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Helping Georgia entrepreneurs build great technology companies Communicating with Investors September 9, 2008 Lance Weatherby.

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1 Helping Georgia entrepreneurs build great technology companies Communicating with Investors September 9, 2008 Lance Weatherby

2 Agenda Investor Toolkit Presentation Deep Dive Top Tips

3 Agenda Investor Toolkit Presentation Deep Dive Top Tips

4 Tools for Telling the Story One-liner Positioning Statement 60-second Pitch Executive Summary Business Model Business Plan Presentation

5 Executive Summary One page summary of your business Same storyline as presentation Easy read to determine if they want more information Must be compelling enough to stand alone Makes you focus on the most important points What you send

6 Business Model Its a spreadsheet Lots of assumptions Identifies key business drivers Answers the how much question Feeds other docs

7 Business Plan Good exercise to make you think through the business Wont be read cover to cover 20 pages maximum Financials Put details in appendix

8 Agenda Investor Toolkit Presentation Deep Dive Top Tips

9 Investor Presentation Used for forums, large audiences Tells a story Same story is used in executive summary and business plan

10 The Storyboard Need consistent, compelling story Format, length, and emphasis vary based on the audience Order of contents should be changed to highlight strengths of the business Tell what you are going to say Tell the story Tell them what you said

11 13 Ingredients of Presentation 1.The Hook 2.Market pain 3.Solution 4.Competitive advantage 5.Market size 6.Competition 7.Business Model 8.Go to market 9.Team 10.Financials 11.Current Status 12.Summary 13.Billboard

12 The Hook :: Overview Use a hook: an exciting statistic or story to get the audience engaged But get to the point One-liner to clarify what you do Set the context for the remainder of the story Optional overview slide 80% of all telecommunications bills are inaccurate and customers are typically overcharged by 20%!!

13 DeepDive Vision Address the huge untapped opportunity to secure the iPhone and Android mobile environments Founded by a world-class team of Internet security entrepreneurs and technologists with successful startup experience Meaningful development & customer traction –Product trials secured –Beta released Overview Seeking funding to accelerate the vision by building out the technology and securing the customer base Overview

14 Market Pain Identify a large, costly pain that must be addressed Use statistics or customer quotes to validate Use illustrations or examples

15 80% of all telecom invoices are incorrect Typical enterprises over spend for telecom services by at least 20% –10% of services they dont need –10% from billing errors US businesses spend over $50B more than they should for telecom services Market Pain *Source: Gartner Group – 2007 State of Telecom Report

16 Your Solution How are you solving this problem in a unique way Use illustrations or examples Show before vs. after charts/stats/illustrations

17 D 2 Solution Perimeter Typical Enterprise Email Environment Sendmail Trend Micro Mail Sweeper Tumble- weed Proxy Anti- Virus Secure Delivery Policy & Content Proxy Anti- Virus Secure Delivery Policy & Content Secure Platform Anti- Spam D 2 Enterprise Email Environment Mail Servers FirstAct Services DeepDive Solution

18 Competitive Advantage What is your unique solution that allows you to solve this problem Use diagrams/illustrations Avoid industry jargon Sources of the intellectual property How is it protected or protectable Resist temptation for Geek Speak! They assume technology works

19 Lists Automated white listing Heuristics SLS Bulk Email Detection Anomaly Detection Engine Content Analysis Bayesian Accept Reject Drop Limit Rate Label D 2 Secure Platform Mail Firewall - Mail IPS EMAIL Determine email attributes Generate spam score Enforce policy Block attacks Get feedback Accurate, effective, low administration Spam Correlation Engine Correlation Engine Enterprise Spam Profiler Quarantine Admin End-user D 2 Act Updates * Policies * Signatures Adapt and update DeepDive Competitive Advantage

20 Market Size Show that this problem is large and effects many –Validate with statistics and sources Be sure to segment your target market properly –Pie charts Demonstrate market growth –Charts –Analyst quotes or stats

21 Market Sizing 66 million people in the highly engaged category Extrapolated the Pew audience to the Parks research likely to subscribe percentages Results in market of $1.6 billion Market is significant and poised for growth Source: Making the Network Work, Parks Associates Source: Digital Divisions. Pew Internet & American Life Project

22 Competition Identify competitors and potential competitors Include alternate methods to solve the problem Position yourself vs. your competitors Identify your unique, defensible competitive advantage Dont say no competition

23 Competitive Analysis 23 DeepDive Core Competitive Strengths Unique insight into wide range of mobile security environments Unmatched credibility and respect within Internet security ecosystem Proven ability to deliver massively scalable and reliable solutions Competitive Analysis CompetitorComments MobileTopiaNo meaningful Internet security experience Significant credibility problems, not scalable IC SecureNo knowledge of mobile technologies Limited capacity to do software development AkamobileWant to only sell data center servers No on handheld experience SecMobImmature Limited security industry experience Solutions generally carrier specific SecureStreamNo knowledge of mobile technologies No experience scaling

24 Business Model How is your product/service delivered? –Requires professional installation –Self serve How is revenue generated? –License –Subscription/recurring revenue –Maintenance

25 25 Revenue StreamsPrice Ranges Carriers Rev Share $2.95 Enterprise SaaS Professional services $15K – 25K/unit $0.10 - $1.00/sub/mo Software Developers SaaS $0.20 - $1.00/sub/mo DeepDives straightforward business model taps into well-known existing mobile models and allows for great growth opportunity Current monthly burn rate: $30K Revenue split: 67% security provider, 33% carrier Total cash needed to breakeven: $4.5 million Success-based expense controls: capital, headcount, support Business Model Highlights

26 Go To Market Strategy How will you market your product? –Partnerships –PR How will your product be sold? –Direct sales –Channels –OEM

27 Go To Market Strategy Marketing –Strategic partnerships Apple AppStore Open Handset Alliance –Sales Leverage Apple relationship –AT&T –AppStore developers Domestic carriers –Verizon trial in process Target enterprises with security concern Passive sales to ISVs

28 The Team Mention key team members Show their relevance to this business –Serial entrepreneurs –Sales experience –Managerial and finance experience –Industry/market knowledge Include key advisors and Board members Identify gaps and next hires

29 The Team Lance Weatherby - Cofounder & CEO –General manager of EarthLinks mobile wireless business unit –Led business development, marketing, product management & product development at MindSpring –CipherTrust CMO Robert Sanders - Cofounder & CTO –CTO at MindSpring, cBeyond, & Vitrue –Proven expertise in designing and implementing scalable systems for Internet services –Architected EarthLinks mobile wireless services Guru Rajan - Cofounder & VP Engineering –Vice President of Messaging Security at Secure Computing –Cofounder and Chief Architect of CipherTrust –Cofounder of S1 Additional Early Hires: –Developers –BizDev lead Board of Advisors –Merrick Furst - Professor of Computing at Georgia Tech –Phil Schiller - SVP Product Marketing, Apple

30 Financials Provide high level 3-5 year projections –Revenue, expenses, and net income Cash flow forecasts How much funding will you need, now and in the future? Uses of funds Derived from business model

31 Financials

32 Year 1Year 2Year 3 Revenue$50,000$250,000$1,500,000 Expenses$300,000$1,400,000$3,500,000 Net($250,000)($1,150,000)($2,000,000) Financials Seeking $1.5M –Complete version 1.0 –Hire devs, VP BizDev & Sales –Milestone: Launch v1.0 with 3 Beta customers Raise $3M in Year 3

33 Current Status Highlight milestones and successes Show customer traction Previous investments received Upcoming milestones

34 34 Development and initial customer traction General launch initial product offering Roll out advanced services + Build out core end to end system + 2-4 representative trials + Build initial data center(s) + 10 – 20 mobile apps 200820092010 + Market core service offering + First big deployments + Expand system scalability + 100s of mobile apps + Premium subscription svcs + Personal Protection + Killer apps Status & Roadmap

35 Summarize Summarize 3 main points you want the audience to remember Be prepared to answer questions –Brainstorm and anticipate questions beforehand –Have backup materials ready to support your answers

36 Summary DeepDive poised to address huge untapped opportunity to bring Internet security to mobile applications No company adequately addressing the needs of the market Management has relevant experience –Mobile Internet & security pioneers –Built scalable systems and businesses to successful exits Right opportunity –Secured trial customers –Immediate customer needs –Scalable model Now is the time to accelerate the vision by building out the technology and securing the customer base

37 Helping Georgia entrepreneurs build great technology companies Lance Weatherby Venture Catalyst

38 Agenda Investor Toolkit Presentation Deep Dive Top Tips

39 Presentation Tips Use bullets, not sentences Speak to the back of the room Show passion and energy How you say it is more important then what you say Get to the point Put detailed slides in Appendix Do not read slides! Practice, practice, practice

40 Dont You Dare Say! We dont have any competition These estimates are conservative Our exit will be an IPO or an acquisition I need you to sign an NDA Based on our projections, your investment of $2M will give you a return of $30M in 3 years!!

41 10 - 20 - 30 Rule 10 slides 20 minutes 30 point typeface –This line is 28 point, anything smaller is a mistake

42 Writing Tips Clearly explain –The market –Your unique/innovative technology –Management team –Financials, stage of company and use of funds Be concise –1 page is 1 page –More is less, a lot less Spell check! Make sure the documents are consistent

43 Q & A Tips Answer the question, bridge to your pitch and shut up! Yes and No are answers Be honest, not defensive You dont say… –Well honestly –Thats a good question –Or any variants thereof Have a teammate take notes The CEO directs others Practice, practice, practice

44 Be Found Put contact info on every document Include company name in all files Include company name in email subject lines

45 Helping Georgia entrepreneurs build great technology companies Lance Weatherby Venture Catalyst

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