener ) - The function detects when the RFID Readers is connected to the computer. Pulbic void addDetachListener( DetachListener ) - The function detects when the RFID Reader is deteched. Pulbic void addErrorListener( ErrorListener ) - The function detects when error occur during the process. Pulbic void TagGainListener( TagGainListener ) - The function detects when RFID tag is within the range. Pulbic void addTagLossListener( TagLossListener ) - The function detects when RFID tag is gotten away from the range. Bool AntennaOn() - The function turns on the antenna for reading RFID tag.

20 RFID Test Result Without RFID tags With RFID tags

21 Light Control System Purpose
To highlight the project which is chosen to present to the tour group X10 control device X10 appliance device

22 X10 device layout X10 signal sent through electricity cable
Plug into outlet Plug into outlet Plug into outlet RJ11 cable connection Command through serial port RS232 serial cable connection

23 Light Control Requirements
Functional Requirement Every module needs to be connected with the power outlet Electricity cable needs to be connected on the same circuit Receive commands through serial port from the computer Non-Functional Requirement Lights shall be bright enough to get tour guide’s attention The room will have enough lighting around the room to set the appropriate ambience

24 RS-232 protocol 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, 9600 baud.
This must precede all commands: Send 0x02 to the X10 controller The X10 controller will respond with ACK (0x06) if ready, NAK (0x15) if not ready. The ACK will be followed by a carriage return (0x0D). The NAK isn’t followed with a carriage return. After an ACK (0x06) and carriage return (0x0D) is received, the X10 controller is ready to accept a command.

25 Light Control Example Computer X10 control device
 0x02 [start command ]  0x06 [ACK ]  0x0D [carriage return ]  0x63 [send X10 command ]  0x46 [house code ‘A’ ]  0x4C [unit code ‘1’ ]  0x45 [function code ‘On’ ]  0x41 [repeat command once ]  0x58 [transmission received ]  0x46 [house code ‘A’ ]  0x4C [unit code ‘1’ ]  0x31 [sent once ]  0x45 [function code ‘On’ ]

26 Surround Sound System The system needs high quality sound card and speakers for clearer delivery to the tour group Multi channel support sound card 7.1 channel surround sound speaker system Expandability for future groups

27 Video Distribution System
Video output for the presentation will be output onto two separate large screens We plan to use a simple video splitter to accomplish this task

28 Optional Components Speech Recognition Software Touch Screen

29 Speech Recognition Software
E-Speaking Program Two-Folded Operation Give Vocal Commands Speech Recognition Guide User Through Tour

30 Touch Screen Elo TouchSystems 1739L 17" LCD Open-Frame Touchmonitor
Secondary option to Voice Recognition Used as System Back-up Front-Mount Option

31 Microphone Omni-Directional Microphone with conference quality
Designated to work best for the speech recognition software. Effective noise and echo cancelation USB interface

32 Test Plan After each component is tested separately, to test the system we will run through various scenarios Possible Scenarios Registered tour group Unregistered user Multiple users Someone in room when tour comes

33 Schedule – Fall 2009

34 Components Cost Estimate

35 Components Cost Estimate

36 Labor Costs

37 Questions?

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