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Parker domnick hunter Industrial Gas Generation

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1 Parker domnick hunter Industrial Gas Generation
“High purity nitrogen gas generated from compressed air”

2 How much Nitrogen is in air?
Oxygen % Argon - 0.9% CO % Other “rare” gases make up the balance Hydrogen, neon, helium, krypton and xenon

3 Why do people use Nitrogen?
A clean, dry gas (dewpoint <-70°F) NITROGEN is an INERT gas that will remove OXYGEN from their product or production processes…. N2 O2

4 By removing oxygen we can ...
Prevent oxidation of metals, polymers and chemicals Stop bacteriological growth (foodstuffs & pharmaceuticals) Reduce the risk of combustion and explosion (chemicals, reactions, processes)

5 How is Nitrogen Gas Currently supplied?
Over 90% of nitrogen gas is supplied by 4 large gas companies:- - Praxair - Air Products- Cryoinfra - Air Liquide - BOC Gases

6 Gas Supply Options Cylinder Gas (single and multiple cylinder packs)
Liquid Nitrogen Dewars Bulk Gas Nitrogen Gas Generators

7 Disadvantages of Cylinder and Liquid Dewar Supply
Cost High gas cost, rental, delivery, demurrage charges. Waste - unused gas No control over price increases from gas company. The most expensive supply method.

8 Disadvantages of Cylinder and Liquid Dewar Supply
Safety Dangerous, high pressure gas. Heavy - involve moving and lifting. Large, stored gas volume requires special attention (chains and adequate ventilation).

9 Disadvantages of Cylinder and Liquid Dewar Supply
Safety According to the Dept of environmental safety at Cornell Univ. Even with the vacuum and insulation, heat leaks in the cylinder causing the cryogenic liquid to vaporize and build pressure. The vaporization rate will depend on several factors including the product itself, ambient temperature, condition of the cylinder’s vacuum, etc. The liquid-to-gas conversion rate is about 2.3% per day under perfect conditions, so the actual vaporization rate experienced can vary. If gas product is not used, pressure will build until it is released by a control valve.

10 Disadvantages of Cylinder and Liquid Dewar Supply
Inconvenience Changing cylinders Inconsistent deliveries Poor gas quality Running out Lost production time

11 Bulk Liquid Cryogenic nitrogen in liquid form
Delivered and stored in large cryogenic tanks (mostly located outside facility) Capacity of usable gas - can vary Typical user would require ,000 scfh

12 Disadvantages of Bulk Liquid
Cost Requires long term, highly restrictive contracts between gas company and end user Gas lost / wasted through evaporation 2.3% per day at best No control over price increases from gas company Usually requires building permits / license from local authorities

13 Disadvantages of Bulk Liquid
Inconvenience Inconsistent deliveries Lack of flexibility - expansion difficult Running out Lost production time BACK

14 The Alternative: Gas Generation Technologies
Parker domnick hunter Industrial Gas Generation The Alternative: Gas Generation Technologies 1) Membrane Generators 2) Pressure Swing Adsorption generators

15 Parker Hannifin Corporation
Annual sales of $13 billion for fiscal year 2012 (ending June 30, 2012) world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems Markets: commercial, mobile, industrial and aerospace

16 Organization 82 Combined Divisions (between geographical and functional) Located in 36 countries around the globe 38 Major brands

17 Domnick Hunter Division
Company founded in 1963 Originally a company from the United Kingdom Acquired by Parker Hannifin Corporation in 2006 for close to half billion Dollars Maintains a leadership position in the market with close to 40% share More than 40 Years experience in Nitrogen Generation equipment.

18 Membrane Generators “Compressed air is passed through semi-permeable polymer membranes which allow oxygen and water vapor to pass through the polymer and escape to atmosphere, leaving nitrogen as the product gas”

19 Membrane Generators AIR Nitrogen
‘Fast’ water vapor and oxygen molecules diffuse through the membrane polymer. AIR Nitrogen ‘Slow’ nitrogen molecules stay within and are delivered as product gas

20 Key characteristics - membrane generators
Flow and purity limited typically used for purities of <99.9% High maintenance cost / activated carbon tower Less durable to harsh plant conditions Extremely sensitive to temperature and contamination

21 Parker - Domnick Hunter Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Generators

22 CMS Operating Principles
Pressure swing adsorption using the varying molecular sizes of the gases in ambient air. Small molecules are trapped in the sieve, nitrogen passes through.

23 Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Generators
CMS “Nitrogen gas is produced by passing ambient air through a proprietary Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) which adsorbs O2,H2O,CO2 Small molecules are trapped in the sieve, nitrogen passes through. Nitrogen Inlet air Oxygen

24 Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS)
Small oxygen molecules trapped Larger nitrogen molecules are not CMS

25 Key characteristics - PSA generators
Higher Purity Nitrogen - 95% to % Flow 1-10,000 scfh + Low maintenance cost More durable than membrane technology Less sensitive to temperature variations than membranes Never have to replace CMS if maintained properly

26 MAXIGAS PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators
Parker domnick hunter MAXIGAS PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators

27 PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators
Parker domnick hunter MAXIGAS PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators FEATURES Purity of nitrogen gas % Built-in oxygen analyzer Hour meter PLC Controlled LED displays Simplified wiring Small footprint Expandable design

28 MAXIGAS Configuration
Light-weight extruded aluminum columns Bolted construction Alocrom corrosion protected High quality ASCO solenoid valves Feet incorporate fork-lift box design for ease of transport

29 N2MAX - MAXIGAS Multi-bank
Add more banks as requirements change Multi bank to meet your needs 10,000 scfh +

30 N2MAX - MAXIGAS Dual-bank
Simple Electrical Installation

31 MIDIGAS Small, self contained PSA system to supply lower gas volumes
Purity of nitrogen gas % Built-in oxygen analyzer Small footprint Flow rate up to 815 scfh

32 MAXIGAS system Use existing compressed air supply or install a dedicated air compressor Nitrogen is fed to a buffer vessel then back from the buffer vessel 7 barg Ensuring the nitrogen outlet flow is stable and pulse-free PNEUDRI pre-treatment package guarantees clean, dry air to the nitrogen generator Air enters the nitrogen generator typically at 6 barg

33 N N Typical Installation MAXIGAS DUALBANK Nitrogen Generator AR filter
2 MAXIGAS Wet Air Receiver Air inlet PNEUDRI Pressure Switch N2 Buffer Vessel PS Water Separator N 2 MAXIGAS Nitrogen Outlet Air compressor Pre-treatment dryer Pressure switch only required for DME012 to DME040 DME050, 060 and 080 do not require pressure switch Air inlet MAXIGAS Nitrogen Generator

34 Benefits of a gas generator
Low cost nitrogen Compact - frees up valuable floor space Eliminates safety concerns Consistent purity No gas waste Expandable No contract Continuous 24 hour operation Minimal maintenance Control gas supply Fast payback usually <24 months 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

35 Installation Requirements
Well ventilated Protected from water Ambient temperature range +41 to +113°F

36 Air Pre-treatment Package
Industrial DME dryers Standard product Supplied with AO, AA, AR filters Fixing kits All systems include integrated compressed air pre-treatment package PNEUDRI desiccant air dryer c/w filters Remove contaminants - Oil <0.003mg/m3 - Dewpoint -40°F - Dirt <0.01µ CMS bed protection GUARANTEED!

37 Annual maintenance Gas Generator:- - Exhaust silencer (2)
Compressed air dryer:- - 3 Filter elements CMS never needs to be changed if pre-treatment unit is maintained properly

38 Parker – Domnick Hunter MAXIGAS Presence
Oil Refineries Brazing plants Chemical Plants Controlled Atmosphere Storage Food Processing Plants Heat Treatment Laser Cutting Pharmaceuticals Modified Atmosphere Packaging Gas Assisted Plastic Injection Molding Wineries and Distilleries Electronic Manufacturing plants

39 Applications Overview Electronics
Reflow ovens Selective soldering Laser soldering Wave soldering PCB rework Dry boxes Storage of ICs Purging ovens for LCD manufacture

40 Questions Thank you !!!

41 domnick hunter Support
Sergio Castillejos- Regional Sales Mgr Craig Williams- Industrial Nitrogen Sales Mgr Chad McDaniel- Internal Operations Mgr Nick Herrig- V.P Industrial Sales Mike Troyer - Service & Technical Support

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