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1.S find N Ving/pp… 2. S V…with N Ving/pp/adj/prep 3. S V…, ving/pp 4. There be N Ving/pp 5. S …Ving/pp.

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1 1.S find N Ving/pp… 2. S V…with N Ving/pp/adj/prep 3. S V…, ving/pp 4. There be N Ving/pp 5. S …Ving/pp

2 When I went to Sallys house, I found her ___ (fix) her bicycle. fixing I finally found my blue jacket ___ (hang) in the closet. hanging vt.... He hung his coat on the hook. vit., The curtains hang well.

3 I enjoy listening to music with my eyes ____(close). closed She came out of the room with her eyes ___(shine). shining The carnival is held with shows ___(stage) everywhere in town. staged The owner of the company went along with the plan ___(lay) out by the investor. laid

4 I have to study harder with the important exam ___ (come) up. coming I just cannot keep up with you ___(talk) so fast. talking He was sent in prison for a year with the bribery ____(reveal) revealed

5 My aunt sat watching TV, with her cat ___ (sleep) on her lap. sleeping The organic food products are made of natural ingredients, with no artificial flavors ____. (add) added The woman lay on the bed with her eyes ___. (open) open

6 Grandpa fell asleep on the sofa with a newspaper ___ (cover) his face. covering The little girl sat there with tears ___(run) down her cheeks. running The man sat on the chair with his head ___(bury)in his arms. buried

7 They need a good lunch with boys ___(play) basketball this morning. playing The government covered up the scandal without a word _____(get) out to the media. getting He walked into class with his shirt ___ (not tuck) into his pants. not tucked

8 She woke up with a happy song ___(play) in her head. playing They left the meeting without any plans _____(decide). decided Its bad manners to talk with your mouth ___(full) of food. full My father sat on the sofa with his eyes___(fix) on the football game on TV. fixed

9 With their adult children ___(leave) home, David and Susan decided to sell their house, although they really liked it. leaving I cannot fall asleep with the lights ___ (on). on The little boy looked at his mother with a ___(broad) smile on his face. broad, ing pp

10 Ted can keep a basketball ___ (spin) on the end of his finger. spinning I keep my passport ___ (lock) inside a desk drawer. locked

11 At the end of the game, there were burgers ___(cook) and ready for us to eat. cooked cook: vt., We cooked the fish in the microwave oven. ( ) vi. ( ) This meat cooks at least two hours. (, )

12 Mom kept the pasta ___ (boil) for ten minutes. boiling vi. ( ),, The water is boiling. ( ) vt., She is boiling an egg. = An egg is being boiled by her. ( )

13 Please keep the manager ____ (inform) of your progress. informed She sits there with her arms ___(cross). crossed

14 Weather ____(permit), we will have a basketball game tomorrow. permitting There ___ (be) no bus at 11 p.m., we reached our dorm by foot. being ___(Compare) with many other countries, the United States has developed into a modern nation in a very short time. Compared

15 Although they have been advertising the position for three months, none of the people ___(apply) for the job is qualified. applying The best seats in the theater will be reserved for those ____(invite) by our mayor. invited The little girl ___(hit) by the truck, her mother almost went mad. hit ( )

16 She ____(decide) to hire a babysitter, I will get divorced with her. deciding ( ) My purse ___(steal), I have no money to pay for the meal. stolen ( ) She rode her bicycle, her hair ___(blow) in the wind. blowing( )

17 I grew up ___(play) with my dog. playing Mother stayed at home alone, ___(clean) the rooms. cleaning ___(Look)at me angrily, he hit me on the head. Looking When ____(play)properly, some music can have positive effects on learning and attitude. played He came into the room ___(laugh). laughing

18 My mother looked at my father with a smile,______(think) what she was going to fix for him. thinking When _____(ask) about his absence, John kept silent. asked What?she said,much _____ (embarrass). She did not give the correct answer. embarrassed

19 _________(well train),he can quickly find out what is wrong with a television set and repair it. Having well trained

20 You have to write your report according to the above-____(mention) facts. mentioned The envelope was wax-____(seal). sealed We all like well-____(behave) children. behaved Mr. Wilson lives in the green-____(paint)house. painted

21 The survivors lay ___(exhaust) on the beach. exhausted In this stress-___(fill) world, lots of people are unhappy. filled This is the ___(burn)-out house which I mentioned the other day. burnt

22 A nice-___(look) girl always attracts people's attention easily. looking ___(Seat) at the table, he was waiting for her. Seated The ___ (sleep)boy looked tired. sleeping

23 He bought a ___(break) cup. broken There are many books ___(write) by Steve in this library. written I saw a man-___(make) satellite. made You should have your hair ___(cut). cut

24 There be N Ving/pp There were several ducks (swim) on the lake. swimming There were no data (find) to support your idea. found There are many foreigners (live) in this area. living

25 There have been so many things (happen) on campus lately. happening There are many people (wait) at the MRT station. waiting He just found out that there was a castle (name) after his grandmother. named Next to the park, there was a church (build) during the late 1800s. built

26 …N Ving/pp… a ___(fall) leaf ( )( ) falling a ___(fall) leaf ( ) ( ) fallen

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