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Vacuum Filtration.

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1 Vacuum Filtration

2 When do we use Vacuum Filtration?
Filtration is the separation method of choice when the phases to be separated are a solid (precipitate) and a liquid (solution). There are two major filtration techniques gravity filtration suction filtration In this course, we will use suction filtration primarily when our objective is to further process the solid phase. We will normally discard the solution that is captured in the process Gravity filtration is normally used when the liquid phase is the one in which we are interested. A separate presentation deals with gravity filtration.

3 The Apparatus ring stand aspirator filter flask wash bottle
Buchner funnel Rubber stopper filter paper clamp clamp holder Thick walled rubber tubing

4 Locate a water tap equipped Clean and rinse a filter flask with
with an aspirator. Clean and rinse a filter flask with distilled water

5 Clean the parts of a Buchner funnel, rinse with distilled water and
Secure filter flask on a ring stand with clamp and connect the flask to the side arm of the aspirator using thick walled rubber tubing assemble it

6 Place Buchner funnel assembly in the top of suction flask
Place Buchner funnel assembly in the top of suction flask. Start water flow in aspirator and check that vacuum is produced when you hold your hand over the mouth of the funnel. Insert filter paper in Buchner funnel. Wet the filter paper with small portion of distilled water from wash bottle. Keep Aspirator On

7 Use stirring rod to direct stream to center of filter paper
Transfer liquid from the beaker containing desired precipitate using stirring rod When there is no more liquid, use a stirring rod with rubber policeman to scrape remaining solid into funnel. Use stirring rod to direct stream to center of filter paper Keep Aspirator On

8 Then turn off aspirator.
Wash collected precipitate with small amount of solvent. Then dry by sucking air through precipitate With aspirator still flowing -- remove top part of Buchner funnel to break vacuum. Then turn off aspirator. Keep Aspirator On

9 Using a spatula, loosen the filter paper from the funnel and transfer it to a watch glass
The precipitate cannot ordinarily be separated from the filter paper until both are dry.

10 Check that the filtrate (liquid) in the suction flask is clear.
If it is, the filtration has successfully recovered the solid. If it is not, consider repeating the filtration.

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