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Working with Your M, TLD August 3, 2011. 2 First 8 Weeks Priorities for CMs 1. Forging authentic relationships with students, families, colleagues and.

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1 Working with Your M, TLD August 3, 2011

2 2 First 8 Weeks Priorities for CMs 1. Forging authentic relationships with students, families, colleagues and Teach For America staff Beginning with our work today 2. Establishing a transformative vision/big goal and beginning to invest their students/influencers 3. Independently pursuing the learning, solutions and resources they need to have a meaningful instructional start to the year

3 3 Getting to Know Me: 5 Fun Facts I proudly hail from Spokane, Wa I bleed Hoya Blue!

4 4 Getting to Know Me I have my Masters in Teaching, Secondary English from Johns Hopkins University I love discovering restaurants in Baltimore and testing recipes at home

5 5 Most Importantly…I am a teacher!

6 6 My Vision My Story: Growing up, I … had no understanding of the ways my familys passion for learning and their support of my own educational growth would infuse my values and priorities as an adult. On the personal level: The problem-solvers, innovators, and trail-blazers who will shape our future are now students in the classrooms of our Corps Members. …The innocence of these children demands that we work tirelessly to even the playing field and give everyone a choice about their future.

7 7 My Vision, Contd On the CM level: CMs will achieve transformational change in all of their classes and will undertake personal journeys to grow their own understanding of the complexities of the achievement gap. I will spark and inspire a long-lasting leadership mindset that will give my CMs the confidence to set their students on new life paths and to catalyze change that will end educational inequity on a national scale. On the student level: In a CMs classroom, students will acquire the skills, the savvy, and the perseverance to overcome stereotypes about students of color and students from low income communities and live the lives they deserve. On the national level: This state of disparity in educational access is not functional for our cities or our nation long-term. All of our children, … deserve opportunities and choices for their futures.

8 8 Getting to know you! Fill out an Index Card with this information –Full Name (and name youd prefer to be called) –Hometown –College and Major –School Placement (content and grade level) –Favorite guilty pleasure TV show (be prepared to share out)

9 9 The Manager, Teacher Leadership Development (M,TLD) Role CMAM, TLD Time Frame5 weeks2 years (!) Ratio1:121:39 School Based1 school11 schools Frequency of Observations Weekly extended & briefs ~ biweekly Type of solutionsDirect, immediate, resource based Help designing professional development plan AvailabilityOn campus, on callAt school on scheduled days, qualified on call

10 10 Scope of the M, TLD Role A Manager, Teacher Leadership Development wears many hats and is involved in many aspects of our regional and national organization. Engages in catalytic relationships with CMs to push their development and drive towards academic gains Builds relationships with district partners, including principals Manages one-two regional projects, (e.g. 100 Days Celebration, Induction, Alumni Induction) Develops and executes CM professional development, sometimes with Director of Teaching and Learning Supports newly matriculated corps members Interviews applicants for next years corps Helps Development Team as needed Engages in regional and national trainings to develop our own competencies

11 11 Measures of Success for the M,TLD CM Effectiveness –Are you working towards transformational student achievement? CM Retention –Will you be there to realize transformational student achievement? CM Strength Measure –Are you happy while working towards transformational student achievement?

12 12 An M, TLDs Many Levers and Impacts Catalytic M,TLD/CM Relationship Learning Team Leader District Support School Support (Principal, IST, Dept. Chair, etc) Fellow Corps Members TFANet and additional resources University Partners Alumni

13 13 View of the Role of the M, TLD Coach - Instructional - Problem solve - Think through challenging situations - Build leadership Manager - Execute team - Facilitate professional development/ collaboration - Offer feedback Cheerleader - Build confidence - Push you to be asset based and positive - Give perspective Partner - Thought partner - Make sure you feel supported- personally & professionally

14 14 Where were headed I will synthesize the ideas here and in our Beginning of Year Conversations to create our Team Vision –The Why –Be thinking of a team name! I will synthesize our norms to create standards that will apply to all interactions across our team –The What I will add a list of the nitty-gritty expectations to ensure supportive, authentic relationships for all –The How

15 15 Our Team Vision How do you envision living out this core value as an M,TLD group? How can our team create a vision that inspires our work together? Team: We value and care about each other, operate with a generosity of spirit, and have fun in the process of working together. To maximize our collective impact, we inspire, challenge, and support each other to be our best and sustain our effort.

16 16 Team Operating Norms CMM, TLD CM CM M, TLD

17 17 Closing and Next Steps: Please complete the survey I sent you via email and review the guiding questions for your own vision. Trust the journey Challenge your thinking Ask questions and follow up Keep your students top of mind

18 18 Inspiration Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing. Teddy Roosevelt "If there's going to be joy and laughter and poetry and music at the end of the revolution, there needs to be joy and laugher and poetry and music along the way." Gloria Steinem

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