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Help Save the World with Bamboo

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1 Help Save the World with Bamboo
By Dr. Segundino U. Foronda, Ph.D. Forester, Inventor & Forest Products Specialist Democracy M. Icawalo INBAR Alumnus & Bamboo Advocate

2 What is Climate Change?

3 CLIMATE CHANGE Climate Change refers to any change in climate over time whether due to natural variability or as a result of human activity or changing levels of Green House Gases (GHGs). It describes the short and long term effects on the earth’s climate as a result of human activities such as fossil fuel combustion and vegetation clearing and burning. It is also now referred to as GLOBAL WARMING.

4 Causes of Climate Change
Wanton utilization of fossil fuels Deforestation

5 Effects of Climate Change
Pollution of water, air and soil Polar ice caps melting Negative economic consequences Increased extreme weather conditions Spread of diseases Landscape changes Adverse effects on agriculture and food supply

6 Solutions 1. Re-greening with trees and bamboo
Bamboo is more recommended, however, considering its natural characteristics as follows: - Bamboo absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide compared to trees. It also emits 35% more oxygen. Even in finished products form, it will not release its C02 contents for decades. - It is much more sustainable and easier to plant. Even when burned, it will just grow back unlike trees. - Its maximum maturity period is only 5 years while the minimum time for trees to mature on the average is 10 years.

7 2. Use of clean & sustainable fuel. substitutes. Fossil Fuels vs
2 . Use of clean & sustainable fuel substitutes Fossil Fuels vs. Bio-oil & Bio-coal Non-renewable - Renewable Grey CO2 - Green CO2 Dirty - Clean Not cheap - Cheaper than fossil fuels

8 Bio-oil What is bio-oil (BO)? Not oil in traditional sense
Liquid biomass, molecular composition resembles the feedstock Clean burning, carbon dioxide neutral fuel Aka: pyrolysis oil, bio-crude oil Can be co-fired in furnaces, boilers, gas turbines, and diesel engines

9 ( Soon, for transportation fuels! )
Bio-oil Green substitute to conventional fossil fuels in power generation for now. ( Soon, for transportation fuels! )

10 Benefits of Bio-oil Reduce dependence on fossil fuel
Establish land cover Reduce GHG emissions Create jobs Motivate economic activity in the countryside Save foreign exchange Cheaper than fossil fuel

11 Cost of Bio-oil “Even more importantly, bio-oil is priced at $25 - $35 a barrel…” (Zeman, 2007) Equiv crude oil: US$ – a barrel CDM benefits when factored will increase bio-oil’s competitiveness!

12 Bio-oil Processing Fast Pyrolysis

13 Products of Fast Pyrolysis
Bio-oil Liquid biomass Can be stored, pumped and transported Non-condensable gas - Re-circulated into the pyrolysis process Char Black powder Incompletely combusted biomass

14 No competition with food supply!
Feedstock Any lignocellulosic or cellulosic material Forestry, agricultural and processing residues Wood, sawdust, bark, forest slash, waste paper Rice straw & husk, corn stalks & cobs, bamboo Cellulosic residues from bio-diesel/ bio-ethanol production, e.g., coco shell & husk, bagasse, etc. Poultry litter, animal dung No competition with food supply!

15 Bio-fuel Crops Compared

16 Bamboo – Most Favorable Feedstock
Indigenous plant species Easier to establish than tree species High regenerative capacity, even when burned High capacity to withstand extreme environmental conditions Fast growing and high-biomass yield Short maturity period Co-products: - Bamboo shoots - High quality pole segments

17 Bamboo BO Plant Capacity
1000 ha plantation = 100TPD BO Facility Daily BO output = TPD

18 Moving Forward Invest in Bamboo Bio-oil Production and make money!
Reduce dependence on fossil fuels Reduce GHG emissions Protect the environment Create jobs

19 Bio-coal What is bio-coal? Torrefied biomass Aka: e-coal, green coal
No smoke/ odor, clean HHV = MJ/kg Easy to mill, friable Hydrophobic Decay resistant

20 Benefits of Bio-coal Stores and handles like fossil coal
Requires no retrofitting for coal-fired plants Consistent and uniform fuel efficiency Generates electricity as efficiently as fossil coal Enables immediate GHG emissions reduction Fossil coal will emit (+/-) 300% more carbon dioxide compared to bio-coal Cost of bio-coal is only (+/-) 40% of the cost of fossil coal

21 Bio-coal Processing Torrefaction 200-300 °C zero oxygen
(+/-) 30 minutes Densification milling/ grinding pelletizing

22 Feedstock  Bamboo

23 We need to move from this to this!

24 Remember, we need to save our world for our children.
Help save the world with bamboo!!!

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