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Yarning with the Aunties An Elders Program Lynne Kirkpatrick1.

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1 Yarning with the Aunties An Elders Program Lynne Kirkpatrick1

2 Overview Sunning Hill School is located inside Juniperina Juvenile Justice Centre Traditional owners are Durag People Only centre for young female offenders in NSW Maximum enrolment is 36 Lynne Kirkpatrick2

3 Cohort overview 100% female History of fractured school attendance Difficulty with formal education High levels of suspension Lack of appropriate educational options Low socio-economic circumstances Mental health issues 40%-60% Aboriginal Students Lynne Kirkpatrick3

4 Cohort overview (cont) Age range 12-18 years( committing the crime) Average age is 16 years Centre capacity is 46 Stays vary according to the offence Education ability varies – average reading age 10.0 and mathematics ability is stage 3 Lynne Kirkpatrick4

5 Aboriginal Representation Aboriginal juvenile incarceration continues to rise Nationally Aboriginal young people = 54% of young people incarcerated On an average night 1 in every 217 Aboriginal young people would be in detention 91% of young people in detention are Aboriginal males Lynne Kirkpatrick5

6 Mission Increase the potential of students to return to the community Create positive learning experiences Cater for the diverse needs of students Rigorous and varied curriculum Quality education outcomes within a secure and safe learning environment Recognition of efforts and celebration of achievements Lynne Kirkpatrick6

7 Courses available BOS VET OTEN TAFE TVET Australian Childrens Music Foundation Aboriginal mentoring Pacific Island mentoring Lynne Kirkpatrick7

8 Why did we develop the program? 40%- 60% Indigenous cohort Disconnect from the community Disconnect from culture and histories Disconnect from education Society has low expectations of their capacity to contribute to the community Disempowerment Lynne Kirkpatrick8

9 Aunty Carol Lynne Kirkpatrick9 Play Video

10 What was the aim of the program? Cultural expression Mentoring Reconnection Engagement Write a childrens book Lynne Kirkpatrick10

11 Who was the target group? Initially all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island students All students enrolled in Sunning Hill School Lynne Kirkpatrick11

12 Links to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Education Action Plan 2010-2014 Affirmation of the right to sustain ATSI Languages and Cultures To accelerate improvements in educational outcomes of ATSI children and young people To work in partnership with families and communities to support the education of ATSI children Lynne Kirkpatrick12

13 Links to the School Plan To enhance the capacity of Aboriginal parents, families and community members to actively engage and participate in the education and training process and to close the achievement gap in education and training for Aboriginal students. Reconnection and engagement Lynne Kirkpatrick13

14 Training All teaching staff trained in the 8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning(story telling, community links, land links, symbols and images) Professional Development of the Elders Lynne Kirkpatrick14

15 Lynne Kirkpatrick15

16 Implementation Introduced the Aunties to the morning literacy/numeracy session Monthly hairdressing program Monthly lunch for the students and the Aunties Lynne Kirkpatrick16

17 Lynne Kirkpatrick17

18 Review What worked ? What didnt work? Lynne Kirkpatrick18

19 New Direction Review the timetable Introduce Aboriginal Studies for all students Continue the Hairdressing opportunities Move the location of the lunch Lynne Kirkpatrick19

20 Aboriginal Studies Speak, listen, read, write, view and represent the Aunties own stories Use language and communicate appropriately and effectively Think in ways that are imaginative and creative Express themselves and their relationships with others and the world Learn and reflect on their learning through building a rapport with the Aunties Lynne Kirkpatrick20

21 Lesson Plans Photography(digital and hard copy) Develop timelines Yarn about factors that contribute to identity Create Close the Gap- Aboriginal Health Day event Create a map of the Aunties environments Draw detailed aspects of daily life using Create a jewellery memory Yarn about totems and images to be used in the childrens book Use the Aunties photos to develop collages Write the stories Work with TAFE IT Teacher to put all completed images in a digital format Lynne Kirkpatrick21

22 Lynne Kirkpatrick22

23 Lynne Kirkpatrick23

24 Lynne Kirkpatrick24

25 Lynne Kirkpatrick25

26 Lynne Kirkpatrick26

27 Lynne Kirkpatrick27

28 Yarning with The Aunties Book finally arrives back from the printers We Celebrate But Lynne Kirkpatrick28

29 The book is not a childrens book!!! We have more to do Lynne Kirkpatrick29

30 The Journey Continues Consolidation of all the information and stories The layout of the childrens book developed by the students Drawing of the Aunties memories Finally the book is off to the printers!! Now we are finished Lynne Kirkpatrick30

31 Outcomes The Aunties Remember a childrens book Yarning with the Aunties a story of the journey A strong sense of pride in Identity for all students Engagement in school and the programs offered Lynne Kirkpatrick31

32 Reflection of the Aunties Play Video Lynne Kirkpatrick32

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