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Tips for Success with your Gate III Portfolio EAA/ECA McIntyre, Fall 2011 Gate III.

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1 Tips for Success with your Gate III Portfolio EAA/ECA McIntyre, Fall 2011 Gate III

2 The focus of Gate 3 is about student learning! Move from application to management by using words like My students… instead of I Remember: The key point is: WHAT HAVE YOUR STUDENTS LEARNED??!! Use student learning data (remove student names and/or create SUMMARIES of student learning) PROVE that students are learning from you, for example…. CriteriaNumber of 4s Number of 3s Number of 2s Number of 1s Number of 0s Depth of Understanding 612421 Presentation Participation 1410100 Other critieria

3 Some GREAT artifacts: Student Learning Profile: Student interests / learning styles / MI / reading level chart/hobbies/involvements at school or community… – Show you know your students by making a connection between what you know about your students and the lessons and units you have designed and implemented

4 GREAT artifacts: Lesson plans – At least ONE including a Compelling Why – At least ONE demonstrating a Culturally Responsive Lesson – The inclusion of reading strategies work well for WTS 2 and 3 – 5 Es model » Use a highlighter to point out these parts of a lesson plan that are compelling to show you are a teacher apprentice

5 GREAT artifacts: Unit plans With central concept and/or essential question clearly identified Sections labeled by MI are useful Assessments are within and at the end of the unit (rubrics are best) The unit should be developmentally appropriate (you picked the central concept because it matched student learning needs) In WTS 3 – remember it is MI AND race / class / gender/EL The final task or showcase event you ask students to do is a performance task – preferably with student choice

6 GREAT artifacts: Assessments Linked to EQ (comparison of student answers to your answers) Formal / informal/formative / summative A variety is best – Checkpoints – Quizzes – Tests – Rubrics

7 GREAT artifacts: Evaluations University Supervisor observation/ evaluations Cooperating Teacher observation/evaluations You may use each criteria as an artifact!

8 GREAT artifacts: Reflections Narratives or reflections you write – Some on lesson plans themselves to show you know how to modify them (WTS 9) – Some in other forms which show deeper thoughts about self (WTS 9)

9 Get it done… Run a draft of Standard 1 by your University Supervisor early in Q1 (or Q3) Different readers have different expectations Work on Standards 1-5 first, then 6-10, perhaps in your Q2 (Q4) placement DO NOT TRY TO DO ALL OF THE STANDARDS AT THE END OF YOUR PLACEMENT…unless, of course, you enjoy stress… Q1Q2 Switch Standards 1-5Standards 6-10

10 Be a collaborative leader Help your Supervisor and CT with the forms…

11 Observation Form (great ARTIFACT) White copy (to student teacher – put in portfolio) Yellow copy (goes to CT) Pink copy (goes to supervisor to be turned in to be filed in ES at end of the quarter (or semester)

12 Other Stuff: Gate 3 Scoring Sheet Original kept in portfolio Copy to be returned to ES – Supervisors return the following to ES for filing/audit at end of semester: Gate 3 Scoring Sheet At least two pink observation forms Blue copies of summative evaluation Goldenrod form indicating dates of observations

13 Other Stuff: Formative Assessment (green) Filled out at end of Q1(or Q3) Goes in Portfolio Show to next placement CT

14 Other Stuff: Summative Assessment (blue) Filled out at end of Q2 (or Q4) Goes in portfolio Page 5 (copy of page 1)torn off and returned to ES by University Supervisor

15 Finally Be professional (remember that you are probably going to be asking folks in your host school to provide a positive recommendation, if only by word of mouth) Arrive at school BEFORE your CT and try to leave AFTER your CT, and dress better than s/he too! Have a positive attitude EVERY day Have fun!

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