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Catalyst 9.0 - Preview Enda McDonnell Alchemy User Conference London 2012 London Science Museum 31 May 2012.

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1 Catalyst 9.0 - Preview Enda McDonnell Alchemy User Conference London 2012 London Science Museum 31 May 2012

2 Catalyst 9.0 - Preview Enda McDonnell Alchemy CATALYST 10 Integrated Localization Environment Presenter: Enda McDonnell General Manager

3 Alchemy Software Development A TransPerfect Company Large privately owned LSP Over 70 locations worldwide, 2000 employees Over 120,000 projects per year Certified to ISO 9001:2008 & EN15038:2006 Leader in provision of Localization Services Extensive technology portfolio Workflow, TM and Terminology Mgt Authoring, Translating, Localizing Alchemy & GlobalLink Suites

4 Alchemy User Summary Finance and Legal Travel & Tourism Manufacturing Life Sciences IT & Software Automotive Electronics Aerospace High Tech Multiple Language Vendors Single Lang Vendors L10n Engineering Project Managers QA & Testing Translators Reviewers Editors Academic Government Translators Professional Translators Developers Alchemy CATALYST Developer ProLocalizers Alchemy CATALYST Localizer Translators Alchemy CATALYST Translator Pro

5 Alchemy Client Sample

6 Track Record Alchemy CATALYST 10 AdvancedTM Solution for Software Web & Help Market Leader, over 25,000 licenses Alchemy Language Exchange 3.0 Enterprise TM Solution Connect, Communicate, Collaborate Alchemy Publisher 3.0 Content Rich formats (Frame, MS Word etc.) Design rich formats(InDesign, QuarkXPress)

7 Alchemy Unified Approach

8 Alchemy CATALYST Integrated Localization Environment Developers, Project Mgt, Linguists Distributed Teams Secure Environment Parsing, Editing, Regeneration Rapid Translation - Software, Help, Web, Mobile

9 Alchemy CATALYST

10 Industry Velocity Pace is staggering


12 Project Velocity Larger Projects More Projects More Languages Scalability, Automation Rapid Time To Market Fast, reliable Engineering Linguistic Quality Consistency with scale Flexibility with Validation/Testing Share Knowledge - not re-invent Complete Cover Format Footprint Design Goals

13 Introducing Alchemy CATALYST 10 Project Division Update Expert Terminology Harvest User Validation Auto Segment Locks Search Machine Translation Context Links Cloud Services Instant Info - Memo Reference Browser Online Review Feature Highlights

14 CATALYST 10 – Scalability Project Division Divide work Split larger projects Maintain Full Context Merge back

15 CATALYST 10 – Scalability Update Expert Agile Process Iterative Cycles Make L10n part of main cycle Design Code Localization Test Keep Synchronized

16 CATALYST 10 – Increase Quality Terminology Management Catalyst Rich in Term Candidates Automate Term Extraction Term Manager Hosted Terminology

17 CATALYST 10 – Increase Quality Validation Expert Predefined Checks Now with UNLIMITED Checks Consistent Text between source and tgt Correct Translations (decimal separator) Invalid Text

18 CATALYST 10 – Fast, Reliable Engineering Enhanced Search Auto Locking By ID By text value Visual Reference - ALWAYS

19 CATALYST 10 – Complete Cover Google Android iOS Windows 7 Mobile Visual Studio – All Projects MadCap Flare

20 Alchemy CATALYST Shared Knowledge

21 Rapid Time To Market Advanced Search In-list Memo, Fuzzy, MT Auto Segment Locking Linguistic Quality Terminology Mgt Context Links Custom Validation Project Velocity Project Division Update Expert Automation Machine Translation Design Goals – Met ! Power of Community Cloud Technology Shared parsers Validation tests New Pseudo Languages Format Footprint Making complex simple Soft Dev Projects Mobile Help Authoring Drop in Project Files

22 Alchemy Software Development Q&A

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