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1. S find N Ving/pp… 2. S V…with N Ving/pp/adj/prep 3. S V…, ving/pp 4

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1 1. S find N Ving/pp… 2. S V…with N Ving/pp/adj/prep 3. S V…, ving/pp 4
1.S find N Ving/pp… 2. S V…with N Ving/pp/adj/prep 3. S V…, ving/pp 4. There be N Ving/pp 5. S …Ving/pp

2 When I went to Sally’s house, I found her ___ (fix) her bicycle.
fixing I finally found my blue jacket ___ (hang) in the closet. hanging vt. 把...掛起 He hung his coat on the hook.  他把衣服掛在鉤子上 vit. 懸掛, 吊著 The curtains hang well.  窗簾掛得很好

3 I enjoy listening to music with my eyes ____(close).
closed She came out of the room with her eyes ___(shine). shining The carnival is held with shows ___(stage) everywhere in town. staged The owner of the company went along with the plan ___(lay) out by the investor. laid

4 I have to study harder with the important exam ___ (come) up.
coming I just cannot keep up with you ___(talk) so fast. talking He was sent in prison for a year with the bribery ____(reveal) revealed

5 My aunt sat watching TV, with her cat ___ (sleep) on her lap.
sleeping The organic food products are made of natural ingredients, with no artificial flavors ____. (add) added The woman lay on the bed with her eyes ___. (open) open

6 Grandpa fell asleep on the sofa with a newspaper ___ (cover) his face.
covering The little girl sat there with tears ___(run) down her cheeks. running The man sat on the chair with his head ___(bury)in his arms. buried

7 They need a good lunch with boys ___(play) basketball this morning.
playing The government covered up the scandal without a word _____(get) out to the media. getting He walked into class with his shirt ___ (not tuck) into his pants. not tucked

8 She woke up with a happy song ___(play) in her head.
playing They left the meeting without any plans _____(decide). decided It’s bad manners to talk with your mouth ___(full) of food. full My father sat on the sofa with his eyes___(fix) on the football game on TV. fixed

9 With their adult children ___(leave) home, David and Susan decided to sell their house, although they really liked it. leaving I cannot fall asleep with the lights ___ (on). on  The little boy looked at his mother with a ___(broad) smile on his face. 本身broad 就是形容詞,不用再ing或 pp

10 Ted can keep a basketball ___ (spin) on the end of his finger.
spinning I keep my passport ___ (lock) inside a desk drawer. locked

11 At the end of the game, there were burgers ___(cook) and ready for us to eat.
cooked cook: vt. 烹調, 煮 We cooked the fish in the microwave oven.  我們在微波爐中煮魚。 (食物”被動”) vi. (食物)被燒煮 This meat cooks at least two hours.  (食物”主動”,狀態) 這肉至少要煮兩個小時。

12 Mom kept the pasta ___ (boil) for ten minutes.
boiling vi. 不及物動詞 (水等)沸騰, 開, 滾 The water is boiling. 水開了。 (主動) vt. 及物動詞 煮沸, 燒開 She is boiling an egg. 她在煮蛋 = An egg is being boiled by her. (蛋被煮)

13 Please keep the manager ____ (inform) of your progress.
informed She sits there with her arms ___(cross). crossed

14  Weather ____(permit), we will have a basketball game tomorrow.
permitting There ___ (be) no bus at 11 p.m., we reached our dorm by foot. being  ___(Compare)  with many other countries, the United States has developed into a modern nation in a very short time. Compared

15 Although they have been advertising the position for three months, none of the people  ___(apply)  for the job is qualified. applying The best seats in the theater will be reserved for those ____(invite)  by our mayor. invited The little girl ___(hit) by the truck, her mother almost went mad. hit (獨立分詞構句)

16 She ____(decide) to hire a babysitter, I will get divorced with her.
deciding (獨立分詞構句) My purse ___(steal), I have no money to pay for the meal. stolen (獨立分詞構句) She rode her bicycle, her hair ___(blow) in the wind. blowing(獨立分詞構句)

17 I grew up ___(play) with my dog.
playing Mother stayed at home alone, ___(clean) the rooms. cleaning ___(Look)at me angrily, he hit me on the head. Looking When ____(play)properly , some music can have positive effects on learning and attitude. played He came into the room ___(laugh). laughing

18 My mother looked at my father with a smile,______(think) what she was going to fix for him.
thinking When _____(ask) about his absence, John kept silent. asked “What?”she said,much _____ (embarrass). She did not give the correct answer. embarrassed

19 _________(well train) ,he can quickly find out what is wrong with a television set and repair it.
Having well trained

20 You have to write your report according to the above-____(mention) facts.
mentioned The envelope was wax-____(seal). sealed We all like well-____(behave) children. behaved Mr. Wilson lives in the green-____(paint)house. painted

21 The survivors lay ___(exhaust) on the beach.
exhausted In this stress-___(fill) world, lots of people are unhappy. filled This is the ___(burn)-out house which I mentioned the other day.  burnt

22 A nice-___(look) girl always attracts people's attention easily.
looking ___(Seat) at the table, he was waiting for her. Seated The ___ (sleep)boy looked tired. sleeping

23 He bought a ___(break) cup.
broken There are many books ___(write) by Steve in this library. written I saw a man-___(make) satellite. made You should have your hair ___(cut). cut

24 There be N Ving/pp There were several ducks__(swim) on the lake.
swimming There were no data__(find) to support your idea. found There are many foreigners__(live) in this area. living

25 There have been so many things__(happen) on campus lately.
happening There are many people__(wait) at the MRT station. waiting He just found out that there was a castle__(name) after his grandmother. named Next to the park, there was a church__(build) during the late 1800s. built

26 …N Ving/pp… a ___(fall) leaf (一片落葉)(正掉) falling

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