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ALternative Interactive Whiteboard (ALIW) Management Engr. Ronald Rey S. Resabal Presenter.

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1 ALternative Interactive Whiteboard (ALIW) Management Engr. Ronald Rey S. Resabal Presenter

2 FLOW OF PRESENTATION 1.Rationale 2.Literature Background 3.Operational Definition of Terms 4.User- Case Diagram 5.Operation 6.Prototype

3 RATIONALE Technology, especially computers and computer-related peripherals, have grown tremendously and have permitted all areas of human lives. It has undoubtedly permitted the world of education. Hence, educators must prepare for a technology-rich future and keep up with change by adopting effective strategies that infuse lessons with appropriate technologies. Indeed, technology makes education become more exciting and interesting to students. One of the most important and commonly used materials in teaching is the chalkboard and whiteboard. It is used in writing information discussed by the teacher or by the students in school. It allows a better interaction between the teacher and the students. Nowadays because of technological innovations, teaching techniques are improving. Presenting lessons or reports by means of projector are widely applied. It gives a visual presentation of what is being discussed, but using the projector takes much time and more effort especially in operating the PC or laptop by its conventional mouse.

4 Most classrooms use ordinary blackboards and whiteboards as their visualization tool. During class, writing the topics to be discussed in the board takes much of the teachers effort and time. Teachers and students are used to it but they still need convenience in learning. Also, in electronic presentation like PowerPoint, Word or Pdf files, the teacher takes time in manipulating the computer while discussing. With these reasons, the presenter decided to develop ALIW Management based on Johnny Lees concept. It allows instructors and students to manipulate the whiteboard electronically. It is a low-cost alternative interactive whiteboard that uses IR camera in a Wii remote and IR LED as a pointer.

5 LITERATURE BACKGROUND Education is the formal process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills, customs and values from one generation to another. A right to quality education has been created and recognized by some jurisdictions: Article XIV, Section 1 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution states that: The State shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels, and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all. A quality education leads to an excellent student education.. There are ways to ensure that a quality education always equals an exceptional student education. The future of the country depends on a quality education being provided in every school. It plays a major role in the student education. Using a framework that increases quality education in school districts can help design maps to continuous improvement in student education.

6 The fundamental purpose of education is to gain knowledge, inculcate the forms of proper conduct and acquire technical competency. Education serves as the means to develop oneself physically, mentally and socially. The importance of education to youths manifests itself in terms of the need to cultivate the youths of society into mature individuals. Recent surveys show that student education is no longer based around the basics. In order to obtain a quality education, the fundamentals must be taught. Student education relies on the basic skills in order to succeed. A quality education begins with the fundamentals like, problem-solving, teamwork, and organization. These core principles create a quality education and promote an exceptional student education. It is also important to create a way to measure the progress of students. There will always be topics and subjects that are harder to teach than others. It is important to assess ones methods and students progress often to make sure no child is left behind. Meaning no child is left not understanding what was taught (Phil-race articles - 2008).

7 According to Barbara Gross Davis's book, "Tools for Teaching", students need time to assimilate new information and to take notes, but if the teacher speaks too slowly, they may become bored (Brown, 2011). Chalkboard is seen as just another thing but it plays a vital role while cherishing the memories of school and classrooms. Chalkboards are the strongest medium to impart education as it helps to explain the topics with diagrams. The amazing thing about chalkboards is its history. It enables teachers to present written information to a room full of students at once, a task that was nearly impossible before the early 1800s. In recent years, interest in the use of technology in education has come into prominence as a national goal. Currently, more than ninety five percent (95%) of public schools have computers (National Center for Education Statistics, 2000).However, knowledge about how to best apply this technology to educate and train has been an unresolved issue for researchers for more than 50years (Perez, 2003).

8 To initiate this need, invention of Interactive Whiteboard came. A commercial interactive whiteboard is a piece of hardware that looks much like a standard whiteboard but it connects to a computer and a projector in the classroom to make a very powerful tool. When connected, the interactive whiteboard becomes a giant, touch-sensitive version of the computer screen. Instead of using the mouse, you can control your computer through the interactive whiteboard screen just by touching it with a special pen or, on some types of boards, with finger. Anything that can be accessed from your computer can be accessed and displayed on the interactive whiteboard, for example Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, photographs, websites or online materials (IWB solutions - 2008). Although this invention is a very useful thing, it cant help those schools and establishments whose funds are not capable of purchasing this tool. An interactive Whiteboard may cost USD600-USD3000 depending on its specifications. In this case, this is only available to those rich schools that have lots of extra funds to purchase it.

9 This is the main reason that the presenter was able to come up with the solution of providing a low- cost alternative interactive whiteboard to be used in classrooms of Bohol Island State University Main Campus. Interactive projection systems typically require a dedicated location tracking technology for the purposes of cursor or controller input. Many research systems exploring projector-based augmented reality of the projected imagery onto physical surface which is done either manually, using camera other tracking device. Using IR patterns, it can discover the locations of light sensors in a manner that is invisible to human observer while visible patterns provide application content. By unifying the location tracking and projection technology into a single device, it will greatly simplify the implementation and execution of the interactive projection systems and inherently support multi-user stylus input on surfaces (Lee, 2007).

10 DEFINITION OF TERMS Chalkboard. A reusable writing surface on which text or drawings are made with sticks of calcium sulfate or calcium carbonate, known as chalk. Computer. An electronic and programmable machine that receives input, stores and manipulates data, and provides output at high speed according to program instruction. Interactive whiteboard. An interactive whiteboard is a large, interactive panel that connects to a digital projector and a computer, displaying the information on the computer screen and can be controlled by touching the board directly or by using a special pen. IR (Infrared). Is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength longer than that of visible light. IR camera. A device that forms an image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light.

11 Mouse Pointer. Shaped like an arrow or a small hand with the index finger pointing towards the top of the display device. The mouse pointer moves as the user moves his or her mouse and is used as a reference point to where the mouse is located on the display screen Quality Education. The education which fulfill the desired knowledge standards and skill suitable for the time being. Technology. The usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, and crafts, or is systems or methods of organization, or is a material product of these things. Whiteboard. A non-electronic variation of the traditional "rewriteable" classroom blackboard, but is white instead of black and of a material that can be written on with colored markers (known as dry erase markers). WII remote. Also known as Wiimote, the primary controller for Nintendo's Wii console.


13 To start operating the Alternative Interactive whiteboard, add first the wiimote controller to the computers Bluetooth device list. Pressing buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously or CALIBRATE button will make the wiimote into discovery mode allowing the computer to connect. Wait until the status bar becomes green. It indicates that its ready to use. When manipulating the IR pen, be sure not to block the IR camera because it will loss contact with the IR light. In order to have better tracking, ensure that the wiimote is placed not too close but not too far with the surface with a field of view to about 45 degrees. One can shift the mouse command from its default left click to right click by pressing the toggle right click button allowing more convenience during the process of manipulating the Interactive whiteboard. When charging the IR pen, the LED indicator will turn off if the battery is fully charged. It can be charged to any USB port or any 5v DC power supply. OPERATION

14 PROTOTYPE Actual Circuit of the IR Pen Actual IR Pen

15 Wiimote Controller

16 Attempt to Connect No Wiimote Found

17 Successfully Connected to Wiimote

18 Setting the Wiimote and the projector Calibrating the surface

19 Execution of the prototype using the IR Pen


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