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Tuesdays with Tiffany Reading Propaganda from WWII Posters.

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1 Tuesdays with Tiffany Reading Propaganda from WWII Posters

2 Propaganda Propaganda is communication that tries to influence the audience. It often leaves out details. It uses emotions to persuade you. The printing press allowed people to produce huge amounts of posters at once and it was harder to tell who had done it. Knowing how to read it, helps you make a logical decision, not just an emotional one.

3 Germany

4 A 1933 poster advertising the film S.A. Mann Brand.

5 The text: Long live Germany!

6 The Winter Aid was the Nazi Party charity. Each year they collected donations for the needy. Contributions were not entirely voluntary. The text translates as: No one shall go hungry! No one shall be cold!

7 Before: Unemployment, hopelessness, desolation, strikes, lockouts. Today: Work, joy, discipline, camaraderie. Give the Fuehrer your vote!

8 1942-1943 German cities were being bombed so badly, children were sent to the country for safety. Kinderlandverschickung translates to sending children to the countryside. The poster encourages parents to register their children aged 3-14 for the program.


10 England

11 Nazis bombed London for 76 consecutive nights. Over 40,000 people died and more than a million houses were destroyed or damaged.

12 Russian

13 Text: Kill the savage Beast!

14 Text: For the Motherlands Sake. Go Forward, Heroes.

15 America



18 Rosie the Riveter convincing women to help the war effort by taking mens jobs in the factories while the men were fighting overseas.



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