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Academic Coach Facilitators: Sean Varga and Holly Drutarovsky.

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1 Academic Coach Facilitators: Sean Varga and Holly Drutarovsky



4 Psychology Definition (from Google): The scientific study of the human mind and its functions, esp. those affecting behavior in a given context


6 Why should you study Psychology? If you are interested in: how people think, why they do what they do, what being normal menas, how the brain might affect someones behaviors, how a person develops, etc.

7 Major? Minors? At Temple: Major: Psychology (B.A.) For people who love Psych Minor: Psychology Psychology Grad School Requirements Can declare if interested in another major, but want a Psych experience too Minor: Cognitive Neuroscience How does the mind arise from the brain? Can declare with Psych or any other Major


9 Research As a graduate with a psychology degree, you can potentially find a job as a research assistant working under someone with a PhD.

10 Research What you can do: Work on the projects of the Principal Investigator Work under the Principal Investigator and do the work they assign you to do What you cant do: Conduct your own research Be the final decision maker about how things will be done

11 Research Things to consider: IMPORTANT: you likely will not be able to find a job with only a bachelors degree – you NEED undergraduate research experience!!!! Jobs might be scarce with only a bachelors degree, and Government jobs might be slim to none You wont get paid as much It is likely just a transition job into something else

12 Research If you dont think you would like being a research assistant and want more power, or if you just dont think research is for you, you can go to graduate school Masters Degree PhD PsyD

13 Research: Masters V PhD Masters gives you more power in research PhD gives you the most power and would eventually enable you to conduct your own research of interest

14 Masters 2 years schooling Can possibly get a business/company/place you work at to pay for your schooling if you plan on staying there and benefitting that place Mostly, people pay for schooling just like they would their undergraduate degree

15 PhD / PsyD 5 + years schooling Can find grants / money to help pay for schooling If the school has the money, they might also give you a stipend for your research work / being a TA for an undergrad psych class Note: it will likely not be much – only enough to make ends meet for the time being

16 PhD V PsyD PhD: Enables you to do research upon graduation Is more research oriented You still can do clinical psychology with a PhD Or, you can become a professor

17 PhD V PsyD PsyD: More clinically oriented Seeing and treating patients is a main focus You can become a clinical psychologist

18 PhD V PsyD Take Home Message: You need to do your research on specific schools to see what they offer in their programs Different programs have different focuses and different ways they manage their students

19 Clinical Masters School Psychology PhD Licensed Psychologist

20 Settings of Psychology Careers From

21 For More Information… Home»Careers»Career Development»Career Guides»Careers in Psychology HomeCareersCareer Development

22 Careers Outside of Psychology What if you dont want to make Psychology a career? Fields you can work in: Schools or colleges Businesses Really anywhere (which is why psychology can be a really good or bad major/degree to have)

23 What You Can Do Now! Gain research experience This will look good on your resume and make you stand out from competitors, even if you dont want to go into research Can do research on people OR animals! Immerse yourself in anything related to psychology or your potential direction of interest This includes shadowing, volunteering, or finding a job that allows you to see what might happen in the setting you are interested in

24 What You Can Do Now! Keep getting good grades Psychology is a competitive area of study, and grades are extremely important! You dont want to be the person who doesnt get the job because you have a 3.0 and the other applicant had a 3.5, even though you both had the same research experience!

25 What You Can Do Now! Join clubs and organizations on campus related to what you are interested in This shows employers/graduate schools you were interested in something even outside of the classroom

26 What You Can Do Now! Visit the Career Center to… Get your resume/CV critiqued Practice interviews Explore further career options that might suit your personality/strengths


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