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Two messages APCCI believes in Peru a Great Choice for Doing Business Peruvians a Great Choice for Doing Business with.

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3 Two messages APCCI believes in Peru a Great Choice for Doing Business Peruvians a Great Choice for Doing Business with

4 APCCI is a Group of Australian and Peruvian companies and Professionals interested in developing bilateral commerce and investments between Peru and Australia, as well as serving as a Network for Peruvian businessmen established in Australia. APCCI was formed on the 28th of July, 1998. Since 2010, we have promoted the creation of a sister Chamber in Lima APCCI- Filial Peru, which was established in 2012. APCCI Australia has a seat on the Board of APCCI Peru and is a Founding Member. We have organized various events over the years in both Australia and Peru. We maintain close communication and permanent support with our sister Chamber of Commerce in Lima- Peru. Who is APCCI?

5 Vision: First point of contact for organizations that are seeking to develop or enhance bilateral relations between Peru and Australia, creating a commercial and industrial bridge between both countries and promoting/encouraging commerce without barriers. Create a Network for Peruvian Businesses in Australia and Peruvian Professionals in Australia. Mission: Offer a range of quality services to our Partners that encourages sustainable commerce, business, industrial, tourism and cultural & educational relations between Peru and Australia. What do we Dream? Our Horizon… Sydney Australia San Isidro, Lima, Peru

6 We are seeking to be a dynamic and active Chamber, attentive to the needs of its Partners and which convenes your active participation. Our Structure Suggested Committees: Memberships and Corporate Services Memberships and SME Services Cultural (Alejandro Saravia) Education Events Regional Committees Queensland (Luis Bellido) Victoria South Australia Western Australia Tasmania Territorial (ACT/NT) New Zealand

7 SPECIALIZED CONSULTANCY: Contact with sectorial specialists. (PREFERENCE FOR MEMBERS) EVENTS: Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and Training in house. EDUCATION: Executive Workshops in Peru (currently talking with ACU for CSR/ Health and Sustainability Workshops PROMOTION OF THE CULTURE: Cultural activities in Australia Promoting Peru 1 st SABOR | Peruvian Gastronomic Festival 2014 1 st Pisco Bar Competition |2-14 Our Services COMMERCIAL PROMOTION AND NETWORKING: - Directory of Members. - Participation in Sectorial Committees - Organization of Commercial Missions - Creation of the Peruvian Business Network-ABN. - Consultancy for the search of businesses and establishing a network of contacts in Peru and Australia. PUBLICATIONS: - Creation of the Bulletin APCCI NEWSLETTER(trimestral newsletter of APCCI) - Website of APCCI (Australia) - Guide for the Importer / Manual para el Importador (currently being developed with the Consulate of Peru and Viva Logistics

8 Our Challenges: The Challenge for most small country chambers is maintaining itself current and alive: APCCI has proven to be resilient over 16 years, since its formation in 1998 and its re-launch in 2008. 2013 saw the growth of our Sister Chamber in Peru which we sponsored and supported 2014 we see the formation of a Professional Base for APCCI, we call on all Peruvians who have a business/ have expertise and love to promote Peru and their Business and profession to join APCCI and help us Grow.

9 What we have been up to in 2013/2014

10 Latest Event in Lima:

11 2013 Jan/March Amazonia Peru: Wild Adventure June 2013: 1 st Information Session on APCCI 2013 Sept. Provided a Volunteer for the Prom Peru Stand at Fine Food Australia Attended and helped promote the Peruvian Gastronomic Festival, Peruvian Independence Cocktail in Canberra, Opening of Gold and the Inkas, Peru Amazonico Exhibition, Peru on the Road Presentations by Alejandro Saravia in 2013. Assisted the Colegio de Ingenieros del Peru with the Delegation of 16 Peruvian Engineers with a presentation day at UNSW Coordinated with Luis Bellido in Queensland for the presentation of the Delegation of Engineers with a presentation at Queensland University Coordinated Activities in Peru which included presentation to Members and Business community in Lima by Minister of Economy Luis Miguel Castilla, The Presidents of Concytec and Indecopi, and by Pedro Pablo Kuczynsky.

12 November 2013, APCCI Co-sponsored with the Consulate General of Peru the : Pisco Master Class conducted by Mario Vingerhoets | Think Spirits and Santiago Queirolo Pisco. Attended Lunch in December at Sydney University with Ex President Alejandro Toledo, hosted by Sydney University and ALABC Attended a private lunch with Mr. Julio Velarde, President of the BCR at invitation of Consul General Ricardo Salamanca, the meeting was an opportunity to network with Mr Velarde and invite him to do a presentation to APCCI in Peru and in the event of any future visit to Australia. Attended the Breakfast presentation given by Pro- Inversion and follow up by Pro- Inversion Mr Illescas to disseminate information on Investment on Infrastructure, for anyone with contacts among Infrastructure investors.


14 Peruvian Business Network (PBN) Networking Events directed towards companies that are interested in establishing links with Peru Networking opportunities for Peruvian Businessmen / Entrepreneurs in Australia and Peruvian Professionals This link could be commercial, cultural, scientific or one that reflects a positive message/image of Peru. The PBN favors the development of a network of contacts with executives that have similar contacts. The PBN will hold 2 events during the year. These will be cocktail parties to facilitate interaction between the guests. The event will also include a brief presentation of the topics of interest for the relations between Peru and Australia. Organized by the APCCI, with the support of Embassy of Peru, Consulate of Peru and PromPeru.

15 Events of the ABN- Australian Business Network held in Peru

16 Membership APCCI- Australia CategoryANNUAL FEE (IN AUD$) A. Corporate Member500 B. Business SME250 C. Individual90 D. Not For Profit90 E. Student20 F. Honorary Appointed by the JD

17 Principal Benefits by Associate Category BENEFITSABCDE &F Right to nominate members to the Directory (subject to selection)xxxxx Entitled to seats on the committees of your choice (by Committee)xxxxx Recognition as Corporate Company in EventsX Right to post a photo, logo and slogan on our websiteXX Inclusion of the logo of the company on our publicationsXX Access to the services of the APCCI described in the presentation (*)XXXXX Presence of the institutional logo during events of the ABN (Banner or Image on Screen XX Discounts to APCCI eventsXXXXX Discount for a second participant in our events (**)XXXXX Discount on advertising in our publications50%40%30%20%10% You may include articles without any cost in our publicationsXXXXX (*) Specialized services may require an additional cost. (**) Excludes Missions and Travel.

18 ¡Bienvenidos a nuestra Cámara! Contact Information: President and Vice President: c/o GLOBANCY, Suite 14, Level 15, 327 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. Treasury: C/o ESA Accountants, PO BOX 1436,Castle Hill NSW 1765 Phone: President: 0450956151 Email: Website: At your service…

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