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G ETTING C OZY WITH THE CODATA E LEPHANT Some Ideas on Forging Closer Ties Between IASSIST and CO-DATA.

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1 G ETTING C OZY WITH THE CODATA E LEPHANT Some Ideas on Forging Closer Ties Between IASSIST and CO-DATA

2 O BJECTIVE OF THIS PRESENTATION _____________________________ To float some ideas on how IASSIST can work more closely with other data organizations such as CODATA. To highlight the Canadian experience between CODATA and IASSIST 5/29/2009 2 IASSIST and CODATA

3 W HO /W HAT IS C ODATA ? __________________________________ The Committee on Data for Science and Technology. See An interdisciplinary Scientific Committee of the International Council for Science (ICSU) established 40 years ago five years before IASSIST was formed. CODATA works to improve the quality, reliability, management and accessibility of data of importance to all fields of science and technology. A resource that provides scientists and engineers with access to international data activities for increased awareness, direct cooperation and new knowledge. 5/29/2009 3 IASSIST and CODATA

4 W HO IS THE ICSU? __________________________________ The International Council for Science (ICSU) is a non-governmental organization representing 116 members and 30 international scientific unions This extensive international network provides a forum for discussion of issues relevant to policy for international science and the importance of international science for policy issues and undertakes a number of activities in this regard. 5/29/2009 4 IASSIST and CODATA

5 W HO /W HAT IS C ODATA ? C ONT D CODATA was established by ICSU to promote and encourage, on a world-wide basis, the compilation, evaluation and dissemination of reliable numerical data of importance to science and technology. To sum up, one could say that CODATA is to scientific data what IASSIST is to the social science world (only bigger) 5/29/2009 5 IASSIST and CODATA

6 W HO WANTS TO GET COZY WITH CODATA? __________________________________ IASSIST does! (Not entirely sure about CODATA) One of the thrusts of the IASSIST 2004-2009 Strategic Plan Collaborations and Strategic Alliances with Related Organizations IASSIST would best leverage its resources by working in partnership with other organizations committed to the collection, dissemination, and preservation of data. See IASSIST Strategic PlanIASSIST Strategic Plan 5/29/2009 6 IASSIST and CODATA

7 S O W HY THE E LEPHANT ? ___________________________________ CODATA is a large organization so it can be likened to an elephant And by comparison, IASSIST is small 5/29/2009 7 IASSIST and CODATA

8 S O IS THIS A STORY ABOUT AN ELEPHANT AND A M OUSE ? 5/29/2009 IASSIST and CODATA 8 Luckily (for IASSIST) this does not depict the relationship between the two organizations !

9 5/29/2009 9 IASSIST and CODATA Wildebeests and Impalas tend to graze together in Africa. They compliment each other for mutual safety.

10 H OW COZY HAVE WE BEEN SO FAR ? Paula Lackie and Bill Block presented at the 2006 CODATA International Conference that was held in Beijing See link for a wonderful presentation IASSIST goes to CODATA Paula and Bill reported on their CODATA experience the Montreal IASSIST Conference (2007) 5/29/2009 10 IASSIST and CODATA

11 H OW COZY HAVE WE BEEN SO FAR ? C ONT D Montreal 2007 conference Michel Sabourin (Université de Montréal, Chair, Canadian National Committee for CODATA) Described a broad strategy aimed at establishing dedicated national infrastructure, tentatively called Data Canada, to assume overall leadership in the development and execution of a strategic plan. Over the years there have been other presenters E.g., Bob Chen from CIESEN This year, Raed Shariff, University of Syracuse 5/29/2009 11 IASSIST and CODATA

12 T HE 2008 C ANADIAN EXPERIENCE Discovery of the Canadian National Committee for CODATA (CNC/CODATA), the Canadian voice of CODATA CNC/CODATA is sponsored by CISTI (the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information), part of the National Research Council of Canada CNC/CODATA is made up of members and observers The 2008 Annual Meeting of the Canadian CODATA committee was held on September 26, 2008 (Chair was Michel Sabourin) Wendy Watkins and Ernie Boyko invited themselves to the CNC/CODATA annual meeting. 5/29/2009 12 IASSIST and CODATA

13 CNC/CODATA 2008 MEETING 5/29/2009 13 IASSIST and CODATA

14 CNC/CODATA Discovery of CNC/CODATA was serendipitous Margaret Haines (Carleton University Librarian) and Wendy Watkins sit on a Research Data Strategy Working Group. (Haines Task Group 3: Research Data Capacity--Skills, Training, Rewards System) A member of that committee mentioned the CNC/CODATA meeting….and off we went 5/29/2009 14 IASSIST and CODATA

15 CNC/CODATA M EETING Agenda Report on data strategies ICSTI 2009 Conference Ottawa: Managing Data for Science Reports from various scientific groups. Participants (about 30) Several physical scientists Three social scientists 5/29/2009 15 IASSIST and CODATA

16 CNC/CODATA M EETING, O TTAWA During a round table session, IASSIST and Canadian data initiatives were highlighted Data Liberation DDI This was well received, it was noted that IASSIST was quite advanced in the area of managing research data. We prepared and submitted a report Are now formal participants (observers) 5/29/2009 16 IASSIST and CODATA

17 CNC/CODATA M EETING, O TTAWA Why are we participating in CNC/CODATA? CNC/CODATA -- focus on science complements IASSISTs focus on Social Science Hope to bring a wider social science perspective to the work of CODATA Represents an opportunity to learn from each other tools and approaches Provides a platform for participation in national and international research data initiatives We plan to continue. First project should be a joint article for the IQ (IASSIST Quarterly) 5/29/2009 17 IASSIST and CODATA

18 W HAT ELSE CAN IASSIST DO WITH CODATA? Participate in CODATA conferences where funding and support is available Ensure that CODATA members are aware of the IASSIST conference and feel free to participate Look for national CODATA committees in other countries Participation in national committees could be possible where such committees exist. Dont be shy! 5/29/2009 18 IASSIST and CODATA

19 A F EW N ATIONAL C ODATA C OMMITTEES US 6807 6807 Australia x.html x.html Germany South Africa Korea 5/29/2009 19 IASSIST and CODATA

20 Participate in their international conferences where funding and support is available Look for national CODATA committees in other countries Participation in national committees could be possible where such committees exist. Examine the CODATA organizational model of providing an umbrella for a range initiatives, e.g., Web site Communication with members Report to IASSIST and encourage CODATA participate in IASSIST events W HAT ELSE CAN IASSIST DO WITH CODATA? 5/29/2009 20 IASSIST and CODATA

21 5/29/2009 IASSIST and CODATA 21

22 5/29/2009 IASSIST and CODATA 22

23 I N C ONCLUSION Our Canadian experience confirms that identifying CODATA as an organization that IASSIST should associate with is an appropriate strategic direction. They are a data organization and so is IASSIST There are things that we can learn from them There are things that we can share with them It gives us a window to broader research data activities within our respective countries and internationally There is at least some scope for replicating the Canadian experience in other countries And a final word about elephants 5/29/2009 23 IASSIST and CODATA

24 5/29/2009 IASSIST and CODATA 24 How can you tell whether this is an African or an Asian Elephant?

25 T HANK Y OU V ERY M UCH Ernie Boyko 5/29/2009 IASSIST and CODATA 25

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