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IButton Product Training Maxim-Dallas Semiconductor May 2007

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1 iButton Product Training Maxim-Dallas Semiconductor May 2007

2 Introducing George Bouhasin South American Business Development Manager – Living in Sao Paulo, Brazil July-Nov 2006 Semiconductor design engineer since 1972 Dallas Semiconductor iButton Design Manager since 1996 responsible for: – Thermochron - Temperature Loggers – Hygrochron - Temperature + Humidity Logger – Crypto iButton – RF Shelf-Life Indicator Tag Lived in BsAs during March/April 2007 Now in Santiago during May 2007 (now until May 26) 2

3 Dallas/Maxim Business Info Revenue = US$1900M (FY2006). Earned $462M in FY2006 #1 in profit / revenue (~25%) for semis 9 th market valuation of all semis companies Profitable every year for 19 years Maxim bought Dallas in

4 Dallas/Maxim Company Dallas has 6 Business Units. Maxim has 18. Dallas now sells over 25M iButtons per year AutoID has the highest revenue of all Dallas Business Units. Auto ID is the 6th largest within all of Dallas/Maxim There are over 140 million iButtons in use today Dallas sells iButtons through PI (Brazil) and Cika (Argentina), directly, and through ASD Channels that develop total solutions. 4

5 iButtons What iButtons are Available? 5 Sensors & Loggers C = M E mod N Cryptographic Keyed Clock EPROM / EEPROM ROM / RAM Monet ary

6 iButton What is an iButton? ID/eCash token, Datalogger & Data carrier –Smart IC chip inside a rugged stainless steel container –Unique 64 bit Address for identification –Stores information Varying memory capacity Various security protection mechanisms Record environmental conditions –Simple 1-Wire ® Touch Interface –Minimum 10 year life span 6 iButton is a smart token, much more durable and versatile than a prox card! Over 120 million iButtons have been shipped to customers worldwide!

7 iButton What is an iButton? 64 Bit Unique and Unalterable Address –Over 280 trillion available addresses Over 45,000 buttons per person –Address is factory-lasered into chip and onto can 1-Wire Protocol –Only 2 contacts needed for data transfer (DATA / GND) –Multiple buttons on the same wire form a 1-Wire Net Very Rugged –Stainless steel can protects the device –Withstands harsh environments water, dirt, and chemicals –Wide temp range (-40C to +85C, ds1922T to 125C) 7

8 Where are iButtons used? 8

9 iButton iButton Applications... Guard Tour –Keep track of your guards inspections and what is happening at your facility 9

10 10 iButton iButton Applications... Electronic Change Purse –Parking meters –Gas purchases

11 iButton iButton Applications... Fleet Management –Maintenance –User Authorization –Vehicle Fueling 11

12 iButton iButton Applications... use iButtons to track the amount of work completed 12 Time & Attendance – Agricultural workers

13 13 iButton iButton Applications... Access Control –iButtons can provide secure access to many devices such as PCs, Office Machines and Vehicles.

14 14 iButton iButton Applications... Access Control –Many installations utilize iButtons as the electronic key for access to buildings, rooms, storage areas, restricted areas, etc

15 15 iButton iButton Applications... Prepay Utility Meters iButtons are used as small- change purse (token) for buying water, gas, electricity, and heat

16 iButton iButton Applications... Electronic Change Purse –iButtons are used as debit devices for riding buses, trains, and ferries 16

17 iButton iButton Applications... Health Care Systems –Personal medical information can be stored in iButton bracelets. –Critical patient information can be accessed at bedside. 17

18 iButton iButton Applications... Facilities Management –Maintenance –Inspection 18

19 19 iButton iButton Applications Software Security –iButtons can be used for software security and version/feature control

20 iButton iButton Applications... Key Control –Many automobile dealerships and government agencies use an iButton based system to track keys 20

21 Access Control - Electronic Key Competition Prox card based entry – Advantage $0.75/card cost vs $1.50/iButton – Disadvantage $50/card reader vs $3/iB reader iB more durable than card iB more reliable than card Token more desirable than card to carry 21

22 Access Control - Mechanical Key Competition Mechanical Keys – Advantage History – Disadvantage Lost key means changing the lock(s) Duplicated without your knowledge No time based entry (specific day or hours) 22

23 ROM iButton DS1990A Basis of all iButtons 64 Bit Address Can be read in less than 5 ms 23

24 What if more than a simple id number is required? Memory buttons Memory + time Password protected memory Data protection SHA – 1 24

25 Non-Volatile RAM iButtons DS DS DS DS1996 NV RAM Technology allows for unlimited reads and writes 128, 512, 2K and 8K byte versions Contains lithium battery good for 10 years Data security is attained via hash algorithm based on data, address, and page information 25

26 EPROM Based iButtons DS DS DS1986 DS1982U - DS1985U - DS1986U Add-Only memory Unlimited reads Writes allowed until memory full 128, 2K, and 8K byte versions 12V needed for writing Data retained forever 45% - 60% cost of NVRAM Uniqueware parts have custom data written to them at factory. 26

27 E2PROM Based iButtons DS1971 – DS1972 – DS DS , 128, 512 and 32K Byte versions Unlimited reads Maximum of 10,000 writes Data retained forever 20% cost of NVRAM DS password protection and can perform up to 100K writes 27

28 Real Time Clocks DS1904 Accuracy +/ - 2 min per month at 25 C Interval timer Cycle Counter Programmable Alarms and Expiration Date Write Protect Features 4K bits of NV RAM Arranged in 16 memory pages of 256 bits each 28

29 Password Protected iButtons DS1991 – 1K bits of NV RAM – Arranged in 3 memory pages of 384 bits each – 64 bit password to access each memory page DS1977 – 32K bytes of EEPROM – 64 bit read/write passwords 29

30 SHA1 iButtons eCash and Authentication SHA1 is a Challenge/Response algorithm defined under ISO/IEC standard SHA1 iButtons have onboard 512b SHA-1 engines to compute 160b Message Authentication Codes (MACs) Secrets are write-only and have their own individual 32b read-only non rolling - over page write cycle counters Complete debit/transaction in less than 100 ms DS1961S – Roaming iButton – 1Kb EEPROM – Four 256b memory pages and one 64b write-only secret – Five general purpose read/write registers DS1963S – Roaming or Coprocessor iButton – 4Kb NVRAM – Eight 256b memory pages with individual 64b write-only secrets – Device can operate as roaming iButton or as a coprocessor for a host computer/device 30

31 What iButtons are available? 31 Device Specific Functions # 1-Wire Net Interface (ROM) Layer Device Specific Layer 1-Wire Net EEPROM 256 bit Desc. DS1971 Device 4K bitDS1973 EPROM 1K bit Desc. DS1982 Device 16K bitDS K bitDS1986 NVSRAM 1K bit Desc DS1992 Device 4K bit DS K bit DS K bit DS1996 Secure Memory 3 pwd/ 384b Desc DS1991 Device 1K E 2 +SHA DS1961S 4K + SHA DS1963S 64 bit ROM Read ROMSearch ROMMatch ROMSkip ROM Description DS1990A Device RTCs / Thermal RTC Desc DS1904 Device RTC + 4K DS1994 Digital temp DS1920 Temp logger DS K bit DS1977 Temp logger DS1922 Humidity loggerDS1923

32 iButton Products Quickview k EEPROM with on-chip SHA-1 processor for challenge and response authentication and data writing authorization -40 to 851kb EEPROM with SHA-1 authentication DS1961S 0 to 125 Logs 2K time/temperature data pairs, ±1°C accuracy, 0.5C resolution, 64 histogram bins, over and under temperature alarms -40 to 85Thermochron time/temp datalogger DS1921G Digital thermometer, 0.5C accuracy-55 to 100Digital thermometerDS1920 Low cost real-time clock uses a simple crystal-controlled countdown chain -40 to 85Real-time clockDS1904 FeaturesTemp Range (°C) DescriptionPart Number DS1922L DS1922T High resolution and capacity time/temp datalogger -40 to 85 Logs up to 8K time/temperature data pairs, ±0.5°C accuracy, user selectable resolution, over and under temperature alarms, passwords protected device access Logs up to 8K time/temperature data pairs, ±1.0°C accuracy, user selectable resolution, over and under temperature alarms, passwords protected device access, extended temperature range (0C to 125C) High resolution and capacity time/temp datalogger, extended temperature range

33 iButtons Products Quickview Unique ID only-40 to 8564-bit IDDS1990A -40 to 85 16k EPROM in bit pages, each page can be individually locked -40 to 85 16k EPROM DS1985 1k EPROM in four 256-bit pages, each page can be individually locked -40 to 85 1k EPROM DS1982 4K EEPROM-40 to 854k EEPROMDS bit EEPROM plus a 64-bit lockable register-40 to bit EEPROMDS1971 4k battery backed NVRAM with on-chip SHA-1 engine for challenge and response authentication and digital data signature for data validation, 8 secrets and 9 counters -40 to 854kb NVRAM with SHA-1 and counters DS1963S FeaturesTemp Range (°C) DescriptionPart Number DS Kbytes EEPROM with PW protection 32Kbytes EEPROM organized in 512 pages of 64 bytes each. Separate passwords for Read and Full access

34 iButtons Products Quickview 34 64kb NVRAM organized as bit pages-40 to 8564kb NVRAMDS1996L 16kb NVRAM organized as bit pages-40 to 8516kb NVRAMDS1995L Real-time clock, internal timer, cycle counter plus 4k NVRAM organized as bit pages -40 to 85Rea-time clock with 4kb NVRAM DS1994L 4kb NVRAM memory organized as bit pages-40 to 854kb NVRAMDS1993L 1kb NVRAM memory organized as bit pages-40 to 851kb NVRAMDS1992L Three memory pages, 384 bits each, that are protected with individual password for read and write access -40 to 85Password protected secure memory DS1991L FeaturesTemp Range (°C) DescriptionPart Number

35 iButtons Security Continuum 35 DS1963S 1/16/64K EPROM DS1961S 256/4K EEPROM DS1971,3 DS1990A ID 64-bit ROM 1/4/16/64K NVRAM DS1992,3,5,6 4K NVRAM w/ SHA-1 1K EEPROM w/ SHA-1 Security level Cost DS1982,5,6 Security Level Cost

36 iButtons Products Quickview

37 Accessories Quickview… 37 DS9092L DS9097U DS1410E DS1402D-DR8 DS1411 DS9092 DS9490R DS9490B

38 Accessories Quickview 38 Mounts / Fobs

39 iButtons iButtons OEM Products - Mounts and Readers 39 Fobs Readers

40 Thermochron Time and Temperature Logging

41 A Thermochron Is a Complete System 41 Temperature Sensor Clock RAM ROM Battery = Thermochron

42 42 iButton iButton Applications... Temperature Logging (temperature vs time) –Refrigerated Trucks/Containers –Shipping Verification –Perishables Determine if/when a temperature problem happens

43 Thermochrons Fit Best When Refrigeration is Needed for the Transport of… Pharmaceuticals – drugs, vaccines Fish, meats, poultry Fruits, juice, vegetables Dairy – ice cream, milk, cheese Wine, beer Bio-medical – organs, blood 43

44 DS1921 Thermochron Temperature LoggingTemperature Logging 44 Logger

45 45 DS1921 Thermochron Mission ResultsMission Results Logger

46 46 DS1921 Thermochron Histogram DataHistogram Data Logger

47 Thermochrons Fit Best When… Transport. Not fixed location No networking is practical Digital version of data is required by insurance companies or government regulations Companies want to improve quality, compare historical trends, data, store temperature records electronically High accuracy, low cost, digital solution is wanted The environment is dirty, dusty, polluted 47

48 48 Temperature Data Loggers Logger DS1921 ThermochronDS1921 Thermochron –DS1921G-F5 –Temperature Range -40 ° to 85 ° C –Logs up to 2048 temps. with time/date stamp –Accuracy +/- 1.0 C (between -20 and 40 C) –Real Time Clock –High / Low alarms –512 bytes of NV RAM –Life span of 1 Million readings or 10 years

49 DS1921H and DS1921Z High Resolution Thermochrons DS1921H (Human) 15°C to 46°C DS1921Z (Zero) -5°C to 26°C Resolution 0.125°C Accuracy +/- 1.0°C Histogram 0.5°C Resolution 49

50 High End Thermochrons DS1922L and DS1922T DS1922L (-40°C to 85°C) DS1922T (0°C to 125°C) Up to 8K data points Programmable Resolution – 8-bit (0.5°C) or 11-bit (0.0625°C) Accuracy +/- 0.5°C Sample Rate 1 second to 273 hours 512 bytes of general purpose memory 64 bytes of calibration memory Onboard Password Protection 50

51 iButton Capsule New product - DS9107 Seawater temperature profiling Autoclave sterilization monitoring Monitoring of beverage production Makes Thermochron water tight to >100m Fix to cable to adjust depth in liquid Response time 30s 150s. 51

52 DS1922L Cross-Section 52

53 Humidity Data Logger DS1923 Hygrochron Logs Humidity and/or Temperature -20°C to 85°C Temperature Accuracy +/- 0.5°C Same temperature specs as DS to 100% RH Humidity Accuracy +/- 5% typ, but higher accuracy available Hydrophobic filter protects from dirt 53

54 54 DS Temperature Logger IC –Same chip as in the DS1922L iButton –24 lead 300 mil SOIC package –Serial interface for an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) –With an external ADC and charge pump, the DS2422 can be used for many data logging functions, such as pressure monitoring, light sensor monitoring, logging thermocouple temperatures, etc. Temperature Data Loggers

55 Determining the Best Mission Sample Rate Customer wants to monitor a shipment over 10 days. The ds1921 captures 2048 samples. So: 10 days/2048 samples = 7.03 min/sample 55

56 What Do Customers Need to Get Started with Thermochrons? Starter kit – order part number DS1921K – Thermochron ds1921G – USB PC iButton adapter OneWireViewer Software – free 56

57 Thermochron Software Options Free Dallas Software – – iButton One-Wire Viewer – Third-party (ASD) software – Standard off the shelf or – Customized – PC and hand-held – Local and network based 57

58 Portuarios Patagonia Norte Eclo/TermoAR customized software to handle: – temperature logs – move dates – truck identification – producer – shipping manifest In a typical fruit export season – 16,000 truck routes – 360,000 pallets of fruit – 12,000 shipping reefer containers – 140 ship voyages 58

59 59 TERMOAR – Thermologistics Pro: a Leading Case Argentinas Market, Termoar Position Fruit Export Industry: trucks routes and 3000 shipping containers Monitor temperatures throughout the entire export transportation process: during loading, ground transit, port receiving, sea transit and receiving at final destination. Application supported by DS1921G & Z mounted inside refrigerated trucks and shipping reefer containers The downloaded data feeds a web access Data Base Exporters, Patagonias Logistics Team and European Importers receive daily compliance reports Secure data management system that supports selective access by profiled characteristics Custom query support: trips/routes by facility, by date; by truck; by container, by Importer Total Visibility, from the fields in Argentina to the Supermarkets in Europe

60 60

61 Digital Thermometers DS1920DS1920 –Measures current temperature –Accuracy +/- 0.5 ° C –From -55 °C to 100 ° C –No onboard battery 61 Sensor

62 62 DS1921 Thermochron Setup WizardSetup Wizard Logger

63 Alarm Indicators 63

64 THX – Thermochron/Hygrochron Alarm Watcher/Starter from Eclo Lta. 64 Tests for alarm flags Easy to use No need for PC or software Stop a running mission Start a new mission Replaceable AA battery

65 Palm-based Interfaces from Dallas Partners 65

66 Eclo ExpressThermo Mobile -Thermochron Reader 66 O ExpressThermo Mobile é a versão para PDAs que permite utilizar as funções fundamentais do sistema ExpressThermo.

67 Reliability Stresses High Temp Storage Life 85°C, 1000 hrs Moisture Soak 85°C/85%RH, 1000 hrs Temp Shock -40° to 85°C, 1000 cycles

68 Quality Certifications ISO 9001, ISO NIST CEs UL 68

69 Chile Software and Support Dallas Semiconductor – free standard software MCI – Santiago based training and support 69

70 iButton Support, iButton Web Site – Solutions Search – Code Search – Discussion Groups and FAQs – Application Notes and Data Sheets Technical Support Center Mgr 70

71 iButton Customer Service Dante Verona MASD - Customer Service Representative FAX:

72 Access Control Manufacturing Partner

73 Modus-N Wants to Enter Mercosur Market Moscow market similar to Mercosur market – Security is a big concern – Big city people live in high-rise apartments – Price and quality important 73

74 Manufacturing Partner iButton-based apartment security systems Modus-N sells 2M iButton locks/yr in Moscow Russian made - Low cost, high quality Entry into Mercosur requires local manufacture Modus wants a Mercosur partner 74

75 iButton Quiz Buena Suerte! 75

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