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Project Wisdom Working with Interpreters August 24, 2011.

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1 Project Wisdom Working with Interpreters August 24, 2011

2 Objectives Understand the impact of linguistic diversity on service and access to service Gain strategies in working with non- English speakers Increase practical knowledge and skills essential for working with interpreters successfully in daily work practices Working with Interpreters

3 Agenda Introductions Language Interpretation Working with Interpreters Break Practical Exercise with Interpreters Wrap up Working with Interpreters

4 Timeline 2008-COIA Canada Ontario Immigration Agreement consultations identified a need for improved interpreter services 2009-LITS Language Interpretation and Translation Services proposed improvements 2010-Implemented recommendation for improvement Partnership development Future-implementation of additional activities required for LITS Working with Interpreters

5 Evolving Service Trending across the field Developing and maintaining professional standards Shift to language interpretation away from cultural interpretation in the human service sectors Standards and best practices, ethics and principles for interpreters in delivering interpretive services Interpreter Training and Testing-ILSAT competency testing and standardized training Collaborations to respond to skill development Working with Interpreters

6 Policy Issues Standardization and competency measures National and provincial strategies to standardize How will this affect your organization? Working with Interpreters

7 Practicality of Service Knowledge Skills Use of interpreters and translators in daily work Working with Interpreters

8 Code of Ethics for Interpreters Accuracy and Fidelity Confidentiality Impartiality Maintenance of Role Boundaries Accountability Professionalism Continuing Competence & Professional Development Working with Interpreters

9 Types of Interpretive Service Consecutive Interpreting Telephone interpreting Simultaneous interpreting Face-to-face interpreting Conference Working with Interpreters

10 Booking an interpreter: 1.Determine the language and dialect of the non-English speaker and their country and region of origin. 2.Specify your interpretation requirements. 3.Describe the nature and context of the appointment and persons in attendance and site specific information. 4.Provide electronic material in advance for sight translation and message relay, when possible. 5.Arrange ample time for the appointment. The interpreter will be repeating all you say. Working with Interpreters

11 At the appointment: Allow the interpreter to introduce himself/herself both to you and to the client. Provide seating that allows the interpreter to sit beside or just behind the client. Clearly explain your role as a service provider speaking clearly and directly to the client, not the interpreter. Pace the conversation by speaking a sentence or two at a time, providing time for an interpreter to repeat your words. Working with Interpreters

12 At the appointment continued.. Use plain language and observe the client's responses to determine if and ensure that your message is understood. It is not the responsibility of the interpreter. Ask the interpreter to provide a sight translation for any documentation that requires a signature. Hand the document directly to the client if a signature is required. Confirm that names have been correctly transcribed Working with Interpreters

13 Impact of Language Barriers Health/interview outcomes-misdiagnosis, incorrect referrals, incorrect treatment Legal challenges Inefficient use of resources and increased costs to the health care system Unnecessary appointments, repeat appointments, poor compliance with follow-ups, no shows Language barriers may result in failure to protect client/patient confidentiality, to obtain consent, or properly comprehend the nature of the service plans. Working with Interpreters

14 Contact Information Translation and Interpretation Program Services, Sustainability Coordinator, Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington Mary Lou Emburgh, To book a Language Interpreter call: 519- 836-2222x226 Working with Interpreters

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