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Imagine a neighbourhood with a boarded up school..

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1 Imagine a neighbourhood with a boarded up school.

2 It isnt hard to do.

3 Would taxpayers rather see their money go towards cleaning up this...

4 Or is their money best spent here?

5 Kensington Cedar Cottage is at high risk for gang activity, arson and prostitution. Since the last meeting: Schools that got torched with fireworks were only 20 blocks away due south Multiple gang members with guns were arrested at Kensington park after school– 7 blocks away due east Spray painting vandalism on the annex

6 Would a vacant school add to the problem? Vacant properties often become a breeding ground for crime, tying up an inordinate amount of police resources. Of all the economic and demographic variables tested, vacant properties had the highest correlation to the incidence of crime. - crime data taken from Richmond, VA.

7 Arson in this single story school had 2 million dollars in damage.

8 How much would it cost the VSB spend on police and fire truck visits?

9 Instead of spending our time and resources talking about potential school closures, lets focus on how we can keep our schools open and thriving.

10 Can the VSB offer innovative programs that will attract students? More Montessori spaces Edible school yard Innovative music programs

11 Should we be looking for revenue while solving other community needs? McBride annex could house a full day daycare introducing young families to the inspiring environment that the public school system offers.

12 The VSB thinks only 10 families with young kids will come from these 300 units...

13 Closing McBride Annex could: Increase crime in our neighbourhood. Fill up McBride main school when new housing developments are complete. End potential opportunities for the community to utilize this public space for daycare and educational programs.

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