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Strategic Planning Process: 2014-2019 Presentation to the Senior Administrators Group February 13, 2014 The Office of Data Analytics and Institutional.

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1 Strategic Planning Process: 2014-2019 Presentation to the Senior Administrators Group February 13, 2014 The Office of Data Analytics and Institutional Research (DAIR)

2 Why? To develop a community consensus about and board support for University priorities over the next five years, as a guide to decision- making and allocation of resources This process will produce a strategic plan for AUC that: Sets out a clear framework for achieving AUC's institutional priorities over the next five to seven years; Enhances AUC's ability to raise and invest its resources to achieve its goals; Provides measures to monitor and assess progress and revise the plan as needed. Previous plan, Transforming AUC: 2011-2013, ended last year Where do we want to be in 2019, our 100 th anniversary?


4 The Process Designed to engage a wide range of stakeholders, be transparent, and provide accountability. A Steering Committee, composed of faculty and academic administrators, students, alumni, members of the administration and University trustees, will oversee the process and supervise work of task forces. Task forces will manage deliberations on strategic directions of the university. Task forces are expected to consult widely with relevant constituencies.

5 The Process Task force work should reflect AUCs mission, vision, values and institutional priorities. Task forces should consider the following questions in their deliberations: 1.Is it strategic? 2.Will it take advantage of our strengths? 3.Will it make us more distinctive? 4.Will it increase our competitiveness for attracting the best faculty, staff, and students? 5.What kinds of resources will it require? Task force reports will submit a short list of recommendations in May. A small working group will prepare the draft plan for approval by the Board of Trustees. Drafts will be circulated for feedback from the community. DAIR is supporting the work of the strategic planning process.

6 The Steering Committee Conveners: Lisa Anderson and Richard Bartlett Chair: Mohamed AbouZeid (Prof. and Chair, CANG) Faculty and Academic Administration Ehab Abdel Rahman (Assoc. Prov., Research), Nathaniel Bowditch (Dean, HUSS), Aziza Ellozy (PoP, CLT Dir.), Hanan Kholoussy (Assoc. Prof., HIST), Ted Purinton (Assoc. Prov., Strategic Initiatives; Assoc. Dean, GSE; Assoc. Prof.); Ahmed Tolba (Assoc. Prof, MKTG; KRCC Dir.; Chair, MGMT) Students: Ahmed Atalla (Pres., SU) and Mohamed Mansoury (Sr. Justice, Student Court) Trustees: Eva Bellin, James Bond, Hisham El-Khazindar, Atef Eltoukhy, Paul Lawler, David Tirell Administration: Amir Habib (Acting. Exec. Dir., Budget and Financial Planning) and Sohair Saad (Exec. Dir., Student Financial Affairs and Scholarships)

7 The Task Forces From the Classroom to the Community – Aziza Ellozy To address questions related to teaching and learning Living Together, Learning Together – Nate Bowditch To look at campus life, particularly in New Cairo, and utilization of our physical facilities Discovery, Development, and Dissemination – Ehab Abdel Rahman To examine the impact of research on reputation Recruiting, Rewarding, and Retaining Faculty – Ahmed Tolba To examine the mix of faculty that best suits the mission of AUC in the 21 st century Constituents, Clients, Communities: Expanding Impact in Egypt, the Region, and the World – Ted Purinton To examine enrollment and outreach Ensuring Effectiveness – Mohamed AbouZeid To focus on operational effectiveness, implementation and assessment of planning efforts

8 Community Engagement Environmental Scan/SWOT Community discussions Surveys, focus groups, and personal interviews Website: es/default.aspx es/default.aspx AUC: Future Talk

9 The Timeline February – August 2013 Preliminary data collection Completion of review of AUC's progress in meeting recommendations from the 2008 self-study December 2013 – January 2014 Launch of steering committee and task forces, development of data and research requests, and continued data collection and analysis Development of strategic planning website and social media February – March 2014 Formal launch of the strategic planning consultations Second and third Steering Committee meetings Task force weekly meetings Community discussions and other engagement activities Task force progress reports due

10 The Timeline April – May 2014 Fourth Steering Committee meeting to review progress reports Task force preliminary reports due Steering Committee retreat to review preliminary reports Task forces meet to continue to refine and complete recommendations; task force final recommendations due Fifth meeting of the Steering Committee to review and discuss final recommendations First draft of strategic plan sent to Steering Committee for review and discussion June – August 2014 First draft sent to Board of Trustees. Once approved as a draft, the plan will be posted to the website and shared on social media for feedback. Refine plan and define resource implications, develop time-related milestones September – October 2014 Community feedback sessions to solicit feedback on draft plan Final meeting of the Steering Committee Final draft submitted for approval by the Board of Trustees Communication to the AUC community

11 Your Role Get involved! Attend events, join conversations on AUC: Future Talk, follow updates, read reports, send feedback, seek out task forces Prepare your units to revise/develop unit plans once the strategic plan is approved. First draft in June, final version in October.

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